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St george cleaning services by Scrub A Dub Maids

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http://www.scrubadubmaids.com - Scrub A Dub Maids High quality a la carte maid services providing excellent customization maid services to the St. George area with flat rate pricing, no hourly rates or estimates needed. All maids are certified, drug tested and background checked.

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St george cleaning services by Scrub A Dub Maids

  1. 1. What are The Basic Duties of St George Cleaning Services Companies in Utah? If you are unable to handle your household chores due to lack of time, Utah home maid services can work for you. They have expert maids who can handle everything from house vacuuming and dusting to toilet and kitchen cleaning with great care and passion. Do you want your messy home back to order and get everything in its place? Are you feeling tired after coming back from work and do not have enough energy to start cleaning, dusting, scrubbing and mopping? You need not cry out as home maid services are already available on the market. Just browse online and contact an expert maid agency in Utah for professional cleaning service that will bring your home back to life. There are several St. George cleaning services companies in Utah State. They are offering regular home cleaning services to help people keep their homes in top condition all the time. They employ expert maids who will follow the most hygienic methods in cleaning process and allow you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle. Professional maid agencies in Utah are committed to the safety and satisfaction of their clients. They just want to provide customers the very best in house maid services and add to the value of their homes. If you need home cleaning services free from any kind of health risk, experienced cleaning service agencies can cater to your demands fast. Once you call them and request an in-house estimate, their professional will come to your place and greet you. They will supervise your home condition and decide the price of your house cleaning services. Basic duties of house maid and clean service: General home cleaning services - It covers everything from dusting and vacuuming the home to washing floors and cleaning all counter tops. Clean and disinfect bathrooms - Bathroom is the most important place in your house and it should be kept germ free all the time. House maid service in Utah will scrub the bathroom and clean drains, sinks, bath tubs and showers. If you find it hard to clean your bathroom ceramic tiles and grout, then professional maid service in Utah will guide you properly. Regular and occasional cleaning - Apart from domestic and commercial cleaning services, Utah based home maid companies offer biweekly, weekly or monthly cleaning services that suit your timing and requirements. They also give you the option to get quick home cleaning service for any general to special occasion or event.
  2. 2. Vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors - Home maid service uses advanced cleaning equipment to vacuum clean your carpets and hardwood floors. It removes dust and dirt from your house floor and washes baseboards to keep them clean. It also handles dusting of doors, Windows and woodwork in your home. Dusting and cleaning of light fixtures - Items like door knobs, window sills, edges and light switches will be cleaned thoroughly by professional house maids. Sweep and wash entry doors and windows - The maids will clean up all your doors and windows in entry area. Bed/linen cleaning - Making beds, cleaning and changing bed linens also come included in house cleaning services. Kitchen and appliances clean up - The Utah based home maids will give special attention to your kitchen area and clean it properly along with used appliances, sinks and counter tops. The shelves in kitchen cabinet will also be cleaned up. Empty and clean trash containers - Professional maids take out trash cans and clean them. They also can perform dish wash if you need. Special clean up of delicate items and electronic appliances - From cleaning exterior and interior or refrigerator and stove to glass window in your home, home maid service in Utah is capable to handle them all with great care and perfection. However there will be additional charges for these special clean up service.