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Example regional coo run book

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This is an example of a Run Book that could be used for the COO office of a Regional Business Technology function

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Example regional coo run book

  1. EXAMPLE REGIONAL TECH COO RUN BOOK Selena Sol presents….. selena@selenasol.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/eric-tachibana/0/33/b53 http://www.slideshare.net/selenasol for COO’s looking to structure the business management function
  2. Bob Frog (MD) Business s Unit Executive David Florey Administration Jennifer Tachibana Unit 3 Executive Selena Sol (DIR) COO Yo Yo Ma (Officer) Business Manager Li Hsien Lim Unit 2 Executive Barnaby Fell Unit 1 Executive Bootsy Collins (AVP) Supplier Manager James Jamerson (VP) Operational Risk Manager Getty Lee (AVP) Program Manager COO OFFICE STRUCTURE Li Yuen Lim Unit 4 Executive Les Claypool (DIR) Enterprise Architecture Manager Idiot Intern (Intern) Employee Engagement Goofy Graduate (Grad) Communications
  3. COO OFFICE STRATEGIC INTENT 3 2010 COO STRATEGIC INTENT VISION Effective technology, efficiently managed MISSION Without bloating the function or burning out the team, ensure that partners (up, down and across) get the right information at the right time to make effective decisions. VALUES Standardization, Accuracy, Efficiency TACTICAL GOALS TO SUPPORT INTENT •Go from start-up to stable across the full suite of operational functions •Build towards automation of reporting •Transform communities into teams •Support employee engagement through culture, comms, and training INDIVIDUAL GOALS ALIGNED TO ABOVE 2011 COO STRATEGIC INTENT - EARLY STRAWMAN VISION Business management that drives business performance MISSION While continuing to expand 2010 deliverables, spend more time in analysis & consultation with Tech Managers & Business-side COOs to deliver cost and revenue innovation that is operationally-driven. VALUES Partnership, Intrapreneurship, Excellence TACTICAL GOALS TO SUPPORT INTENT •Build stronger partnerships with the business •Move from producing accurate dashboards to using them to drive continuous improvement •Fully automate reporting •Support employee engagement through culture, comms, and training INDIVIDUAL GOALS ALIGNED TO ABOVE WHERE WE WANT TO GO HOW WE GET THERE OUR COMPASS WINS WE MUST DELIVER SPECIFIC STEPS WE NEED TO TAKE
  4. COO OFFICE 2010 STRATEGIC WORKSTREAMS (1 of 2) 4 BUSINESS MGMT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTOPERATIONAL RISK MGMTCOMMUNICATIONS MISSION Capture & analyze “the right” operational data to help drive alignment of operations to strategy in a consistent way. REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Bob Frog Sally Snail CORE ACTIVITIES •Financial Management •Workforce Mgmt & Sourcing •Occupancy & Facilities Mgmt 2010 INITIATIVES MISSION Work with Global & Regional ORM/BCM community to ensure transparent, appropriate, & pro-active forecast, mgmt, & response to operational risk REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Kelly Kangaroo Danny Doodlebug CORE ACTIVITIES •IT Controls •Business Continuity Management •Audit & Compliance •Cross-LOB Risk Activity Coordination 2010 INITIATIVES MISSION Drive strategic messages across the entire organization & provide stakeholder transparency REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Bob Frog Wally Wolf CORE ACTIVITIES •Management Reporting •Employee Messaging •Website Management •Business Partner Engagement 2010 INITIATIVES MISSION Work with HR and Engagement Council to ensure that employees are fully engaged, aligned through culture, & continually improving through learning REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Selena Sol Willy Whale CORE ACTIVITIES •Leadership Development •Employee Engagement & Culture •Learning 2010 INITIATIVES
  5. COO OFFICE 2010 STRATEGIC WORKSTREAMS (2 of 2) 5 PROGRAM MANAGEMENTSUPPLIER MANAGEMENT MISSION Ensure that vendors meet ongoing service levels and that we enjoy maximum economic value REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Jimmy Jinx Jinxy Jim CORE ACTIVITIES •Make global initiatives regionally relevant •Extend XYZ Program along maturity curve •‘Audit proof’ our group to proactively anticipate audit requirements 2010 INITIATIVES MISSION Work with our unit Change Manager to ensure that all projects (including run the bank) deliver business value REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Willy Wonka Charlie Choco CORE ACTIVITIES •Governance & Program ZZZ Controls •Consolidated Reports •Drive Best Practices adoption 2010 INITIATIVES ARCHITECTURE & STRATEGY MISSION Support regional leadership to develop & implement Technology & Operational strategy REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Sydney Squirrel Ally Ant CORE ACTIVITIES •Shepherd timely development of Strategy •Support Strategy Communication •Support roll-out of global initiatives 2010 INITIATIVES MANAGEMENT ROUTINES MISSION Ensure that the horizontal business support functions work collaboratively across all locations & lines of business REGIONAL LEAD GLOBAL LEADS Selena Sol Bernard Bat CORE ACTIVITIES •Shepherd the Business Management community across functions, countries, & lines of business •Support adoption of best practice standards where appropriate 2010 INITIATIVES
  6. COO TEAM SELENA SOL, COO Insert Bio here…. The story centres on Charles Marlow, who narrates most of the book. He is an Englishman who takes a foreign assignment from a Belgian trading company as a river-boat captain in Africa. Heart of Darkness exposes the dark side of European colonization while exploring the three levels of darkness that the protagonist, Marlow, encounters: the darkness of the Congo wilderness, the darkness of the Europeans' cruel treatment of the African natives, and the unfathomable darkness within every human being for committing heinous acts of evil. Although Conrad does not give the name of the river, at the time of writing the Congo Free State, the location of the large and important Congo River, was a private colony of Belgium's King Leopold II. In the story, Marlow is employed to transport ivory downriver. However, his more pressing assignment is to return Kurtz, another ivory trader, to civilization, in a cover-up. Kurtz has a reputation throughout the region. BOB FROG, UNIT EXECUTIVE Insert Bio here… Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. DOODY, VENDOR MANAGER Insert bio here… The book describes, in first person, a 17-day journey on his motorcycle from Minnesota to California by the author (though he is not identified in the book) and his son Chris, joined for the first nine days by close friends John and Sylvia Sutherland. The trip is punctuated by numerous philosophical discussions, referred to as Chautauquas by the author, on topics including epistemology, ethical emotivism and the philosophy of science. Many of these discussions are tied together by the story of the narrator's own past self, who is referred to in the third person as Phaedrus (after Plato's dialogue). Phaedrus, a teacher of creative and technical writing at a small college, became engrossed in the question of what defines good writing, and what in general defines good, or "quality". LAURYN TACHIBANANA, BUSINESS MANAGER Inset bio here… Crime and Punishment focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, an impoverished ex-student in St. Petersburg who formulates and executes a plan to kill an unscrupulous pawnbroker for her cash. Raskolnikov argues that with the pawnbroker's money he can perform good deeds to counterbalance the crime, while ridding the world of a worthless vermin. He also commits this murder to test his own hypothesis that some people are naturally capable of such things, and even have the right to do them. Several times throughout the novel, Raskolnikov justifies his actions by connecting himself mentally with Napoleon Bonaparte, believing that murder is permissible in pursuit of a higher purpose
  7. COO REGULAR REPORTING ROUTINES ACTIVITY AUDIENCE FREQUENCY Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Monthly Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Monthly Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Monthly Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Monthly Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Monthly Name of report / dashboard / newsletter / etc Who the report goes to Quarterly
  10. APPENDIX – STAKEHOLDER SOCIALIZATION STATUS This table lists stakeholders and their approval / review of this run book
  11. APPENDIX – 2010 COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Communication Stream Time Audience Key Message Channel Recipient Response Lead DependenciesKnow Feel Do 2010 Regional Townhall Strategy 15-Apr Regional Employees Communicate 2010 Strategy & Regional Divisional Goals. Live in HK, Video Conference Regional locations 2010 Strategy Clarity Implement strategy SS AV Setup (XXX) Content (YYY) Communication of Leadership Structure and Team. Leadership Team structure, roles, & responsibilities Confident N/A Business & Technology Worked together to develop plan There was tight partnership Aligned Think Commercially 2010 Regional Unit Leadership Offsite Key Highlights Strategy 23-Apr Unit Regional Employees Review of Townhall Key Messages Email Reminded Clarity Implement strategy SS Content (YYY) Review of the offsite activities What the process was Trusting Implement strategy Mid Year Reviews Goals MAY Regional Employees Mid-year reviews are coming and are an important activity. Please prepare your calendars next month to set aside time to do a good job Email What to expect in next couple of months Aware Get appropriate training and set aside some time SS Approve, Coordinate, Cosend (HR) Mid-Year Townhall Strategy JUN Unit Employees Growth of new functions. Continuing strategy Video Broadcast How we are doing Inspired Focus on delivery in 2H SS Content (YYY & Center Heads) Coordination (ZZZ) Regional Unit Learning Accomplishments 1H Learning JUL Unit Regional Employees Regional Management continues to consider Learning a key regional priority, but it also requires individuals to make good choices about development plans and make time to deliver on them & ask for feedback Email What training is available Invested in Go out and complete your development plans before Q4 SS Content (YYY) Unit mid-year Strategy Recap Strategy AUG Unit Regional Employees We have done a great job towards our objectives but we still have some work to do Email How we stand Recognized & Empowered Complete what's left SS Content (YYY) Employee Satisfaction Program Strategy SEP Unit Regional Employees Importance of program and goal of 100% Email What program is about and why it matters Inspired to participate Complete survey SS Content (YYY)
  12. Head of Area Biz Line 1 Biz Line 2 Biz Line 3 Biz Line 4 Biz Line 5 Biz Line 6 Biz Line 7 Global Executive Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Asia Executive Name Name Name Name Name Name Name COO/Biz Manager Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Supplier Lead Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Risk Manager Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Learning Rep Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Leadership Development Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Infrastructure Relationship Manager Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Communications Point of Contact Name Name Name Name Name Name Name HR Point of Contact Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Finance Point of Contact Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Audit Point of Contact Name Name Name Name Name Name Name APPENDIX – PARTNER MAP
  13. APPENDIX – EXAMPLE PERSONAL OBJECTIVES 1. EMPLOYEE MESSAGING Ensure freshness and a coordinated, low-effort approach across websites and ensure that top-down messaging actually makes it down through all organizational levels 2. SENIOR LEADERSHIP MESSAGING Get XXX in front of team and Employee base more often and with more impact through offsites, townhalls, mass communications, and Employee events DRIVE STRATEGIC MESSAGES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM (15%) 1. GET AHOLD OF OPERATIONAL DATA Erect financial controls and ensure financial transparency for Unit so that the firm meets its 2010 Financial Plan. Develop a single, consistent, consolidated view of workforce. 2. CONTINUE TO INNOVATE Extend existing operational innovations, such as PROGRAM X and the PROGRAM Y, across unit. Also, roll-out operational management functions that are new to the region such as ZZZ, YYY, AAA, and BBB. 3. SUPPORT PROJECT PORTFOLIO STRATEGY Drive a business-aligned technology culture across 1) new regional business initiatives such as XXX 2) YYY, and 3) ZZZ by supporting technology leads with accurate & timely data, supportive processes, and relevant analysis. TRANSFORM OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT FROM START-UP TO STABLE (15%) 1. PUBLISH REPORTS THAT ADD VALUE &SUPPORT DECISION MAKING Roll-out low-effort, high-value stakeholder reporting. 2. ENABLE FORWARD-LOOKING STRATEGIC MGMT Have the right data and institute the right planning regime so that Unit is able to develop a mature & aligned 2011 plan (people, budget, operational, and technology strategy). 3. SUPPORT SOURCING STRATEGY Help the global teams make the right location strategy decisions by providing data and analysis around regional locations as requested. 4. SUPPORT REGIONAL LEADERSHIP COUNCILS AS NEEDED Support the councils as and when needed. 5. MAKE MEETINGS MORE STRATEGIC Transform meetings from status updates to strategic opportunities. MOVE FROM DATA TRANSPARENCY TO DATA- DRIVEN STRATEGY (20%) 1. BUILD A COO TEAM FROM GROUND UP Build healthy, supportive, and stable COO office 2. CREATE A TEAM OF PARTNERS Set in place routines with Partners (such as Finance and HR) that allow us to drive strategic programs. Also, create a sense of common identity across regional COOs and between global and regional Unit COOs and BSMs TRANSFORM FROM BM COMMUNITY TO BM TEAM (15%) 1. LEAD THE REGIONAL LEARNING FUNCTION Lead the learning function as a member of the global learning council and as an on-the-ground evangelist for Training. 2. EXECUTE PROGRAM X & PROGRAM Y Roll-out these programs regionally. 3. DRIVE SUCCESS OF XYZ GROUPS Work as country executive of ABC and as a member of the DEF council to drive 1223 goals through successful events. 4. SUPPORT REGIONAL GROWTH OF GGG Drive reach of GGG across regional locations while continuing to implement the QQQ Action Plan for 2010 USE CULTURE AND TRAINING TO DRIVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (20%)
  14. APPENDIX – 2010 BUSINESS UNIT A / TECH STRATEGY Business Owner Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 2010 HIGH-LEVEL ROADMAP Technology Owner BUSINESS OBJECTIVES 2010 TECHNOLOGY OBJECTIVES 2010 • Objective 1 • Objective 2 • Objective 3 • Objective 1 • Objective 2 • Objective 3 • SMART Goal 1 • SMART Goal 2 • SMART Goal 3 • SMART Goal 1 • SMART Goal 2 • SMART Goal 3 • NaSMART Goal 1 • SMART Goal 2 • SMART Goal 3 • SMART Goal 1 • SMART Goal 2 • SMART Goal 3 Alan TuringZiggy Stardust