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Watershed Collaboration on the Yukon River by Ryan Toohey

Community-Based Watershed Forum, March 2012, Juneau Alaska. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

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Watershed Collaboration on the Yukon River by Ryan Toohey

  1. 1. The yritwc is an Indigenous grassroots organization, consisting of 70 First Nations and TribesOur MissionWe, the Indigenous Tribes/First Nations from the headwaters to themouth of the Yukon River, having been placed here by our Creator, dohereby agree to initiate and continue the clean up and preservation ofthe Yukon River for the protection of our own and future generationsof our Tribes/First Nations and for the continuation of our traditionalNative way of life.Our VisionOur vision, put simply, is “to be able to drink water directly from theYukon River”.
  2. 2. 60% rely on subsistence resources
  3. 3. Science Department Goals Increase scientific capacity within Tribes and First Nations Involve youth through experiential learning and internships Increase understanding hydrology, water quality, and contamination through an Indigenous Research Paradigm