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Who are we slides

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Who are we slides

  1. implantable drug infusion pumps with remote physician control for chronic pain patients at home “the right dose at the right time and place”Christian Gutierrez (EL), Ellis Meng (PI), Carol Christopher (IM), Tuan Hoang (FE)
  2. Empowering process control through direct knowledge• Enable monitoring of flammable gases (hydrogen + hydrocarbons) in extreme environments – Corrosiveness, anaerobic, elevated temperatures
  3. ARKA Thermal SolutionHigh Performance Heat Pipe TechnologyIdeation/Consulting Firm that offers design andprototyping solutions in Thermal ManagementScan and respond to market needs and provideinnovative product solutions. Offer solutions to industries and organizationsproactively by seeking new avenues to utilize heatpipe technology 3
  4. “insero” = to plant ”gen” = gene Manufacturing platform for Lucas Arzola (EL) rapid, cost-effective, and scalable Karen McDonald (PI)production of therapeutics in tobacco Vasilis Voudouris (Mentor)
  5. Sweet SensorsSmall form factor Types of targetsdiagnostic devices thatcan detect a variety of • Recreational drugsbiological markers. • Heavy metals • Toxins• Inexpensive • Bacteria• Quantitative • Viruses• Adaptable to many • Pharmaceuticals kinds of tests (targets) • Environmental hazards • Food safety targets Yu Xiang and Yi Lu, Nature Chem. 3, 697-703 (2011).