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Juneau Wetland Management Plan by Teri Camery and Nicole Jones

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Community-Based Watershed Management Forum, March 2012, Juneau Alaska. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

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Juneau Wetland Management Plan by Teri Camery and Nicole Jones

  1. 1. Municipal Wetland Management:Overview of the CBJ process andthe real life applications of theJuneau Wetlands Mgmt Plan Watershed Forum Presentation March 8, 2012 Presented by: Teri Camery, Senior Planner Nicole Jones, Planner I, CFM
  2. 2. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—Purpose• Classify wetlands into high-value (A and B), low-value (C and D), and Enhancement Potential based on ranked environmental functions according to the Adamus wetland methodology• Provide for reasoned, scientifically- supported decisions regarding protection and development of wetlands• Increase predictability for property owners
  3. 3. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—HistoryTwo stages of development:3) 1980s wetland surveys and wetland functional analysis report2) 1992 final Juneau Wetlands Management Plan, with policies, regulations, and implementation guidelines
  4. 4. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—History More recent versions of the plan —1997 and 2008— still use the original studies and study area. CBJ will begin the first phase of a four-year plan to update the JWMP this year.
  5. 5. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—Components• Wetland Categories—A, B, C, D, and EP• 140 different wetland units, each with its own functional analysis of 15 different wetland functions• Freshwater wetlands only, not estuarine• Wetland surveys, not wetland delineations
  6. 6. Shoreline Corridor Rule Highest wetland category adjacent to streams
  7. 7. Residential Road Corridor Rule Lower wetland category within 100-feet of some major roads
  8. 8. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—Components• Individual management regulations for each wetland category• CBJ Land Use Code wetland regulations implemented through CBJ Building and Zoning permits• Regulations allow consideration of new scientific evidence
  9. 9. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan—ComponentsEstablishment of CBJ Wetlands Review Board• Volunteer Scientific Advisory Board appointed by the CBJ Assembly• General Permit Authority from Army Corps for low-value Category C and D wetlands• Board has an advisory role over projects that impact wetlands and salmon streams
  10. 10. CBJ Wetland Permitting Process
  11. 11. Wetlands Fill Permit—Process• Wetland Delineation• Application submittal – Fees $350-$1,600• Staff Review• Wetlands Review Board – Conditions of approval• Wetland Permit Issued – Approximately 8-12 weeks• Applicant applies for a Building permit – Fees $50-??
  12. 12. Wetland Permit Case Study WET2000 - 00001
  13. 13. Juneau Wetland Management Plan
  14. 14. Partial Wetland Functional Analysis of J7 WetlandUnit • Add wetland functions of this wetland unit
  15. 15. Wetlands Site Plan Pre-Wetland Fill
  16. 16. Proposed Wetland Fill ±800 cu yards of fill—category B(r)C±1,400 cu yards of fill—category B(r)C wetlands
  17. 17. Wetland Fill Permit—ConditionsNotice of Decision—see handout• 1,500 cubic yards of wetland fill was approved to allow for a new church with a parking area – 5,200 cubic yards of overburden was approved to be removed• 11 conditions of approval were applied to the wetland permit.
  18. 18. JWMP Challenges and Update
  19. 19. Juneau Wetland Management Plan—Challenges• Wetland maps are surveys, not formal delineations. Delineations are valid for only 5 years.• Studies, maps, and regulations are outdated. Developed area of the Borough has expanded.• The majority of low-value C and D wetlands have been filled (an indicator of success); General Permit authority has lapsed• Poor enforcement of permit conditions
  20. 20. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan Update• Four year project funded by federal CIAP which includes LiDAR, infrared imagery, and stream and wetland mapping and classification• New wetland methodology• New wetland categories and analysis, freshwater and estuarine
  21. 21. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan Update• Update existing surveys and classifications and expand into developing areas
  22. 22. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan UpdateIncludes Land Use Code regulatory revisions for compatibility with:• Corps 2008 Mitigation Rule• other local mitigation programs such as SEALTrust fee-in-lieu; and• new General Permit authority (with Corps approval) for low-value wetlands
  23. 23. Juneau Wetlands Management Plan Resources• Juneau Wetlands Management Plan http://www.juneau.org/cddftp/plansstudies.php• Wetlands Permit Application http://www.juneau.org/cddftp/documents/Wetlands_Applicati• CBJ Land Use Code Title 49 http://library.municode.com/index.aspx?clientId=13307&stateTeri Camery teri_camery@ci.juneau.ak.us 586-0755Nicole Jones nicole_jones@ci.juneau.ak.us 586-0218
  24. 24. Questions?