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ORS and SRS in Penelope

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Description of the ORS and SRS in Athena's Penelope Case Management System

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ORS and SRS in Penelope

  1. 1. Athena Software has partnered with the International Center for Clinical Excellence to integrate Dr. Scott Miller’s Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) / Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) into Penelope Case Management. ! SEAMLESS INTEGRATION IN CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ! SEAMLESS INPUT With just a few clicks on a computer screen or portable device such as an iPad, clients provide valuable feedback on their current wellbeing and satisfaction with each session / with their therapist directly into Penelope using our intuitive data input sliders. ! INSTANT FEEDBACK & POWERFUL REPORTING This ongoing data is contrasted anonymously against a large dataset to determine statistically validated trajectories of change (the Expected Treatment Response) to help evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and is presented within the client’s service / case file in Penelope in a beautiful, informative graph. Penelope also features powerful reports on client scores and change over time by therapist, program, time frame etc. ! DRIVING CLINICAL EXCELLENCE! Penelope Case Management Software is a leading mobile client information and practice management CMS / CIS system used successfully by a broad range of social service providers in 15 countries around the world - including case management, disability support, mental and behavioral health, domestic violence programs / shelter services, outreach and education services. ! Penelope delivers an impressive return on investment by integrating all aspects of your organization's clinical, administrative and reporting requirements in one innovative and intuitive package. ! SCHEDULING / CALENDARING CLINICAL / PROGRESS NOTES AND SERVICE PLANNING SERVICE DELIVERY TRACKING AUTOMATED WORKFLOW SMART FORMS / DOCUMENTS MANAGEMENT INTERNAL / EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION TOOLS BILLING AND ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES OUTCOMES EVALUATION AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT REPORTING AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REFERRALS MANAGEMENT WAIT-LISTING ! CLIENT INPUT EXPECTED TREATMENT RESPONSE / ACTUAL TRAJECTORY OF CHANGE ! simple smart connected athena software.net info@athenasoftware.net 866.806.6014 www.athenasoftware.net/ors_srs.html