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Flyer eur trail h2020 french coordination

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Flyer eur trail h2020 french coordination

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Flyer eur trail h2020 french coordination

  1. 1. * ICT partners: CNRS-IRISA, U. Mons-TCTS lab, Utrecht University-DH lab, Open U. Knowledge Media Institute; IN2 Search Interfaces Development Ltd. SSH & DH partners: U. Le Mans-3LAM; Johannes Gutenberg U. Mainz-Book Buch & Media Institut; Universita degli Studii, Milano, Queen Mary U. of London; Birmingham U.- Center for Corpus Research; Czech Academy of Sciences-Institute for Czech Literature. Europe Reads - Tools for Recognition, Annotation, Identification & Linking (EUR-TRAIL) WHAT? EUR-TRAIL addresses the challenge of the call “European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past” - CULT-COOP-09- 2017. EUR-TRAIL targets the development of a unique database describing the enormous multimedia (texts, letters, images, audiovisual sources) and multilingual (Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Russian) cultural heritage of Europe's reading experience, along with innovative interfaces to search, explore and capture invaluable resources that would otherwise remain buried. WHO? A robust consortium* of 10 academic partners and 1 SME from 7 European countries with international level of expertise in computer science, information sciences, digital humanities and the humanities led by U. of Le Mans-3LAM where DH and SSH expertise is combined. A gender-innovative ratio among ICT driven projects (54% of men and 46% of women) including women in leading roles as the Project coordinator is a senior French female researcher and several Work Packages and/or tasks are led by at least 4 senior female researchers along with 9 female junior researchers and ESRs both in Computer sciences and DH-SSH. Established stakeholders in education, cultural industries, cultural institutions, and disability advocacy groups will participate in evaluation and contribute to dissemination through joint events. HOW? Seven tightly interrelated work packages and leading figures in visual recognition, affective computing, linked data, semantic web, Text encoding initiative and European cultural history. WHY? EUR-TRAIL will provide new ways of searching cultural digital content that used to be inaccessible, leveraging computer science in data management. It will also enable new findings about how the diverse traditions of reading in Europe and the EMOTIONS it implies continue to affect European collective and individual identities today. EUROPE READS -TRAIL: Discovering the Cultural Heritage of Reading in Europe ICT-driven, HSS-led A Response to end-users’ exacting questions about the course of reading culture Breakthroughs in semantic web and visual recognition A Leap forward in data-driven HSS and a first-ever, lasting access as well as automated route to ‘Europe, a place to readʼ across time and space Contact : Brigitte Ouvry-Vial (Brigitte.ouvry-vial@univ-lemans.fr)