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Cost Structure Fixed - Infrastructure, Innovation at 50x 031616

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Cost Structure
Fixed - Infrastructure, servers, team of data scientists,
corporate sales force, project managers & analysts, product
& user experience development team
Variable - Payment to consumers for use of their data, profit-
sharing model (dividends) with consumers, consumer
service reps
Revenue Streams
1. Custom research studies
2. Per-feedback fees (surveys, video interviews, focus groups)
3. Sales of raw data / data with automated analytics on top
4. Subscriptions to the platform
Pricing based on sample size/type, data type/amount, number of questions,
feedback time
Key Resources
Key ActivitiesKey Partners Value Proposition Customer
Business Canvas - Week 1
• Millennials/students
• Lower income
consumers with
• Existing research
• Marketing agencies,
• Marketing
departments at large
• Marketing
departments at non-
large CPG companies
• Panel acquisition, retention,
incentivization, quality control
• Automated seamless
insights extraction
• Data security
• Empowered customer
service (for consumer)
• Sales force, customer
service knowledgable about
market research design &
• Historical granular data
• Automated platform for
seamless insights
• Expertise in market
research methodology,
execution, statistics
• Profit sharing
• Targeted ads in line
with customer’s tastes
• Sense of empowerment
• Unique data,analysis
• Easy and fast way to do
• Website
• Mobile app
• Direct web portal
• Resold through market
research agencies
• Custom consulting &
research design services
• Getting paid for data that
has already been shared,
but from which individuals
are not profiting
• Provide sense of
empowerment and control
over data
• Offers a natural, effortless
way to share opinions
• Feel heard and that
opinion matters
• Linking real-behavior with
opinions (vs. stated
• Ability to follow up with
• Faster turnaround
• Data API providers
• Data aggregators
• Marketing agencies
• Panel participants
blue = consumer
black = enterprise

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