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  1. 1. GROUP-3 ARCHITECT’S OFFICE 1.Arnab Kumar Bora 2.Barsha Mahanta 3.Ibalarishisha Lamare 4.Lalthazuali Hnamte 5.Priyanka Bora 6.Sanjeev Yumnam 7.Sengchu C. Marak 8.Teiborlang Hujon
  3. 3. • An architect’s office is an office where the licensed architects practice the profession of architecture • The client and the architect’s meet up to discuss the project they are going to take upon • Architect’s office display their work , the level of capability of the architects and what the client should be expecting LIVE CASE STUDY Faws Design Laitumkhrah, Don Bosco Square The firm is run by Architect Freddy Wahlang
  4. 4. toiletUPS
  5. 5. PLAN
  6. 6. Conference Room • The room size is 3000x4000mm • It gives the initial impression of the office to the clients • The space arranged in such a way that it shows their way of designing. • A room (4000x4000)mm provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. • Connected to the Reception area • Also used as a waiting lounge. • Windows are big enough to allow ample amount of light • A room displaying some of their works Reception Area
  7. 7. Administrative Office • Financial planning , billing and record keeping is done here. • The room size is 5000 x4000mm • The floor tile of size 450x300mm gives pathway to the Senior Architect’s office • A partly glazed partition of size 1800x1500mm allows natural light to the administration area. Senior Architect’s Office • The room size is 2450x4000mm • The room colour is monochrome • A partly glazed partition of 1800x1500mm from the administration office • It is connected with the administration area.
  8. 8. Passage Principal Architect’s Office • Long, narrow way,typically walls either side. • The Pathway is linear • It allows access between different spaces within the office. • Width is 1200mm • The floor itself shows its pathway • The room(4000x4000)mm typically a square form with wide windows • Wall is cladded with ashlar stone which gives aesthetic look to the room • It has a partly transparent wall to view the studio • The four wall of this room have different antiques.
  9. 9. Studio Library • Room for working-drawing and structural analysis etc. • Black furniture which highlight the floor • A room for the plotter is needed with the printing • A printer room is connected with the studio • The Space is a open with the studio • Different materials showcase adjacent to the Library
  10. 10. Aesthetic Assets
  11. 11. * Negatives • Conference room is too crowded • Pantry ,Toilet And UPS room is too close which creates hazard • Studio is cramped up • Printing Room is too small • Library space is needed Positives • Transparency in the partitions and doors • Color Theme of the studio is visually pleasing • Use of natural light is efficient • Ceiling and flooring co-relates each other
  12. 12. • In this presentation we learnt about an architect’s office and the different type of spaces in it. • Architects work, their design process, the arrangement of their workspaces . • An architect’s office advertises itself. • We learnt about the distribution of various spaces in the office and their functions. • various grades of areas like private, semi-private Public etc. • We represent these areas using a bubble diagram.
  13. 13. THANK YOU