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Cannes Young Lions 2013 - Young Marketers // Brief

The challenge was:

In 1940’s a symphony orchestra came to Bayburt. A foreigner committee would be coming to watch the orchestra and to observe the reactions of the people. In order not to be ashamed in committees view, they taught people of Bayburt how to listen silently and where to applaud the orchestra.
Committee watched the orchestra with the people of Bayburt and appreciated their attitude. One of the members of the committee asked and old man “You know about music well.” and the old man who got tired of all these training replied: “Bayburt had never seen such an oppression before.”

Some Statistics
As you see above, in Turkey people don’t have positive feelings towards classical western music.
%96 of Turkish never go to opera or ballet.
%73 of Turkish people never go to any concerts.
%24 of Turkish people never listen any kind of music.
%80 of Turkish people watch TV everyday.
Also, most of the auditoriums in Anatolia are not sufficient to perform.
There are 23 conservatoires in Turkey.

A plurivocal music which is not adopted as own and perceived as “alien, snobbish and time to time oppressive” among Turkey.

A common social activity that people enjoy to engage in with whole family, instead of staying at home watching TV.

The Competition
The Brief
- All teams must produce a maximum 2 page written brief
- The brief should basically contain:
- Details of your strategy to turn a not-adopted as own music type into a common social activity
- Target Audience and how it relates to classical western music
- Guidelines for the creation of the classical western music’s visual world and logo?
- Tone of Voice
- Deliverables – what is to be used to give the audience the message? What is the best way or place to reach this audience?
- Timeline – How soon is this needed? When is it expected to be done?
- Budget – How much can be spent to get this developed?

Te Presentation
- The jury will be given your brief ahead of your presentation and will have time to review it before you present
- Each team has 5 minutes to deliver their brief
- You may use a maximum 10 slides in your presentation
- The jury have up to 5 minutes to ask you questions

What are the jury looking for?
- Clarity of written brief
- Clarity of what you are asking the ‘agency’ to create
- How well you inspire the ‘agency’ to do their best work

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Cannes Young Lions 2013 - Young Marketers // Brief

  1. 1.   Ministry of Culture Agency BriefAbbreviationsClassical Western Music: CWM // Classical Western Music Concert: CWMCBackgroundEven though the westernization of Turks have started in 1700ʼs, the musical attributes of 1940ʼs, arabesquemusic, have been the most popular genre along with Turkish Folk Music heritage. Today CWM is perceivedas a plurivocal music which is not adopted as own and perceived as “alien, snobbish and time to timeoppressive” among Turkey.PurposeEndearing Classical Western Music to TurkeyTargetTurn CWM listening in to a common social activity that people enjoy to engage in with whole family, insteadof staying at home watching TV.InsightIt is a common belief that a social activity in general on a weekend turns out to be more tiring and hasslerather than being a relaxation and refuel for the upcoming week.PitfallsIt is important to understand multiple aspects of the problem. There are cultural, traditional and ideologicalbarriers to CWM combined with low income, lack of education and low exposure to performing arts. Nevermind the living conditions and well set habits.So we need to endear something that the person does not have any interest, idea, knowledge or culturalbond and has developed prejudice due to misconception.They simply dont give a shit.Shared approach to adopt for execution of strategy 1. Inform, 2. Create an experience for involvement, 3. Enhance the experience.Idea to visualizeCWM listening etiquette meets Anatolian way of living.Feeling to prospect in order to drive actionGoing to the CWM events should feel like better/easier/more enjoyable/hassle free than going to a picnic.Things to avoidPeople should not feel that they are abandoning their true self and turn to ʻthose peopleʼ whom theydisliked/unapproved/criticized.Giving a ReasonWith the guidance of the insight, it is important o present a tangible value for people to try listening CWM,which they think unnecessary, risky or unworthy. In this sense, if we consider Turkish folk music andarabesque as the music of sorrow and pain, we can position CWM as the music of relaxation and ease inlife. By creating experiences, which specifically designed to ease the hassle and reduce the things to worrywhen they decide to have a day out. This way they can choose over other options. In general sense,attaching CWM listening as a part of a core social activity rather than using CWM listening as the coresocial activity.Cannes Lions 2013 - Young Marketers CompetitionMert Köseoğlu & Emrah Çınal
  2. 2.   Ministry of Culture Agency BriefCreating the experienceWe plan to organize open-air festivals, concerts and events during summer season for people to meetCWM and create a connection between relaxation-joy and CWM. People will be unintentionally aware that ifthere is CWM it is an opportunity for hassle free relaxation and an enjoyable day.After the end of summer we will continue enhance experience by organizing CWMC events in theauditoriums, which were refurbished during summer season.Target AudienceThere are multiple profiles to consider. This varies from independent young individuals to heads of families.Rather than separating age groups it is more sensible to combine the age variety because children insidethe families can make a positive contribution to the decision process. So we can create a age triad ofbetween 18-35-70. It is also important to analyze the access to different types of media depending the onthe age, education, status and geographical location.Types of MediaLocal Conventional MediaNational Conventional MediaNew MediaCooperation with NGOsTone of VoiceInformative: ʻOhh you have got it all wrongʼTo create experience: Motivational and inspirational based on historical heritageIn general: Inviting, respectable and credible.Deliverables 1. Name, logo and visual guidelines based on idea to visualize, 2. Create series of interesting informative facts and figures about the connection of Turks & CWM to clear misconception. Ex. The Turkish Five. 3. Copy structure for announcements of organized events to deliver feeling to prospect, 4. Propose appropriate media types to media, 5. Creative ideas to localize CWM listening experience based on idea to visualize. 6. Creative ideas to be used for to organize events to create the expected experience to deliver feeling to prospect, 7. Suggestion on the repertoire of CWMC events such as rearrangement of popular Turkish folk and arabesque songs to CWM.TimelineMarch 22nd Submission of agency brief,March 29th Submission of draft event locations and venues,April 5th Design concept and draft evaluation,April 8th Submission of confirmed event locations and venues,April 8th (Same day) Proposition of media types and production prerequisites,April 12th Evaluation of creative ideas,April 19th Media planning and purchase,April 26th Name, logo and visual guideline final drafts,May 3rd Final evaluation of the campaign and approval,May 17th Production begins,May 31st Campaign starts to air,June 16th Start of first event.Budget500.000 TL to 1.500.000 TLCannes Lions 2013 - Young Marketers CompetitionMert Köseoğlu & Emrah Çınal