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Time management tips
Time management tips
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Got Time?

  1. ? got Time
  2. w w w. c u l t b r a n d i n g . c o m CREATED BY scott jeffrey DESIGNED BY melissa thornton ©2009 The Cult Branding Company
  3. the DISRUPTIVE AGE has come...
  5. MASS DISRUPTION eats away at YOUR TIME.
  6. The supply of time is FIXED & FINITE. No matter how much time you want, you can’t get more of it.
  7. Time is totally perishable. It cannot be stored.
  8. Time is irreplaceable. It is your most valuable commodity.
  9. “ Man is ill-equipped to manage his time... People are time- consumers. And most people are time-wasters. ” - Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive
  10. meetings, With back-to-back hundreds of daily emails and text messages, driving deadlines and high expectations, most executives fall prey to time.
  11. Under the pressures of time... STRESS & ANXIETY CREATIVITY& PRODUCTIVITY
  12. The constant nagging of time disrupts your natural ability to FLOW.
  13. The constant nagging of time disrupts your natural ability to FLOW. Without FLOW, your creative output is hindered.
  14. A rare few learn to set up sacred time to increase their effectiveness and find their natural FLOW.
  15. To achieve greater effectiveness, block off sizable chunks of work time for specific results. You need blocks of hours or a full day—not just a few minutes.
  16. Large, uninterrupted blocks of time are needed to evaluate important decisions, complete projects and achieve creative results that contribute to the growth of the organization.
  17. ? But how are you to find these coveted blocks of time
  18. Start with the awareness that you can, in fact, create multiple-hour blocks of time. Every executive—no matter how effective —wastes valuable time each week.
  19. KEEP IN MIND: We are paid for the contribution we make to the organization we work for. Thus, we must dedicate our time to achieve organizational goals that help actualize a larger vision.
  20. ? Okay, ready for your crash course in being effective with your time (It’s only 7 steps.) GO
  21. STEP Keep a detailed time log of ONE all your business-related activities for at least a month.
  22. STEP TWO Go on a time-wasters hunt. “ Look at each What happens if this ” activity and ask, doesn’t get done at all? “ ” nothing, If the answer is eliminate it.
  23. If you do STEPS ONE & TWO honestly, you’ll probably be able to create a sizable chunk of time you don’t have today.
  24. STEP Find Leverage. THREE Determine what activities you’re doing that someone else might be better suited for. (This doesn’t mean shoving your work on a co-worker’s desk.)
  25. STEP Break down each activity FOUR into relevant categories. Sample Categories: management meetings meeting preparation sales meetings brainstorming emailing mentoring conference calls direct reporting lunch appointments financial review local travel staff meetings interviewing business travel
  26. STEP Chart the time log by category to visually see FIVE where your time is spent. 18% Emails 7% 4% Local travel 18% 7% 7% Direct reporting 18% Brainstorming 4% 7% Conference calls 4% 11% Meeting preparation 11% 2% Mentoring 7% 4% Sales meetings 4% 11% Financial review 2% 4% Lunch appointments 18% 7% Travel 11% 7% Staff meetings 7%
  27. HINT: A simple visual breakdown 18% of where you spend your 7% 7% time can easily uncover 4% 4% areas of wasted time, but 11% 7% 4% also illustrate how certain 2% 18% 11% categories have too much 7% emphasis.
  28. ? FOR EXAMPLE, what percentage of your time is spent on email Structure specific time for email each day and stick to that schedule. You will free up more time for productive results.
  29. STEP SIX Stop wasting others’ time. “ A common cause of time-waste is largely under the executive’s control and can be eliminated by him. That is ” the time of others he himself wastes. - Peter Drucker
  30. DRUCKER recommends asking your What do I do that associates: “wastes your time without contributing to your effectiveness? ”
  31. STEP Block off time for achieving the creative SEVEN results you want. With your newly-discovered time from steps 1 - 6, block off time for what’s important.
  32. This TIME BLOCK must be devoted to a specific result. Honor this time as if it was an important meeting that you can’t change.
  33. A few more tips for operating in blocks of time... your
  34. tip #1 Shut off your cell phone.
  35. tip #2 Close your email program.
  36. tip #3 Turn your landline ringer off.
  37. Shut your office door or put tip #4 a friendly “Do not disturb” sign outside your cubicle.
  38. tip #5 Keep your mind focused on the result you want.
  39. The idea is to eliminate— or at least minimize —the distractions that plague your work day.
  40. Don’t fall prey to a CrackBerry addiction. The need to always be connected and responsive within minutes ensures high inefficiency, increased anxiety, and lower productivity.
  41. When you become effective with your time, you will...
  42. When you become effective with your time, you will... Experience a sense of empowerment & find greater freedom and fulfillment in your work.
  43. And you will...
  44. And you will... Possess clearer thinking, make effective decisions and complete your projects effortlessly.
  45. Plus, you’ll probably be more fun to be around. ;)
  46. for more on increasing your effectiveness in the workplace: www.cultbranding.com/workplace
  47. from the creative minds @ www.cultbranding.com join us