Hacking for Recovery syllabus
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Hacking for Defense Educators guide and Syllabus
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Onboarding adjuncts handbook 3
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Steve blank testimony house science committee Dec 2017
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William perry bio entrepreneurial thought leaders
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Stanford Engineering 245 syllabus, 2016
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Course Assistant handbook Hacking for Defense rev 1
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How to Use Reddit For Marketing
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How to Create Whiteboard videos
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Educators guide jan 2014
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Mentor Guide for the Lean LaunchPad Course
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Teaching Assistant Handbook for the Lean LaunchPad Course
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Nycrin I-Corps course syllabus Sept 2014
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NYU 5day Lean LaunchPad syllabus august 2014
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UCSF: Lean LaunchPad instructors lessons learned
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Alzeca presentatiuon
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Lean LaunchPad Educators Handbook Sept 2013
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Lean launch pad for Life Sciences and Health Care
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