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Seedbox's Office Meeting Room Themes - Brainstorm Presentation

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Get an inside look into the creative process behind Seedbox's meeting room themes. To decide on the final themes for our rooms, we researched 50 potential theme options. Here are the results of that brainstorm.

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Seedbox's Office Meeting Room Themes - Brainstorm Presentation

  1. 1. Meeting Rooms50+ Bursts of Creativity
  2. 2. 1. THE GREEN ROOM• Astro turf carpet• Painted green furniture• Green walls (can have transparent whiteboard paint to allow writing)• Wall decals of famous green things (like the Hulk)• Screensaver of TV can be the matrix green screen• Lots of plants• Green artifacts (coaster, clock, green apples, etc…)
  3. 3. 2. THE PICNIC ROOM• Astro turf carpet• Picnic table instead of real table• Grass and tree wall stickers• Today’s menu chalk board• Put hooks on wall and hang funny aprons• Artifacts (picnic basket that holds supplies, stuffed bears, hotdog clock, gingham pattern coasters)
  4. 4. 3. THE LAVA LOUNGE• Retro / disco carpet• Bean bag chairs• Low adjustable table• A couple uplight bars• Artifacts (“Lounge” neon sign, led coasters, Lava lamps and disco ball)
  5. 5. 4. THE PING PONG ROOM• Take a circular table and add a net in the middle, put two ping pong paddles• Create wall art from other colorful paddles• Ping pong score keeper• Artifacts (retro ping pong kits as décor, light fixture of balls, framed word art, coasters, clocks )
  6. 6. 5. THE SPACE STATION• Make the color scheme grey, white, orange, yellow – to look like a retro space station• Pain a command board on the wall and use some buttons, knobs for realism• Paint night sky on the ceiling and get one of the moon lights try create effect when lights go off• Create a mobile of little astronauts• Wall stickers with planets, flying saucers• Artifacts (silver ducts, moon coasters, NASA clock)
  7. 7. 6. THE SUPER MARIO ROOM• Paint game themes on the walls• Place stuffed mario characters everywhere• Build a “green sewer drain” to hold supplies, get square table and paint [?] coin on top• Artifacts (mushroom touch lamps, fly trap plants, retro nintendo hooked up to TV monitor,coasters)
  8. 8. 7. THE MUSIC ROOM• Put old album covers all over one wall• Put melted record bowls to hold supplies• Have a fake “gold record” award• Piano or musical notes on carpet• Artifacts (record coasters, music wall stickers, guitar in one corner, metronome, etc..)
  9. 9. 8. THE JUNGLE• Wall art that looks like the jungle• More natural, raw wood table• ottomans instead of chairs (that look like tree stumps)• Big stuffed tiger and boa constrictor• Artifacts (yuka or big fern plants, fake bananas hanging from ceiling, monkey coasters)
  10. 10. 9. THE BOLLYWOOD ROOM• Lots of colorful silks, saris and throw pillows• Retro Bollywood movie posters• Very low table and big cushions instead of chairs• Several Indian throw rugs on the floor• Artifacts (rug coasters, grass plants, star lamps, elephant statues)
  11. 11. 10. THE WWW ROOM• Giant memes wall mural• Decals of various internet symbols on the walls / furniture• Framed photos of various internet pioneers• Get a simple rectangular table and paint a giant keyboard on the table top• Artifacts (circuit board coasters, internet café neon sign, msm or social media themed pillows)
  12. 12. 11. THE SECRET CODE ROOM• Code wall art / stickers on the wall• Lots of elephant & dolphin artifacts (stuffed animals, coasters, clock, etc..)• Mini fridge (for liquids needed to facilitate a state of ballmer peek)• Framed posters (HACK, ASCII tables, etc…)
  13. 13. 12. THE PIXEL ROOM• Wall of pixels• Colorful table and chairs• Flip charts and lots of colorful markers• Artifacts (crayon pillows, slinkies, playdoh, pantone coasters)• Color theory / graphic design books
  14. 14. 13. THAT 70’S DEN• Put old recliners around a circular table instead of table + chairs• Wood paneling or a faux brick wall on one wall• Shag carpeting• Artifacts (cardboard deer head, 8-track player, retro board games, old bay blanket)
  15. 15. 14. THE NUMBER ROOM• Everything in the room has numbers on it, from the floor to the walls• Wallpaper, area rug, coasters, clock, tv screen saver, framed prints, chair pillows, etc…
  16. 16. 15. THE LEGO ROOM• Affix the green lego baseplates to the wall and put a bunch of lego blocks on them• Get two giant lego heads - one to hold a bunch of lego pieces and another for supplies• Artifacts (clock, coasters, garbage bin, stuffed lego men, lego phone)
  17. 17. 16. THE GYM• Put down exercise mats instead of carpeting• Roll up some yoga mats in the corner• Put exercise balls instead of regular chairs• Inflatable punching bag• Exercise posters on the wall
  18. 18. 17. THE RACE TRACK• Put a steering wheel on the door or wall• Put fast car or road wall stickers• Paint the floor like a road (or get a carpet)• Paint a race track on the table top• Artifacts (cheesy car posters, route 66 coasters, hubcap clock, air freshener mobile)
  19. 19. 18. THE SUPERHERO PHONE BOOTH• Paint a telephone booth around the frame of the door• Create one wall that is a large comic book panel• Put logos of famous super heroes as wall art• Cover the table in comic book (someone at the offices actually makes these)• Artifacts (gag batman signal, coasters, comic books, etc..)
  20. 20. 19. THE DOG HOUSE• This room has gone to the dogs … every object is dog themed (maybe we can create a cat corner)• Let all staff who have dogs frame a photo of their pooch on one wall• Put fire hydrant in corner of room• Artifacts (dog licking screensaver, mousepad, coasters, stuffed dogs)
  21. 21. 20. THE BRAIN ROOM• Put world’s largest crossword puzzle on the wall• Put a bunch of puzzles from thinkgeek.com on the table to play with during meetings• Keep the rest of the room quite focused and serious• Rubik’s cube coasters!
  22. 22. 21. THE STAR WARS TRIBUTE ROOM• Sure to be a hit with all the fellas, this room will be an homage to Star Wars• Speed of light wall paper and death star wall decal• Vintage movie posters• Artifacts (light sabers, star wars screensaver, tin to hold supplies, clock, coasters)
  23. 23. 22. THE CHATTY ROOM• Fill all the unused wall space with various quotes that relate to our values• Keep the walls white, with various different black fonts – very monochromatic• Black table and chairs• Chalkboard to write your own quotes• Quote themed artifacts (coasters, book of quotes, dictionaries)
  24. 24. 23. THE RETRO DINER• Put retro dining table + chairs instead of standard• Paint black/white checkers on the floor (or use carpeting)• Put campy 50s movie posters (Rebel Without a Cause, etc…)• 50s artifacts (diner sign, starburst clock
  25. 25. 24. THE TREE HOUSE• Paint trees on the walls and onto the ceiling / paint column as a tree trunk if it is in room• Put a swing or hammock suspended from the ceiling in one corner• Use natural, unstained simple wood furniture and wood artifacts (objects, bowl for storage)• Try wood panelling along the bottom edge of the walls, to look like you in a tree house
  26. 26. 25. THE SKY WALK• Paint the walls and ceiling to look like a beautiful blue sky• Put white table, chairs, and ottomans in the room to represent clouds• Get a suspended paper lampshade that looks like a cloud• Artifacts (happy cloud coasters, sun clock, lots of bright and healthy plants)
  27. 27. 26. SURF’S UP ROOM• Paint a giant wave on the wall• Add a small fish tank on a shelf or the table• Include toy lobster, starfish, and other underwater creatures in coasters, wall art, etc..• Paint the table and use carpeting / floor paint to look like the sand of the beach
  28. 28. 27. THE TIKI BAR• Put bamboo panelling against one wall• Make the whiteboard wall red with transparent dry-erase paint so its functional• Add lots of tiki idol artifacts (on wall, coasters, storage bins, screensavers, etc...)• Put in yuka or palm-tree style plants• Put a framed “Shag” print – you can order them online and it’s extremely tiki!
  29. 29. 28. THE SKETCH ROOM (L’ATELIER)• This room will inspire all graphic artists and the who admire them• The room should look like a page out of a sketch book, including:• Inked wall art• Black and white furniture• A huge whiteboard wall with black + color markers• Paint drip coasters
  30. 30. 28. THE WILLY WONKA ROOM• Candy swirl painted floor• Gum ball machines and other small candy dispensers• Big round cushions instead of regular chairs• Gummy bear lamps (yes, they do exist)• Colorful ceiling lighting
  31. 31. 29. THE SILVER FACTORY ROOM (ANDY WARHOL)• An entirely silver room, done in an homage to Warhol’s famous art studio• Paint metallic silver walls, chairs, tables, accessories – all silver and metal
  32. 32. 30. THE RELAXATION CHAMBER• Super calming environment• Soft glowing lights (salt rock lamps)• Warm orange wall• 2 Massage chairs and a coffee table instead of regular table chairs• The ijoy 2310 massage chair below is $500
  33. 33. 31. THE DRAGON’S LAIR• Dragon and knight wall stickers or mural art• Toy dragons throughout the room• Round table (for the various knights)
  34. 34. 32. NINJA TRAINING ROOM• Ninja wall stickers or mural art and paint ninjas on the storage furniture• Get nerf swords• Red furniture and room accents• Japanese lanterns and ninja star drink coasters
  35. 35. 33. WESTERN SALOON• Create various wanted posters of people in the office and frame them on a wall• Affix rope and horseshoes to the wall or furniture• Western themed wall stickers and string lights• Fake cowhide rug and tumbleweed decorations• Cactus plants
  36. 36. 34. THE BIRD’S NEST• Tons of bird wall decals all over the walls• Bird mobile• Wicker furniture (like a bird’s nest) ... Papison would be cool• Large white and light blue cushions .. .that look like eggs• Artifacts (egg coasters, glowing egg lights, bird screensaver, etc..)
  37. 37. 35. THE CABANE SUCRE• Fake wood panelling on the wall• Black whiteboard paint to write on (like a big menu chalkboard)• Maple syrup tins• Fake moose head on the wall• Lumberjack sash• Leaves mobile
  38. 38. 36. THE ‘WTF’ ROOM• This room would appear extremely normal ... With regular office furniture and walls• However, it would be filled with very weird knick-knacks, like what you’d find at a joke store
  39. 39. 37. MEGABYTE MOUNTAIN• Mountainscape wall decal• Circuit board supplies box• Floppy disk coasters• Planters made out of old computers• Little robots
  40. 40. 38. THE SPORTS BAR• Sports stuff on the walls (Habs jersey, golf framed art)• Sports-themed bean bag chairs• Foam basketball net• Football field area rug• Stadium wall mural painted on walls
  41. 41. 39. THE SUSTAINABLE ROOM• Everything in the room is made from recycled materials
  42. 42. 40. THE MATRIX ROOM• Paint the walls like the Matrix.
  43. 43. 41. THE VEGAS ROOM• This could be our discreet room – “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ...”• Put a large framed photo of the welcome to vegas sign or the strip• Use a card table instead of a regular table• Put a slot machine in one corner• Artifacts (poker chip drink coasters, large cactus plant)
  44. 44. 42. THE POLKA DOT ROOM• Everything in the room is circular• Paint polka dots all over the walls, some using whiteboard paint and some regular paint or stickers• Colorful circle throw rugs from ikea• Circular table with circular ottomans instead of chairs
  45. 45. 43. THE STUDY• Blik’s “academia” wall tiles that make the wall look like an old fashioned study / bookshelf• Four “captain’s chair” style chairs and a low circular table• A couple of prints framed in antique gold frames• Artifacts (leather coasters, small bar with decanters, floor lamps)
  46. 46. 44. THE APARTMENT• Using wall decals for appliances, windows, and other furnishings, you can create the feeling of anapartment for those who want to “work from home” while at work.• Instead of a conference room table, you can have a dining table with chairs and other artifacts thatrepresent your home.
  47. 47. 46. THE IGLOO• Paint the entire room white• Put an inflatable igloo tent in the middle of the room, with cushions on the inside• Have your meetings inside the igloo
  48. 48. ADDITIONAL IDEAS:• The Boxing Ring• Room of Mirrors• The Employee Art Gallery• The “Inside a Machine” Room• The DIY Room (everything is handmade)• The Garden (tons of plants)• The Bar• The Inflatable room (all the furniture is inflatable)• The 007 Room (spy / James Bond style)