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Data Con LA 2020 Keynote - William Kehoe

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Data Con LA 2020

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Data Con LA 2020 Keynote - William Kehoe

  1. 1. Data Con LA2020 Keynote Unleashing the Power of Data in LACounty William Kehoe Oc to b e r 23, 20 20 Los Angeles County Office of the CIO
  2. 2. MOVING FROMA QUANTITYTO QUALITY SERVICE FOCUS This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
  3. 3. DRIVING SYNERGY BETWEEN ANALYTICS & DECISION MAKING “A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding” – Marshall McLuhan “Without data analytics, organizations are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the world like a deer on a freeway” – Geoffrey Moore
  4. 4. DATA-AS-A-UTILITYVISION 1. Data Inventory: Common definitions, dashboard & reporting needs, business alignment, data org. structure 2 Data Platforms: Legacy system replacement, SaaS solutions 3 Data Sharing and Governance: Cross departmental needs, analytics, research, regulations (CJIS, HIPAA) LAC Department Transaction Data Sources (Public Cloud, e-Cloud, On Premise) External Data Sources (State, Counties, Cities, LAHSA) Department Data Platforms (DataWarehouse, Data Lake) Countywide Enterprise Data Platforms (Information Hub) Open Data 4. Open Data leveraging Civic Engagement: Open data addressing residents needs 5. Future of Data: IoT/AI/ML Data Sources
  5. 5. 1.34 million individuals touched the justice system in the period 2010-2019 132,000 (10%) have a history of homelessness 108,000 (8%) have a history of severe mental illness 20 Million Linked Clients LOS ANGELES COUNTY INFORMATION HUB Client ID Program name Service date Patient ID Admission date Diagnosis code Discharge date Patient ID Admission date Diagnosis code Discharge date Client ID Arrest date Arrest charges Probation start and end dates Court disposition Various Social Services Health Services Housing Client ID Program name Homeless flag Housing placement Move in date Mental Health Justice (Sheriff, Probation, Courts) County clients Enterprise ID (EID)
  6. 6. COUNTY COVID-19 PRIORITIES Preparedness • Public Health Readiness • Technology Readiness • Statistical, Epidemic Models Continuity of Operations • Dashboards • Testing Strategy • Predictive Models • Reports & Communication Respond • Trend Analysis • Family, Consumer & Business Impact Analysis • Vulnerable Population Impact & Strategy Recovery • Four phase approach • Metrics to guide reopening strategy
  7. 7. THANKYOU 7  William S. Kehoe  bkehoe@cio.lacounty.gov  www.lacounty.gov