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Series 5 covering email contents

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Series 5 - Covering E-mail - Pirana Pooja Vidhi and Gynan authored by Kaka Savaji Ramji published by Imamshah Bava Roza Trust, Pirana in the year 1982

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Series 5 covering email contents

  1. 1. *PDLO 6HULHV 3LUDQD 3RRMD 9LGKL H[SRVHV WKH LQIOXHQFH RI ,VODP X KWWSVPDLOJRRJOHFRPPDLOXL LN IFFH YLHZ SW VHDUFK Real Patidar realpatidar@gmail.com Real Patidar mail1@realpatidar.com Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 12:14 PM To: realpatidar@gmail.com UPDATE: Some important pages from the Pooja Vidhi Book have been attached. l iaiV k SDh5Tj 7 D e aWh XhWh, 8 email dhTp KsP°_ Jp . k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- IMPORTANT Please add realpatidar@gmail.com to your contact list / address book. By doing so, the emails I send will directly land in your INBOX and not get marked as SPAM or JUNK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- Hello / W Dh^, So far in the 4 emails I have sent to you (Series 1 to Series 4), some of the observa ons worth men oning here are as under; eR k VjWj | email h5 Sp WjIp KRhap_ e aWj ahSsWj W V _jVj; 1) Series 1 Satpanth is formed to convert Hindus to Muslims. What are the THREE stages in the conversion process. ˆe k BWp d_hW ZWah hN° dSX5T V½Wj ThXWh D^ahh5 8aj. d_hW k k ZWah hN°Wh { N°K D]h Jp ? .5k 2) Series 1, 2, 3 Satpanth is a sect of Islam. A Branch of Nizari Ismaili Sect. dSX5T ?D WjLh^Ž : h:_j V½ k 5 [hF Jp . 3) Series 1, 2 4 All Books of Hindu belief are corrupted to include Islamic elements and have kept the same Hindu name to confuse Hindus and make them believe that the corrupted books are real books. ˆe„ k VhiD k SDsWp D°aj ^ŽSp N D^ahh5 8 ]h 7Wp ? 9 _h [ aahh5 8 k 5 7Wp k Wh Wh ^hEjWj [s`Ž 7[R Wp Zpa lY ZWjWj ? N D^° _ k SDsWp dhIj hWj _jVj. 4) Series 1, 2 4 Preeching Islam in dress of Hindu Sanths and Yogis. A Ploy to fool ignorant and illiterate masses. ˆe„ k d5Ss 7Wp ]sFjWh apbh5 9 _hWs Ih^ Dh] Wp _sDsWp Ydh ]h 5) Series 1, 2 4 Payment of Dasond is important Uds U 8X k 5 Z kK K ^Ž Jp . 6) Series 2 Even today satpanthis have not converted to Hindu. They are practicing Taqiyaa and hide their real identity. They pretend to be Hindus but actually practice Islam. People practicing Taqiyya are called Guptis. 8 XR d X TjB ˆe„ k WTj T]h. SpB SˆD]h X`p Jp 7Wp SpWj dhIj B`E XhajWp ˆe k Wj ^e° Jp . Spah _sDsWp k Sj D°eahh5 8ap Jp . 7) Series 2 Looks of Pirana have been changed to give a Hindu worship place, But actually because of Taqiyya, it still is a place of worship of Islam. Xj^WhWs U° Eha ?D ˆe„ k 5ˆU^ as D^ahh5 8 ]s Jp . XR SˆD]hWh Dh^Rp eDŽDSh5 e 9 _hWj l k 5 ThW Jp . RI $SU 30
  2. 2. *PDLO 6HULHV 3LUDQD 3RRMD 9LGKL H[SRVHV WKH LQIOXHQFH RI ,VODP X KWWSVPDLOJRRJOHFRPPDLOXL LN IFFH YLHZ SW VHDUFK 8) Series 2 Books and other things happening at Pirana have been changed to give a Hindu look, but actually Islam is being practiced. VhiD k SDs 7Wp U° Eha [_p ˆe„ k as Jp , XR eDŽDSh5 9 _h k 5 Xh_W Th] Jp . 9) Series 3 Akhand Diva (Eternal Light) lit at Pirana is a symbol of Noor, which according to Islam is the source of Kuran and many other Islamic beliefs. Xj^hRhh5 Z`Ss 7E5P UŽas ? D: WTj XR k ^hWh5 ZShap_ ^ Jp . k 10) Series 4 How fundamental objects of Hindu faith, like, Brahmin, Cow, Veda, Temple, Idol, etc have been corrupted so that people can been easily converted to Islam. ˆe„ k hWj a kB D° h R, Fh], apUs, 5ˆU^, liS aFp^°Wp N D^ŽWp 9 _hh5 aN_hahWs hF½ d^` Dh] Jp . 11) Series 4 Atharv Ved means KURAN, in Satpanth d X Th5 7Ta½ apU ?N_p k ^hW 12) Series 1,2,3,4 Nishkalanki Narayan means ALI Brahma means Prophet Mohammad Adhya Shakti means Bibi Fatima, Wife of ALI iW D_5DŽ Wh^h]R ?N_p eL^S 7_j h ?N_p se U XqF Z^ 7 ] bŠ S ?N_p ZjZj YhiSh, 7_jWj X Wj Now to support / boost our shared ndings so far, I am presen ng before you the book published by none other than Pirana. It is tled “Bhankheli Pooja Vidhi Tatha Gyan” by Pirana’s then religious head Kaka Saheb Savji Ramji. ;X^ KRhap_ ahSsWp Z` 8XSj k SD, Xj^hRh? Zhe^ XP°_ Jp , Sh^Ž dhp k k 5 5. 8 k SD k5 Wh Jp “[h5Ep_j l iaiV STh ìhW” 7Wp _Ep_ Jp Xj^hRhWh DhDh dhe°Z da ^h . Satpanthis vehemently try to deny that Satpanth is not a muslim religion. It’s a Hindu religion. However their own rituals contain prayer to Allah, Ali, Bibi Fa ma, Noor and its importance. Some Satpanthis deny the existence of such book and they do so because of Taqiyya. d X TjB epbhTj De°Sh 8 ]h Jp D° dSX5T kd_hW V½ WTj. ? ?D ˆe„ k V½ Jp . XR Sp XsSp ah5Ibs D° SpWj iaiVBh5 7 _he, 7_j, ZjZj YhiSh, l^ Ws D° N_s e a Jp . d kD d X TjB Ss ?N_j eU° XR De° Jp 8aj Ds: kŠ SDh Jp K Wˆe. XR SˆD]h k5 ]hW ^hEds Ss SWp d bp SpWh XhJ`Wh Dh^Rs. This book exposes the hidden agenda of Satpanthis. 8 k k 5 Zs_Wh^ d X TjBWj Xs_ 8 k SD Es_p Jp . I have uploaded the whole book here h p://issuu.com/pa dar/docs/series_5_-pirana_pooja_vidhi_ and_gnyan_-d or h p://issuu.com/pa dar Please note you can download the book to your computer also. 8 _ Dh5 SWp lR½ k SD `bp. h p://issuu.com/pa dar/docs/series_5_-pirana_pooja_vidhi_ and_gnyan_-d 7Tah h p://issuu.com/pa dar Ehd W V: Sp 8 k SDWp Sh^h D N^h5 Ph;W_sP D^ŽWp iW^h5Sp ah5Ij bDbs. k Important discourses men oned in the above book worth men oning are… dSX5T V½h5 9 _h D° N_p Vj [p_hahh5 8 k5 Jp SpWh 7 D e aWh k hB WjIp k k hRp Jp . SNO Page No Particulars 1) Continuous Page 11 Dasond Aapvani Jaroor Uds U 8X k 5 K ^Ž Jp . 2) Continuous Page 43 Mukhi’s Kriya and Duva EjWj ˆ ]h 7Wp k B k RI $SU 30
  3. 3. *PDLO 6HULHV 3LUDQD 3RRMD 9LGKL H[SRVHV WKH LQIOXHQFH RI ,VODP X KWWSVPDLOJRRJOHFRPPDLOXL LN IFFH YLHZ SW VHDUFK 3) Continuous Page 69 Names of Muslims to whom Duva is made d_hWs Wh Whp D^Sj k 8 k 4) Continuous Page 84, 88, Nishkalanki Narayan means ALI. 107 10th Avtaar means ALI WD_5D Wh^h]RK 7_j Jp . / yxs 7aSh^ ?N_p 7_j. 5) Continuous Page 85, 86, Shakti Devi means Bibi Fatima, wife of ALI 117 bŠ S U° aj 7N°_p ZjZj YhiSh, 7_jWj X Wj. 6) Continuous Page 92, 143 Reference to Guptis. ‹k SBWs ; _pE. 7) Continuous Page 95, 103, Prayer to ALLAH, KHUDA, Raheman, Mohammad, Murtuza Ali, 111, 215 to 217, 226 to Maula, Parvadigar Ali's Descendents 228, 232 to 240 7 _he, Uh, ^e°hW, se U, k Lh 7_j, t_h, X^a^ˆUFh^ 7Wp k ½k 7_jWh a5bKsWj l . 8) Continuous Page 149 Importance of FRIDAY and Moon k ah^ 7Wp I5 Ws e a. 9) Continuous Page 153 What is midnight Duva 154 How and When to do NAMAZ in midnight U ^h p D^Sj k 8. WhL ðh^° 7Wp D°aj ^ŽS D^as. 10) Continuous Page 154 to Kalma and its meaning and how to pray to ALLAH 160 Dh`hWs S_Z 7Wp 7 _heWj D°aj^ŽSp l D^aj. 11) Continuous Page 174, 177 Birth of NOOR. l^Wj ;SXi 12) Continuous Page 179, 209 Story of birth of NOOR. (which is a Islamic symbol) 9 _hh5 l^Ws e a 7Wp SpWj ;SXi Wj ahSh½ . 13) Continuous Page 230 4 Veds – 4 Books of Islam came to existence | apUs – | 9 _hWj Šk SDhWj ;SXi 14) Continuous Page 292 Qayamat, as Islamic element is followed. D]hS, 9 _hh5 es] SpWs ; _pE. 15) Continuous Page 339 to KURAN is referred 346 k ^hWWs ; _pE. Thanks / 8[h^ Real Patidar / E^s XhNŽUh^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- If you want to get emails in this subject to your inbox, please send a request to realpatidar@gmail.com Send me your friends' (from our community only) email ids, so that they can also start getting such emails in future. By doing so, you will help me in spreading the FACTUAL knowledge and awareness of satpanth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------- RI $SU 30