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Scr3en D By Wututu

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Scr3enD a revolutionary 3D screen glasses free

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Scr3en D By Wututu

  1. 1. www.wututu.com
  2. 2. Did you know that… …70% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase? Ogilvy
  3. 3. Did you know that… …65,4% of the people admit being influenced by in-store dynamic advertising? Frost & Sullivan, Niketown, Wall StreetJournal
  4. 4. But did you know that… …only 5% of the potential audience remember bi-dimensional displays?
  5. 5. SCR3END is a digital screen that makes possible the visualization of three-dimensional images without using 3D glasses.
  6. 6. Results SCR3END is an incredibly effective display when it turns out to grab your target’s attention Real picture taken while displaying Scr3enD at the Viscom Sign Fair 2007 in Madrid
  7. 7. How does it work? SCR3END combines a special LCD screen with a software suite that allows turning 2D images into 3D format
  8. 8. SCR3END’s Hardware SCRE3ND’s advanced technology allows playing & visualizing static & dynamic three-dimensional images. Technical features Screen Size: 42’’ Resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD Dimensions: 103cm x 62cm x 10.16cm Weight: 40 kilograms Video input: DVI
  9. 9. SCR3END’s Software Suite SCR3END’s Software Suite makes possible to turn standard 2D videos and static images into 3D format semi-automatically. 2D format file 3D format file S/W Suite by Wututu
  10. 10. SCR3END’s Software Suite SCR3END allows creating, converting and playing… Static images Synthetic animations Short audiovisual pieces …with a stunning 3D quality that surpasses any expectation.
  11. 11. Applications • Events & fairs Conferences, summits, presentations • Branding tool Brand & product promotion, corporate identity • Promotional tool Retail, offices, out-of-home advertising • Creation of exclusive atmospheres Sophisticated atmospheres, sign of social status, leadership & innovation
  12. 12. With Scr3enD there are no efforts to be made: The image jumps off the screen
  13. 13. We specialize in developing cut-through technology-based marketing solutions in order to satisfy two key needs: - Grabbing the audience/prospect’s attention  SCR3END, our digital display that makes possible the visualization of 3D images without using 3D glasses - Measuring the impact of out-of-home advertising & communication media  Person Counter by Wututu Stockholders Partners
  14. 14. CONTACT BARCELONA +34 931 623 448 info@wututu.com París, 162 2-3 08036 · Barcelona (Spain) PAMPLONA (NAVARRA) +34 984 34 65 60 Polígono Mocholí, Pza. Cein, 5 Nave R2 31110 · Noain (Navarra, Spain)