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Report Writing

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This presentation may clears your all doubts abut REPORT WRITING...

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Report Writing

  1. 1. 1.Pallavi Chawre 17 (Reports By Committees STRUCTURE) 2.Sejal Sanjay Lingayat 30 (What A Reports Usually Contain , Proposal) 3.Sweta Verma 48 (Progress Report) 4.Anjali Yadav 49 (How To Collect DATA, KINDS OF REPORTS ) 5.Mayuri Mayekar 62 (Inroduction) 6.Gaytri Yadav 50 (Reports By Committees & Individual)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Report writing is the direct outcome of the gigantism & complexity of modern bussiness organization. • Oral reports are different from written reports in two ways : a. Written reports strive to be very correct & accurate. b. In an oral reports the speaker & in written reports reader who controls the pace.
  3. 3. • A report is a communication from person who has information to a person who wants to use the information. • Report contain logical arrangement of ideas, information & definite conclusions. • All reports whether periodic,proposal or situational have one common characteristics – ‘ THEY HAVE TO BE ACCURATE’
  4. 4. 1. By a personal observation or visiting 2. Reading journals & studying statistical data 3. By writing letters & obtaining replies 4. Interviewing people 5. Issuing questionnaires
  5. 5. ¤¤ KINDS OF REPORTS ¤¤ • Report may categerized as : a. Those who go up : when branch manager,secretories write to their superiors or directors. b. Those who go down : when the directors or employers write to their juniors. c. Those who go out : when report written to shareholders,creditors & general public either by secretory or directors.
  6. 6. • Short reports have : 1.The Authority : The authority under which the report is being written is mentioned. 2.Terms of reference : This section clearly declare that what aspects are to be covered by the report. 3.Procedure : Here the report writers mention the procedure they followed to obtain their data or information.
  7. 7. 4.Findings : Based on data ,information & facts collected the report writers will draw definite conclusions which called ‘Findings’ . 5.Recommendations : Based on the findings the report writers will give their recommendation as to the best course of action. This five parts of the report given above are not compulsory to all reports. Eg.Director`s report will not contain ‘Authority’ or ‘Terms of reference’.
  8. 8. • If the report is likely to be long one then, writer should use ‘Headings’ or ’Sub-titles’ to break up & refocus the reader`s attention. • Since, a report takes great deal of time & money to write,it is normal practice to send a proposal before starting work on the report itself. • The proposal sets out the nature of the study to be undertaken,procedure,the cost estimates etc. • If the proposal accepted,the work of preparation of report is undertaken.
  9. 9. PROGRESS REPORT  A progress report is a report usually sent by an employee to his employer showing the advance or development in any project or work assigned to him. A secretary or an outside expert reporting to the Board of Directors on the state of affairs in the company or the ”progress” made in any particular department or venture.
  10. 10.  Progress Reports are usually written by individuals and are sent in letter from.  If progress reports are prepared at regular intervals, as is done in some organisations, they are known as periodic reports.  Progress Reports are written and sent when it takes well over three or four months to complete a project or task.  They re-assure the recipients that the writer of the report is on the job and making progress.
  11. 11. Employees Progress Report. THE FIREX COMPANY LIMITED Belasis Road Mumbai-400008 10th November2009 CONFIDENTIAL The Chairman The board of Directors Firex Company Limited Mumbai-400008 Dear sir, Sub-Half yearly Report Departmental and Staff Progress It is a pleasure to submit to you the first half yearly report of the employees’ progress for the Share, General and filing Departments under my charge. The report covers the period from 1st May 2009 to 31st October 2009.
  12. 12. Share Department: The Share Department has been functioning efficiently under the charge of Shir L.P. Choksey. He has come to us with a background of twenty years’ service with the Ferzana Company Limited.The staff of 10 members is sufficient to cope with the work and there has been no need to pay overtime to anyone. It is strongly urged that permission be granted to confirm Shri Choksey in his services even before the expiry of his probation period. General Department: The General Department which consists of 10 typists, 5 stenographers and 20 general assistants has been functioning unevenly. At present all are under my direct supervision, but on account of my preoccupation with other duties it is often not possible to supervise the distribution and assignment of work to the individual members of the department. It is my considered opinion that the typists and stenographers be constituted into a separate pool under the charge of Kum. S. Shivadasani, who is the senior most stenographer, and that she be entrusted with the distribution of work in the pool and also assigning the typists and stenos to the different officers who might require their services.
  13. 13. Filling Department: The Filling Department, with a staff of 5 members , is very inadequate to deal with the volume of work. It is also observed that Shri P. M. Xavier of the department is prone to shirk his duties and is frequently absent. It is suggested that his services be terminated next month and that 3 additional clerks be recruited immediately to cope with the works in the department. Yours faithfully P. M. Mishra Assistant Secretary.
  14. 14. To, The Principal. College:- Add.:- 17 September 2014 Dear Sir, __________ Covering letter_________ _______________________________ Yours faithfully, Sign