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Discharge Screen Printing : Innovative Printing Process

The most innovative way of printing on fabrics, that allows to get soft-hand feel of the prints is with discharge screen printing technique.

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Discharge Screen Printing : Innovative Printing Process

  1. 1. Flaws of Plastisol Printing Overcomed by Discharge Screen Printing Screen printing is a versatile printing process.It is one of the oldest techniques available for printing on garments. It originated in China, although Japan developed it later on. During the 18th century this printing technique was adopted by Europe. By 19th century this printing technique became popular technique in the screen printing market. This printing technique is used to print on wide range of substrates like wood, canvas, paper, and fabric. When it comes to printing on fabrics, it is labelled as textile printing. Although the textile printing industry is very vast, yet printing on fabrics is a common trend. For ptinting on fabrics, various techniques are available for the people. The most older method being plastisol screen printing. Ways Of Printing With improvement in technology, new printing techniques also evolved. The most popular being the water base screen printing technique. This printing is known to be eco-friendly in nature, as it does not involve any toxic ink in them like PVC. Also, with this printing one can easily get soft prints on the garments. Most importantly, this printing allows the designs to settle inside the fabric of the garments, and do not form a thick layer of print over the garments. Screen printing companies are now offering customied printing services, which
  2. 2. is coming up as a new trend and is grabbing the attention of many people and business organizations. Wide gammut of products like tshirts, sweatshirts, tanks, hoodies, beanies, etc, can be customized with any form of printing techniques, which are at one's disposal. Customizing Garments With Embroidery Designs For the business houses, it forms an unique opportunity to customize tees/ t- shirts for thier team, organization, or for their office. Well, in order to get their t-shirts customized, they can either screen print on the t-shirts. Alternatively, they can opt for customized embroidery services for any type of apparels. Embroidery designs can be made on the t-shirts, caps, hats, sweatshirts, etc.This means , they can ask the screen printers to customize the embroidery artwork like designs or logos or emblems, and weave the beautiful designs with colourful on the t-shirts matching their needs or requirements. Business houses can customize an embroidered design on the tshirts or caps with a company logo or a emblem on them. Effective Ways Of Printing The most effective way of printing on garments is with discharge screen printing process. This printing effectively removes the existing dye or colour from the fabric of the garment. It basically uses a discharge ink which is a combination of chemical agent and dye, which is usually applied on the area of the design. The discharge ink then removes the dye and then it prepares the area of the fabric to be filled with the ink as choosen by the customer. Water-based discharge ink is used which helps to get vibrant and vintage prints on the fabrics. The Procedure Discharge printing has been around for over a past few decades. The procedure of discharge screen printing is gaining popularity among the clients and is beccoming a growing trend. This is because with this printing technology, one can get amazing end results, i.e., soft hand and vibrant designs. Unlike the plastisol printing, which used plastisol inks, which were plastic based and left a hard feel on the clothes. Hence, the biggest advantage is that when we will touch the fabric, we will get amazingly a soft hand feel of the designs. With this printing, individuals could easily get high quality opaque patterns on the garments. Vibrant prints on dark coloured garments can also be achieved.
  3. 3. Bottom Line Whatever may be the printing technique, one avails, they can very easily get customized prints of highest quality.