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Agile Transformation Kick Start - Sathyanaraya H R - Scrum Bangalore 19th Meetup

Agile Transformation Kick Start - Sathyanaraya H R - Scrum Bangalore 19th Meetup - March 25, 2017 - at Prowareness

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Agile Transformation Kick Start - Sathyanaraya H R - Scrum Bangalore 19th Meetup

  1. 1. Agile Transformation kick start Creating a Foundation for Success: Case study in a real time Sathyanarayana H R hrsathya@gmail.com
  2. 2. Profile – Sathyanarayana H R • Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer • Over a decade of Agile experience • SPC4, CSM, PSM, ICP-ACC (ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching) • Agile transformation experience in both product development and Service based organization • Trained over 3000 plus folks on different agile frameworks • Certification training imparted for over 250 people on Leading SAFe, SAFe PM/PO, SAFe Practitioner and ASM (Advance Scrum Master) • Leadership, Portfolio, Program coach
  3. 3. Transformation Solution Directions ART Launch Preparation and Launch ART Execution, Coaching and Kaizen Assess Impact of Change Profile
  4. 4. Life cycle of a Typical SAFe deployment program [From Agile ‘Zero’ level] T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 Time Scale : T0 – T9 = Months BIU Coaching team. AC- Agile coach, TE – Tooling Expert, SA – Solutions Architect Flow: Transformation takes 8-9 Months T0– Initial & pre-preparation towards Agile T1– Diagnostics, Strategy & approach T1-T6 : Tooling Strategy & Alignment T1-T2 : SCRUM Foundations T3-T4: Scaling @ Enterprise level T4-T9: 2 Rel. cycles completed using SAFe T5-T9 : Prepare BIU coaches & Handover Transformation Supported by AC, SA & TE from MD team Deliverables 1. SAFe adoption with a lead deployment 2. Support in terms of training and coaching 3. Build a BIU team for self-sustenance 4. Capability to do ‘Release on demand’ Start Diagnostic s Tooling Strategy and Alignment (Support from MD team) SAFe coaching SCRUM coaching 2 wk Sprints 2 * 12 wks for 2 Release cycles Prepare BIU Coaches for Hand-over Roll-Out : Hands-on support, Training, Coaching by MD team Dependency 1. BIU support – champions & tooling 2. E2E tooling alignment supporting Agile Wow 3. Philips Academy for Training & certifications BIU Local Coach to be on-board Hand-over to BIU coaches & MD team moves to next BIU project Life cycle of a Typical SAFe deployment program [From Agile ‘Zero’ level]
  5. 5. BU/Diagnostics Scope 5 SITES 4 Sub Systems 5 Products 6 Platforms FUNCTIONS PMO Product Marketing Clinical Science Engineering Field Service Engg Manufacturing Ops Q&R, QA/QE 142 people interviewed
  6. 6. Diagnostics Method Step 1: Plan Diagnostic Step 2: Identify Primary Issue Step 3: Summarize Observations (360) Step 4: Root Cause Analysis Step 5: Map Root Causes to Solution Directions Step 6: Summarize Solution Directions Step 7: Read Out Diagnostic steps 29thFeb 7thMar 14thMar 21stMar 28thMar 4thApr 11thApr 18thApr 25thApr 2ndMay 9thMay Introductions Data request collection Executive Priorities and Perspectives Data analysis Root cause hypothesis Engagement Plan Workshop and Interview Planning Interviews and workshops Cleveland Bangalore Haifa Shenyang Root cause Analysis First Report Final Report Roadmap Design Legend Offsite activities Milestones/events Onsite activities Weeks starting….
  7. 7. Solution Directions Communities of Practice Predictable high value delivery Integrate to a Single ALM Tool Implement Lean-Agile system at Scale (SAFe 4.0) Expand Unit level and automated testing capabilities Invest in Architecture Simplify QMS
  8. 8. Blue print and Transformation Roadmap
  9. 9. Process Authority Design Authority Product Authority Solution Manager (CLE) Solution Architect Value Stream Engineer (CLE) Enablers & Capabilities Product Owner (BLR) Dev Teams (BLR)(BLR) Scrum Masters 8 8 8 8 6477 SE 4 SV 4 Tooling 4 Securit y 2 DQE 4 [BLR] – Value Stream Program 10% - 20% Arch Enablers Release on Demand Release Managers Chess [SHY] PortfolioValue Stream Enabling Epics:  Exploratory  Architecture  Infrastructure Portfolio Epics PPM 4 3 1 2 Value Stream 1 Value Stream 2 Value Stream 3 Teams 5 Product Manager (BLR) Sys Arch (BLR) (BLR) Release Train Engineer Backlo g RT C
  10. 10. ART Launch Preparation
  11. 11. Role Mapping Core Team •BU Leader •Location Leader •HR •Agile Coach Program Roles • Product Manager • Release Train Engineer • Lean Agile Leaders • Account Manager Agile Teams and Team Roles •Agile Teams •Scrum Masters •Product Owners
  12. 12. ART Launch Planning One Week Sprint Sprint 1 Sprint 3 Sprint 5 Sprint 7 Sprint 2 Sprint 4 Sprint 6 Team Involved: Core Team and Program Roles Color Coding : Different work items
  13. 13. Shift in Organizational Model and WoW • 8 scrum teams • 1 Kanban team • 6 scrum masters • 5 Product owners • ART Size: 80 People • Collocated Team Formation Criteria • Knowledge & Experience • Functional Areas • Diversity • Performance History
  14. 14. ART structure Product Manager/Syste m Architect 7 SCRUM TEAMS Product Owner SCRUM MASTER SCRUM TEAM SCRUM TEAM Produc t Owner SCRUM MASTER SCRUM TEAM SCRU M TEAM Produc t Owner SCRUM MASTER SCRUM TEAM Programs Account / Release Manager Program Backlog Works on Legacy 1 Kanban Team 1 Architect Team Team Highlights ART Size: 75 People 7 SCRUM Teams 1 Kanban Team 1 Architect Team 4 Product Owners 6 SCRUM Masters 2 Development Managers 3 Account Managers Release Train Engineer Development Manager Development Manager Produc t Owner SCRUM MASTER SCRUM TEAM SCRUM TEAM
  15. 15. Training and Certification Training Name Duration # of Participants Participants SAFe for Executives/Leadership 1 day - Agile and SCRUM Training 1 day 75 All team members (75 people) Leading SAFe certification Training 2 days 18 18 people identified for this training based on the ART and Team level roles SAFe PM/PO certification training 2 days 6 6 people (Product Managers and all Product Owners) SAFe practitioner certification training 2 days 40 To all Agile team members (Around 40 people) Kanban Training 4 hours 12 Maintenance Teams Internal WoW training 4 hours 75 This training describes the internal WoW from the day to day perceptive, How to perform ART and Team level ceremonies, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done etc. TFS tool training 4 hours 75 TFS team and workflow training to all the team members.
  16. 16. Coaching Agile Coach Trainer Teacher Mentor Problem Solver Conflict Navigator Professional Coach • 6 to 9 months of coaching • Agile Training and Certification (SAFe, SCRUM, KANBAN, XP) • Role Specific Coaching (Leadership Product Manager, Product Owner SCRUM Master, Release Training Engineer) • Team coaching • Team member mentoring • Facilitating Events/Ceremonies • Prepare, Coach and handover to BU coach
  17. 17. Interface to programs Programs Account / Release manager Product manager ART Release on Demand Program backlog
  18. 18. Learnings and Challenges Leadership Engagement Engineering – Tooling, System Level Integration Change Management : Residual command & control challenges Organization Change – New Roles & Responsibilities Organizing teams around ‘Value’ Vs Silos Adopting Enterprise Kaizen ( System focus) Our journey Continues to realize “Value Delivery” with Lean, Agile and SAFe…
  19. 19. Q&A Sathyanarayana H R hrsathya@gmail.com