ads/cft emergence big questions duality gauge-gravity black holes ads4/cft3 dualities holographic principle holographic renormalization philosophy of spacetime philosophy of physics emergent gravity holography reduction unificatie science dual gravity holographic cotton tensor emergent spacetime philosophy of quantum gravity big questions in science reductionism gravity verlinde eenheid wetenschap reductionisme newton scientific revolution einstein relativity big bang instantons vacuum decay philosophy of mind supervenience science policy ds/cft renormalization group flow university core texts liberal arts teaching education and training quantum mechanics gravit verlinde scenario emergent space-time unification science and beauty string theory gravitation newtons law space-time stephen hawking information loss grenzen van de natuurkunde eenheid natuurwetenschap light atoms quantum information kuhn kepler galileo time evolution of the universe quantum cryptography quantum communication quantum universe gravitational instantons m-theory gravity on brane
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