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Day 1 presentations columbia apr 2012

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Day 1 presentations columbia apr 2012

  1. Columbia B7739-002Day 1 - Advanced EntrepreneurshipApril 16, 2012Steve BlankBob DorfAlexander Osterwalder
  2. Order of Presentations1. Bakemba2. DEN3. Diagnosly4. eFood5. Factabase6. Jiae7. Kadak8. Mobile Marketing9. Pulze10. Social Crowd11. Table Compass12. TVM13. YSN 2
  3. Bakemba BAKAMBATEAM MEMBERS Ari Scott Alex Sarah Francois Michael Harkov Greco Morrison Shenton Viargues BurkeDegree program and MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBADepartment/MajorProvide your LinkedIn http://www.li http://www http://www.l http://www. http://www. http://wwwpublic profile URL nkedin.com/p .linkedin.co inkedin.com linkedin.co linkedin.co .linkedin.co rofile/view?id m/pub/scott /profile/view m/pub/sara m/profile/vi m/pub/mic =19701706&t - ?id=2524357 ew?id=2830 hael- h- rk=tab_pro greco/2b/50 5&locale=en 9491&trk=t burke/13/5 2/54 shenton/34/ _US&trk=tya 505/180 ab_pro 4b/579 hAre you the subject Yes. Digitalmatter expert (SME) for media&this team? marketing.Pick a role you think you Picker / Hacker / Hustler / Hustler Hustler Hustlermost likely will play on Designer Designer Picker Pickerthis team (Hustler,Hacker, Designer orProduct Picker)Anything interesting weshould know about you(be brief)
  4. Bakemba FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 Get: PR, digital WOM, SEO, 1. Itinerary collection & SEM, consumer promotions 1. Traveling to urban updates destination and a Keep: great customer service, desire for 2. Marketing / PR For Customers: expand cities, improve partner authenticPartners: hotels, local 1. Access to authentic, offeringsmerchants, airlines, onli 3. Customer service – non-touristy spots experiencesne booking sites, local locals & travelers Grow: CRM / relationship 2. Own smart phone sites, rental car 2. Better planned days marketing, expand offering to / tablet (ideal)companies, internation = easier, maximize more cities 3. Age 25-45 / targetal phone data carriers vacation time 25-35 (?) 4. Professional, Suppliers: local 3. Save time $50k+ income trendsetters, work in 5. Time-starvedhospitality, younger/cre 4. Clean UX and ative, bloggers, active interactive itineraries Our job: parents take the guidebook -making planning 1. Web developers to 21st century 1. Search (SEO/SEM) quicker, easier, 2. Marketing/PR team 2. Social media painlessGet itineraries: $$ for 3. Local expert For Local Experts: 3. Travel blogs -access to off the beaten sales as well as outreach 1. Monetize your local 4. Travel/local sites path spotsexposure (blog, video) 4. Sales force (low end, knowledge -vacation that meets in person) their specific interests Fixed costs: upfront development of site and app How: Sell itinerary for $4.99, pay local 20%, keep 80% gross margin. Variable costs: talent/people, marketing/advertising, compensation of Pricing tactics: compete between guidebooks & free locals, product iterations Promos: 1st free, free if feedback, buy 1 get 1 free, free if FB post
  5. DEN Digital Exchange NetworkTEAM Amy Villari Steve Alperin DaveSpezzano Alexey Dmitry DyakinMEMBERS OkhlopkovDegree program EMBA – MBA Finance, EMBA NY 2012 London- Londonand generalist Management Columbia 13 Columbia 13Department/Ma (finance, mgmt,jor marketing)Provide your NA http://www.link NA NA NALinkedIn public edin.com/profilprofile URL e/edit?trk=hb_t ab_pro_topAre you the Yes Yes No No Npsubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Designer/Hustle Designer/Produ Hustler Hustler Hustlerthink you most r ct Pickerlikely will playon this team(Hustler, Hacker,Designer orProduct Picker)
  6. DEN FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 --People have People who need trouble findingAlumni groups, high quality expert, reliable, verNetworking information and ified information.groups, (build to services andsuit..potential Software Tap communities have trouble --People spendwhite label development, busin already finding it. huge amounts ofsevice) ess development, transacting offline time displaying or chaotically Business expertise with noOutsourced builders, tangible benefitengineering salesmen,teams, anyone who has --A marketplace toWe get paid to ever looked for a match buyers andincrease bonds connection once sellersbetween removed from --Simple easy waymembers ,make their closest circle Cash, engineering to aggregatecrucial offline Affinity groups --Reduce the talent, biz postings aboutactivity more friction to finding dev, behavioral expertiseefficient. Allow info, help me get economics --Scoring/rankingmonetization of value from what I expertise, project for reliability.expertise. do for others and management ? what I know.MVP engineering/hosting/design costs are fixed as is some project management.. Free to join and use– then transaction fee,community management, feature set buold listing fee, fee for top tier circles are variable
  7. Diagnosly DIAGNOSLYTEAM MEMBERS Thomas Tracey Jonathan MelissaWingard Nina Tandon Tim Berry Vladimir Achenbach Phillips VinogradovDegree program Global EMBA – Global EMBA – Global EMBA – PhD Biomedical Global EMBA – Global EMBA –and A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13 Engineering, A&E ‘13 A&E ‘13Department/Maj EMBA NY ‘12orProvide your http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linke http://www.linkeLinkedIn public din.com/in/thom din.com/pub/jon din.com/in/mwp din.com/pub/nin din.com/profile/v din.com/profile/vprofile URL astracey athan- austin a- iew?id=26112345 iew?id=5535043 achenbach/32/63 tandon/15/953/3 &trk=tab_pro &trk=tab_pro 7/459 5Are you the Yes Yes No Yes No Nosubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Product Picker Designer Hustler Hustler, Designer, Hustler or Designerthink you most Designer Product Picker Product Picker or Picker Designerlikely will play on Hackerthis team(Hustler, Hacker,Designer orProduct Picker)Anything * Psychology Electrical • Working in Tissue Real estate Master of scienceinteresting we major, studied Engineer, Dell’s M&A Engineer,Certified entrepreneur and in appliedshould know pre-med, then Certified in group. yoga instructor father of 3 mathematics andabout you (be worked in tech Medical • Lived in physics,brief) startups Regulatory Singapore and Experienced in * Fascinated with Affairs, Spends East Timor. M&A singularities. spare time fly fishing or skiing.
  8. Diagnosly FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9• Diagnostic and monitoring device Get customers: Patients OEMs • R&D • Partnerships Device Makers• Lab-on-chip OEMs • Tech support Problem / Need – • Online marketing Physicians• Health networks • Partner sales & Medical diagnostic Keep + Grow: Payers• Testing labs support tests cannot be • Quality service• Clinical research Researchers • Customer support conducted effectively and companies• Online health service outside of a hospital • user experience What they want: providers or clinic. • Fewer hospital visits (spend less Getting from them: Key Features – time, and money)• Hardware to conduct Provide an easy way diagnostic tests • On-demand• Access to customers for diagnostic devices testing Payment process to connect to the Online (direct) • Frequent testing • Industry experts internet, so that • Access to test data Giving them: patients and Physicians• A platform Engineers and Hospitals • Integration with designers physicians can run other health data• Mobile connectivity Clinics • IP experts tests and access their • Privacy, security• Data mgmt• Integration with online • Privacy experts data from anywhere. Health networks health ecosystem • Lawyers • People (R&D) • Tech infrastructure • Testing fees (per test) • Customer acquisition • Monthly subscriptions
  9. FACTABASE FACTABASETEAM Mary Leong Alex Farfaro CalinBota BaderAlKahtani Prosasty ChaudhuriMEMBERSDegree BS,MS Food Science BS, MS Aerospace Engineering BS Finance BS, MSprogram and Engineering ComputerDepartment/M EngineeringajorProvide your http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin http://ua.linkedin.c http://sa.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.LinkedIn public om/pub/mary- .com/pub/alexis- om/pub/calin- om/in/baderalkaht com/pub/prosasty-profile URL leong/5/910/a00 farfaro/1/973/2 bota/18/30a/8a8 ani chaudhuri/6/147/45 9Are you the CPG experience Director Business Business manager Strategy consultant, Consultant/Technolosubject matter Development Web Entrepreneur gist – Financialexpert (SME) Servicesfor this team?Pick a role you Hacker = Engineer Hustler = Customer Designer = Product Picker = Visionary Designer = Productthink you most Developmentlikely will playon this teamAnythinginteresting weshould knowabout you (bebrief)
  10. FACTABASE FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 • Automated Services Enhancing access to • National Statistics • Collecting and preparing public statistics on • Personal assistance Companiesand Offices the statistical tables emerging markets that • Co-creation individuals with a • Development of often have issues need for detailed • Public Authorities automation software and relating to: public statistics on webapps 1) Availability: Emerging Markets. • International • Customer acquisition and Believed to be non • Frequent and Organizations management existent or are comprehensive difficult to find. (Financial services, consulting, Media, • Companies that 2) Convenience: Universities and R&D) publish public Require multiple • Frequent and statistics steps to prepare sector/country them for use and/or specific (Ad Agencies compare multiple and Market Research) • Online tables from multiple • Non-frequent and • Software/Web sources. comprehensive developers Through a user friendly • Direct Sales (Individuals or Students) • Research analysts • Non-frequent and one-stop setting with • Data entry people sector/country easy • HR and admin specific search, visualization • Business (Entrepreneurs, and export options. International investors) Development • IT Infrastructure• FTE, IT costs, Rent (Fixed) • Subscription model (comprehensive or• Part time employee salaries, SEO (variable) sector/country specific) for premium tablesWhat are the most important costs inherent • Per-table sale options for premium tables • Ad-based modelmake money? What’s the How do we for free tablesin our business model? Fixed? Variable? • API access for applicationPricing tactics? revenue model? developers • Special pricing for customized reports
  11. JIAE JiaeTEAM MEMBERS Deymon Chen Hugh Guo Mathias Rosenthal James Hagen Scott YooDegree program and EMBA Global-Asia EMBA Global-Asia Columbia Business Columbia Business EMBA Global-AsiaDepartment/Major 2013 2013 School 2012 School 2012 2013Provide your LinkedIn http://www.linkedin. http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin.com http://www.linkedin.public profile URL com/pub/deymon- om/in/guoyu /pub/rosenthal- com/in/jamesohag chen/48/2a4/12 mathias/24/7b8/97a enAre you the subject Business User Experience Business development Business Marketing; Ssalesmatter expert (SME) Development Design, Business Developmentfor this team? DevelopmentPick a role you think Hustler Designer Product Picker Strategist Hustleryou most likely willplay on this team(Hustler, Hacker,Designer or ProductPicker)Anything interesting Citibank, Setup Chief Designer of Banking, Startup-Chile, eCommerce Doosan marketingwe should know about China’s first rural Baidu.com, Blogger North American President, social regional manager,you (be brief) foreign lending Chilean Chamber media strategist for supply chain company nonprofit management
  12. Top Designers Platform Management Collect and Share Ideas Acquisition DesignersDesign School Customer Acquisition Tools for Design School Retention Design schoolsDesign Media Expanding Reach Targeted Ads Automated Services ConsumersGovernment Space Find Good Co-creation CompaniesWeb Partners Designers Content AdvertiserCompanies/Brands Acquisition Publisher Find Projects or Jobs Platform Jiae.com Customer Base 1300 Design Schools Brand Design Union Sites Network SNS Sites (weibo, renren) Platform Costs Advertising Customer Acquisition Costs CPS (click per sales) and Design Products Sales Marketing Costs Free Products and Services
  13. Columbia B7739-002: Advanced Entrepreneurship KadakTEAM Stella Chan Adeem Richard James Shashi Neeraj Lal SanjayMEMBERS Fenster Shrimali BharadwajDegree program EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBAProvide your http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi n.com/pub/stella- n.com/pub/adeem- n.com/pub/richard- n.com/pub/shashi- n.com/pub/neeraj- n.com/pub/sanjay-LinkedIn public chan/9/a15/451 fenster/1/a68/632 james-aca- shrimali/0/7a6/83b lal/29/67a/29b bharadwaj-p-e-profile URL ca/27/220/584 leed-ap- csi/2b/340/15bAre you the Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yessubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Designer = Picker = Picker = Hacker = Hacker = Hustler =think you most Product Visionary Visionary Engineer Engineer Customerlikely will play Developmenton this teamAnything Grew up in Career – big Grew up in Technology Grew up in Most preciousinteresting we Hong Kong; bank finance - the UK (raised management Delhi -> -family &should know enjoy > start-up -> on tea); and strategist, Career in friends. civilabout you (be travelling; love big industrial Career in from an Corporate engg./Real-brief) Dogs; drink firm accounting entrepreneuri Finance and est. tea every Grew up in a and finance al family Audit - > enjoy developer; single day! village and I consulting; background, travelling and next: add real love Tea! Tea junkie! love to sing a cup of tea estate finance and act everyday to the list;
  14. Kadak FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 Who are our Key What Key Activities do Partners? we require? How will we Get, Keep• Indian stores and Asian • Purchasing raw material Which of our customer’s and Grow Customers? stores • Brewing tea • Setting up retail outlets problems are we helping • Consistent quality Who are our most• Eventually tea makers • to solve? • Increase product variety Advertising, & marketing • important customers?• Indirect distribution • Setting up customer feedback • consumer have limited loyalty program tea card • word-of-mouth from students • repeat customers, Asian- through -- subway, channel and analysis access to authentic Asian (campuses) • Business development with immigrants consumers panda express tea in a retail format • Tea cart promotion via campuses • health conscious • Product mix creation Facebook or Tweeter Who are our key • Tea tasting event to collect customers • FP&A management suppliers? • Hiring customer feedback (via iPad)• Indian store from NJ Which customer needs What are their• Chinese stores from are we satisfying? archetypes? Chinatown • Anyone with desire to • The Indian/chinese/Asian• Grocery stores such as consume authentic Asian tea • The rising teen Wal-mart outside home • Healthy parents• Restaurant • Undergrads/students utensils/hardware What Key Resources we • Baby-boomers Through which suppliers require? What are the Key Channels do our • Money Features of our product What Job do they Customer Segments What are we getting • Retail outlets that match customers want us to get done for want to be reached? from them? Giving • POS system to track sales problem/need? them? them? • direct retail • SAP system for accounting • taste of our tea (quality) • make the tea (incl.• Milk, sugar, Splenda, tea • License from NY / Campus • the availability of tailored • direct-to-home picking the best leaves, cups, spices, approval flavor delivery ingredients) pots/pans • HR for hiring & training • speed of delivery • education of tea• MONEY, more revenue • Tea brewing equipment • convenience What are the most important costs inherent in our business model?Fixed How do we make money? What’s the revenue model?• Rent Pricing tactics?• Equipment, furniture and fixtures • Low Intro promotion price to attract customers($0.99) Variable • Keep the price close to Starbucks thereafter• Raw materials & supplies • Never price below breakeven even during promotion period• Employee salaries • Find ways to give them discounts (survey --- buzz discounts)
  15. Mobile Marketing TEAM IDEA 20TEAM MEMBERS Jorge Alex Hasan Broor SpahrDegree program and B.S. in Economics M.Sc. Computer B.A.Sc in Systems M.Sc. EconomicsDepartment/Major Science Design Engineering LL.M. Dutch Law(in addition toEMBAG)Provide your http://pe.linkedin.co http://uk.linkedin.co http://www.linkedin. http://uk.linkedin.coLinkedIn public m/pub/jorge- m/in/agoncharuk com/in/hasanshahid m/in/broorprofile URL melgar/38/281/53Are you the subject No Yes Yes Nomatter expert (SME)for this team?Pick a role you think Designer Hacker, Picker Picker, Hacker Hustleryou most likely willplay on this teamAnything interesting Writes poetry Created published Owns a gastropub Owns websitewe should know magazine broor.comabout you (be brief)
  16. Mobile Marketing Problems solved: - Allow customers to Get/keep/Grow Key Activities do develop and execute Customers? mobile marketing Most important Who are our Key we require? Low-cost platform campaigns (based customers? Partners? Software that is effective and on interactive Small businesses Telecoms development, data quickly shows results access with end (or analysis (switching costs for users) Telecoms, marketi Who are our key telecoms and ng agencies?) suppliers? marketing) Needs satisfied: What are their Telecoms, search archetypes? engines - Efficient low-cost communication with Companies that end consumers would want to use What are we mobile marketing getting from services them? Giving What Key Key features? - Simple Which Channels? Job they want us them? Resources we standardized Web- Online (trade fairs?) to get done? Phone numbers/ require? based software tool Deliver msg to short code, People, IT allowing use of end-customer advertising infrastructure (data SMS, QR codes and through platform center) NFC Important costs? Fixed? Variable?Software (technology) development, (fixed) Subscription fee, campaign fee and marketing/sales (variable) performance-based fee?
  17. Pulze PulzeTEAM MEMBERS Riyaz Habibbhai Jay Chopra JohnGole Lane Harwell DanielloNatoli Vladimir BaranovDegree program Global EMBA A&E EMBA New York EMBA Global MBA EMBA NY GLOBAL EMBA A&Eand Entreprenuership/ A&EDepartment/Major MarketingProvide your http://www.linkedin.c http://www.linkedin. http://cz.linke http://www.linkedin.co http://www.linkedin.com/proLinkedIn public om/in/riyaz com/profile/view?id= din.com/pub/j m/pub/daniello-natoli- file/view?id=18716074profile URL 2794000 ohn- cfa/b/4a6/950 gole/0/294/6b bAre you the subject 1. I have worked with Not directly, but I am Partly-- lots of No I have current relevant 1) I worked at HR Softwarematter expert a HR Managers in the associated (interning) market experience working with company specializing in(SME) for this past that have stated with the Venture research HR and Columbia competencies and surveysteam? certain challenges of Advisory arm of a law experience Recruitment Efforts 2) I helped spread the use of retention firm and work with a Social Platform at DB (Jive) 2. Working in the few social media large corporation, I type start-ups. have seen first hand how the polling and surveys do not address the issues of the employeesPick a role you Product Picker Would love to do designer/ Not sure - strong I would like to pursue I would like to learn morethink you most Designer Customer Outreach, hustler experience in the Customer about Customerlikely will play on Sales and Marketing community building, Development role Development and getting firstthis team (Hustler, (as that is something sales, strategy, primarily and also help client to sign up and thus I amHacker, Designer or I have never done attracted to concept the Visionary picking a role of a Hustler.Product Picker) before). of new interface for org strategy building + engagementAnything Too much to fit in this As far as I know I am manage ICT Given my finance I started and not succeededinteresting we little box. Interesting the only person with market experience combined with 2 start-ups,should know about experiences of life a Marine Engineering research in with my current role, I avtomatsoftware.com andyou (be brief) cannot be boiled background at CBS emerging believe firms that are avtomatproductions.com down into a brief markets able to maintain their
  18. Pulze FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 R&D Key Account Partners Marketing and management Software Manage the Enterprises with vendors platform Improve employee Customized 1000 employees Recruitment retention service based onEnterprise social needs platforms Lead gen HR decision Provide employees makers ownership in Suppliers business strategy Cloud service Inside sales Build congruency Software force in business and Data developers product strategy warehousing website HR talent 3rd party analytics Research experts Variable Fixed Customer acq. One time Payroll service fee Talent acq. Subscription marketing service Sales
  19. Social Crowd Social CrowdTEAM MEMBERS MarieLesaicherre Chris Gale Mathieu Prado William RespessDegree program MS Chem Eng. Ex. MBA in Financeand PhD Chem biologyDepartment/MajorProvide yourLinkedIn publicprofile URLAre you the subjectmatter expert(SME) for thisteam?Pick a role you Hustlerthink you mostlikely will play onthis team (Hustler,Hacker, Designer orProduct Picker)Anythinginteresting weshould know aboutyou (be brief)
  20. Social Crowd FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 Shop owners who Direct contact and Project want to renovate their social media. management, building & needs both Retaining and renovation, software. cash & expertise growing customers “Neighborhood” Key partners and (renovation, project will be a challenge. shops who need $ suppliers are management, …) but people from the for their business also providing them but also “do good” construction/ for a “supply” ofrenovation industry for their community. customers as the business is starting. People who want to We get know-how/expertise & we invest in their local People investing $ community whilegive them … work! and in their local Media, social media, also getting a return community, satisfying direct contact, on their investment. Financial, physical, their desire for a chamber of technical, HR return on $ but also to commerce invest in their local community. Web platform, program management and technical support Brokerage fee, licensing, advertising
  21. Table Compass Table CompassTEAM Jaidev Rao Abhishek Bill Cooke Sarah Brown Rob Dennis KwonMEMBERS Sheetal MontroneDegree program EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA MBAandDepartment/MajorProvide your http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkediLinkedIn public n.com/in/jaidevrao n.com/in/asheetal n.com/pub/bill- n.com/profile/edit? n.com/pub/rob- n.com/in/denniskwprofile URL cooke/9/527/24 trk=hb_tab_pro_to montrone/b/465/a on p 4bAre you the subject SMEmatter expert(SME) for thisteam?Pick a role you Hacker = Engineer Hustler = Customer Picker = Visionary Hustler = Customer Designer= Product Hacker, Productthink you most Development Development Picker Pickerlikely will play onthis team(Hustler, Hacker, Designer or ProductPicker)Anything Has worked with Love talking to I started a solar Wrote a business Worked on a Helped startinteresting we two clean energy people and telling company three plan for a skin care television start-up GroupMe, Recentlyshould know about start-ups in the lies years ago and it company and finances launched severalyou (be brief) past year just went bankrupt independent films online startups and a photobooth business
  22. Table Compass Key Partners Key Activities Which of our customer’s How will we Get, Who are our most Restaurant owners • Platform design and problems are we helping to Keep and Grow important solve? development • Empty tables Customers? Retention customers? Key Suppliers • Business • Difficulty making plan: points system, Both restaurants and Possibly Open Table development, reservations Groupon, promotional end users partnerships and • Price item, value add free What are we getting marketing meal, etc. What are their Which customer needs are from them? we satisfying? archetypes? Reservation Service • Restaurants: revenue People who management, working plan, price capital conscious, occasions, Giving them? • End Customers: groups of friends Restaurant traffic discounted meals, secured reservations, Through which restaurant comparisons Channels do our What Job do they Customer Segments want us to get done Key Resources What are the Key Features want to be reached? for them? • Designers, of our product that match • Restaurants: face to End customer: Engineers customers problem/need? face meetings • Discounted pricing discounts • Business • Restaurant discovery • End Customers: Word Restaurants: fill seats development, Sales of mouth marketing, • Money online, direct emailWhat are the most important costs inherent in our How do we make money? What’s the revenuebusiness model? model? Pricing tactics?Fixed Cost: Building the website Options: listing fees, percentage of restaurantVariable: Marketing, sales people, advertising fee, restaurant flat fee, first year free, etc.
  23. TVM Technologies TVM TechnologiesTEAM Brian Vogt Doug Carlson Mohamed AG Crum Gabriel Giles Sameer KotakMEMBERS MaimouniDegree program EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBA EMBAand Department/MajorProvide your http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://es.linkedin.c http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedi http://www.linkediLinkedIn public n.com/pub/brian- n.com/pub/doug- om/pub/mohamed n.com/in/agcrum n.com/pub/gabriel- n.com/pub/sameerprofile URL vogt/4b/617/2a7 carlson/3/a15/650 - giles-p- -kotak/6/32b/10 maimouni/8/505/8 e/0/744/a5a a5Are you the Yessubject matterexpert (SME) forthis team?Pick a role you Picker Hustler Designer Hacker Hustler Hustlerthink you mostlikely will play onthis teamAnythinginteresting weshould knowabout you (bebrief)
  24. TEAM NAME HERE FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 Get, keep, grow? Partners? Customer’s End-users: PR, Activities? problems? End- Most important? Shoe mfg.s/ branded captivity Customer input, users: foot sweat, Men, dress & branders by Partners: IP filings, beta hot, cold. business casual region , Convince of development, , Partners: development unique value for suppliers differentiation Archetypes? end-users Suppliers? Stuck in closed Component Customer needs? shoes during mfg.s, Ventiva Comfort, medical / work-day with Profitability growth changing Getting? Reach segments? environments Technology, Resources? Product features? Established manufacturing Development Battery powered partner retail Job to get done? Giving? partner, seed shoe sole outlets (brick & Enable comfort Differentiation funding ventilation, cooling, mortar) and productivity and price heating Inherent in our model? Making money & pricing model? Variable material, mfg overhead $50mfg’ed, 100 soles, 200 shoes, 400 retail
  25. YSN YOUR SUPPLIER NETWORKTEAM MEMBERS ArezMardoukhi Gopi Sukhavasi Kevin Woolley Ravi PingliDegree program and MS, Financial MBA Candidate, MBA Candidate, Columbia MBA Candidate,Department/Major Engineering Columbia Business & London Business Columbia Business School School, M.S in Finance, School B.S, Computer Science B.A in Liberal ArtsProvide your LinkedIn http://www.linkedi http://www.linkedin.c http://cl.linkedin.com/pub http://www.linkedin.cpublic profile URL n.com/in/arezmard om/pub/gopichand- /kevin-woolley/2a/353/95 om/pub/ravi- oukhi sukhavasi/4/b18/678 pingli/4/30/95aAre you the subject No Yes No Nomatter expert (SME)for this team?Pick a role you think Picker Hacker Hustler Designeryou most likely willplay on this team(Hustler, Hacker,Designer or ProductPicker)Anything interesting 10 years of experience Over 6 years in Chile andwe should know about in Spend Peru and 3 years in Cleanyou (be brief) management, Accoun water technology ts Payable, T&E in entrepreneurship various Fortune 500 companies.
  26. YOUR SUPPLIER NETWORK Buyers Partnerships with CFO’s, COO’s, CPO Industry Trade (Chief Procurement Software Buyers shows Officers) Marketing 1. Find the best Sales possible suppliers for Professional Find the best Purchasing procuring goods and network possible suppliers Associations services. 2. One solution to for theirMarketing/Sales manage end to end operational needs Team source-to-pay process Suppliers CMO (Chief Software Professional Network Suppliers Marketing Development 1. Provide platform Officers), Sales Purchasing Team to reach target Associations Department market customers Marketing Industry conferences Find new Resources customers Fixed - Software development, Subscription fee will be charged per seat for maintenance costs, administrative costs each customer. The pricing will be higher for buyers than Variable – Marketing/Sales costs suppliers