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The Evolving State of SEO According to Search Engine Land - March 2014

The Evolving State of SEO (March 2014) - Adapted keynote presentation given by SearchEngineLand.com and MarketingLand.com Editor-in-Chief Matt McGee (@mattmcgee on Twitter) at #MivaCon2014 - Miva Merchant's Annual User Conference in San Diego, CA on March 6, 2014.

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The Evolving State of SEO According to Search Engine Land - March 2014

  1. Targeted content farms churning out low quality articles. Some sites were producing over 7,000 articles per day! What Is The Google Panda Update? >> @SEngineLand
  2. Examples:
  3. Targeted spammy links. What Is The Google Penguin Update? >> @SEngineLand
  4. @SEngineLand
  5. What Is Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm? >> @SEngineLand
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  15. Desktop search is still the most common place we search… @SEngineLand
  16. Tablets & Smartphone usage still rising sharply… @SEngineLand
  17. … now we’re also searching in mobile apps @SEngineLand
  18. Google Goggles – shoot a photo to search. Bing also has some similar image-as-query tools. @SEngineLand
  19. Voice search is now available on both Bing and Google… @SEngineLand
  20. Not just voice, but conversational search… @SEngineLand
  21. search exists in other platforms, too… Game Consoles, Smart TVs @SEngineLand
  22. search on wearable technology @SEngineLand
  23. @SEngineLand
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  26. Source: TheFilterBubble.com @SEngineLand
  27. Source: TheFilterBubble.com @SEngineLand
  28. @SEngineLand
  29. @SEngineLand
  30. “My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn't have to have a search query at all. You'd just have information come to you as you needed it.” Sergey Brin, TED Talk, February 2013 @SEngineLand
  31. @SEngineLand
  32. @SEngineLand
  33. @SEngineLand
  34. @SEngineLand
  35. @SEngineLand
  36. @SEngineLand
  37. @SEngineLand
  38. @SEngineLand
  39. "Google Plus gives you the opportunity to be yourself, and gives Google that common understanding of who you are." Bradley Horowitz, February 2014 Source: New York Times @SEngineLand
  40. @SEngineLand
  41. "Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance." Eric Schmidt, March 2013 Source: Wall Street Journal @SEngineLand
  42. “SEO should be unseen… and only noticeable to other SEOs.” Adam Audette, RKG @SEngineLand
  43. @SEngineLand
  44. @SEngineLand
  45. @SEngineLand
  46. @SEngineLand
  47. @SEngineLand
  48. @SEngineLand
  49. @SEngineLand
  50. @SEngineLand
  51. @SEngineLand
  52. “Everybody talks about “creating relevant content” but that’s not what Google is looking for…” ~ Matt McGee Source: SmallBusinessSEM.com @SEngineLand
  53. Source: SEOBook @SEngineLand
  54. Build a Brand “Search used to be where the playing field was level ... those days are over. You need to build a brand. This is the single most important and single most difficult task that has been added to the SEO agenda over the last few years.” Everett Sizemore, seOverflow @SEngineLand
  55. @SEngineLand
  56. Source: Marketing Land @SEngineLand
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  58. Be Invisible. Be Vital. Be a Brand.