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Shops and shopping

vocabulary, elementary

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Shops and shopping

  1. 1. Exercises 51.1 Match the item with the shop.toy shop butchers bakers gift shop chemists newsagents
  2. 2. 51.2 Where do you need to go?1 I want to get a 1 The newsagent’s newspaper. 2 The2 Your hair is too long. hairdressers.3 I need some stamps. 3 The post office4 We must get Jim a 4 A gift shop. present. 5 A book shop.5 Id like to buy a book. 6 A department6 I want to buy store (or a everything in one shop. supermarket).
  3. 3. 51.3 Look at the department store plan in B. Which floor will you go to ifyou want to buy:1 an armchair? 1 3rd2 lipstick? 2 ground3 a cup of tea? 3 4th4 a packet of tea? 4 basement5 a skirt? 5 1st6 some tennis balls? 6 basement7 a pair of boots? 7 ground8 some baby clothes? 8 2nd9 a tie? 9 2nd10 a TV? 10 3rd11 pens? 11 ground12 a doll? 12 2nd
  4. 4. 51.4 Write the words for these definitions. 1 a person who sells things in a shop Shop assistant 2 money not a cheque or credit cash card 3 a person who cuts hair a hairdresser 4 plastic money a credit card 5 a floor lower than the ground floor the basementNow write definitions in English for:6 a £5 note a piece of paper that is worth five pounds7 the first floor the floor above the ground floor (in a British building)8 a receipt a piece of paper that you get when you buy something9 a cash desk the place where you pay for things in a shop
  5. 5. 51.5 Make a list of ...1 the shops in a street near you. Shops near me: bakers, newsagents, chemists, post office, hairdressers, supermarket2 the departments there are in your favourite department store. Departments in my favourite department store: childrenswear, sports equipment, menswear, cosmetics, toys, ladieswear, shoes, electrical goods, stationery, furniture
  6. 6. 51.6 Fill the gaps in the dialogueCUSTOMER: How much does this shirt cost _______?SHOP ASSISTANT: £25.CUSTOMER: pay Ill take it, please. Can I _____ by credit card?SHOP ASSISTANT: Certainly. Ill put your receipt in (carier) bag the _________________

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vocabulary, elementary


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