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Taking the guesswork out of genre

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It is our job at SCIS to ensure we meet the needs of school librarians in creating an easily accessible library catalogue, where every physical item has a distinct and logical home. In an attempt to do so, we have been working on a multi-fold approach to the issue of fiction shelving. By giving you the tools required to shelve fiction in your school library in a way that best suits you, we enable you to decide the ideal course of action for your school. For this purpose we have developed a system that facilitates traditional shelving methods while also catering to alternative arrangements.

Above all else, any system used for shelving fiction must be based around avoiding chaos. Knowing where each book lives is a key component of the job description. Ideally a standardised approach would be achieved; however currently there are multiple systems being used in libraries for shelving fiction.

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Taking the guesswork out of genre

  1. 1. Taking the guesswork out of genre Michael Jongen Library Services Coordinator
  2. 2. Education Services Australia • A not-for-profit, ministerial company established to provide services to the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC) • Assists with the infrastructure and content to support implementation of national initiatives such as the Australian Curriculum and National Professional Standards for Teachers • Manages existing services: SCIS, ScOT thesaurus, Scootle, myfuture and Curriculum Press
  3. 3. What does SCIS provide? • 1.3 million+ catalogue records • 530,000+ authority records • 200,000+ records with ScOT terms • 10,000+ educational websites records • 10,000+ records for e-books • 140+ records for apps • 500,000+ book cover images for 10,500+ subscribers who download 8 million+ catalogue records p.a. plus 1,000+ Z39.50 users
  4. 4. Genrefication Lego Record Store. Photography by eldeeem. CC BY-NC-SA
  5. 5. Genrefication and Led Zepplin
  6. 6. http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Glossary?a=SSCEEN&t=Genre Define Genre The categories into which texts are grouped. The term has a complex history within literary theory and is often used to distinguish texts on the basis of their subject matter (for example, detective fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy fiction), form and structure (for example, poetry, novels, biography, short stories)
  7. 7. Subgenres Science fiction Hard science fiction Soft science fiction Space opera Military/Battles Punk Cyberpunk Biopunk Nanopunk Postcyberpunk Steampunk Clockpunk Dieselpunk Atompunk Dystopian Alternative universe Alternative history Post-apocalyptic Alien invasion Scientific romance
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  12. 12. Dewey v Chaos ‘The biggest hurdle we face in the discussion about reorganizing resources in school libraries is getting over the widely held belief that this is a black- and-white decision between Dewey and chaos.’ Christopher Harris, director of the School Library System of the Genesee Valley (NY) Educational Partnership
  13. 13. At the bookstore. Photography by Nate Grigg. CC BY. An alternative to traditional methods
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  23. 23. Taking the Guess work out of genre
  24. 24. SCIS OPAC • Go to advanced options http://opac.scis.curriculum.edu.au/vwebv/searchAdvanced. • In the ‘Search’ box type in the genre heading, for example ‘school stories.’ • Select ‘as a phrase’ from the drop down menu. • Select ‘subject’ from the second drop down menu. • Once you retrieve your results, you can then select ‘Publication (most recent first)’ from the ‘Sort by’ drop down menu.
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