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Magic Mini-project

Time for magic

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Magic Mini-project

  2. 2. DO YOU WANT TO BE A MAGICIAN? Steps: 1. Make a magic wand. 2. Choose a trick and understand the way it works. 3. Prepare your magic spell. 4. Practise oral English and the trick together. 5. Do it in front of an audience.
  3. 3. THE MAGIC WAND 1. Cut a piece of black cardboard of 30 x 5 cm approximately . 2. Roll it, with the help of two pencils. 3. Put some sellotape. 4. Remove the pencil. 5. Finally, stick two white stickers on the ends of the wand. Glue
  5. 5. THE MAGIC CLIPS 1. Attach one paper clip to a strip of card. 2. Fold it and attach another clip. 3. Pull it!! It’s magic!! MATERIAL USED:
  6. 6. THE CLIPPED CARD 1. Glue 5 cards together 2. Ask someone to clip the middle card from the back. 3. Show the cards. 4. Surprise! Surprise! The clip is not on the middle card. It’s on the first card! MATERIAL USED:
  7. 7. A GIRL IN HALF Setup: 1. Cut an envelope as it’s shown in the video. 2. On strip of paper, draw a lady or any other character you wish. 3. Put the lady through the envelope. Performance: 1. Cut the envelope in half. 2. Make sure you are cutting under the envelope and not the strip of paper!
  8. 8. ADDITIONAL COINS! Setup: Secretly put 3 coins into the groove behind the dish. Performance: - Put 3 coins on a dish - When you dump the coins from the dish into the spectator's hand, the coins will secretly fall out of the groove. - Count the coins on the spectator’s hand! There are additional coins!!
  9. 9. ANTI GRAVITY GLASS 1. Take two playing cards. Cut one of the cards in half. 2. Stick the ‘half card’ on the back of the other card with some sellotape. 3. Put a glass of water on the card. It doesn’t fall down!! Watch the video
  10. 10. MILK IN A HAT 1.Cut off the top rim of a plastic cup, about 1 cm from the top. 2.Take anoter cup and cut out the bottom. 3. To decorate the cup, stick the tape around the top. Place one cup inside the other. Decorate the edge with stikers. 4. Prepare the ‘Instructions for First Trick’ 5. Permorm the trick like in the video
  11. 11. SPOON BENDING Hold the spoon like this: This is what the audience sees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toPmanguQZo
  12. 12. THE KEY BENDS 1.Cut all the keys. Cut the ‘straight key’ along the dotted line. You will only use the bottom part. 2. Stack all the keys into a pack. 3.Place the ‘half’ card on the top of the pile of keys. 4. Make a paper band and slide it around the pack. 5. Watch the video and see how to perfom the trick.
  13. 13. THE COIN DISAPPEARS Performance: 1. Place a coin on a piece of paper. 2. Put the inverted glass inside the cylinder. 3. Take the glass and the cylinder over the coin. 4. Remove the cylinder. The coin disappears!! MATERIAL USED: Before the trick
  14. 14. THE MONEY MAKER Setup: - Make the device like it’s shown in the video. - Cut out the bills. Performance: - Put a blank bill inside the money maker. - Turn the pens. - Show how your blank bill is transformed into a real bill!!
  15. 15. THE MAGIC TUBE 1. Roll a piece of cardboard and make a cylinder. Roll a second one and make a cone. 2. Insert the cone into the cylinder. 3. Before hand, load some ribbons into the secret compartment. 4. To perform the trick, show the closed end of the tubes : It’s empty!! 5. Show the tube empty and pull out the ribbons!! Surprise!!!
  16. 16. THE MAGIC RINGS Setup: Cut three strips of paper and make three rings. Form the loop as shown in the figure. Performance: Ask three friends to cut the rings from between. The three rings cut in the same way produce different results! MATERIAL USED: paper
  17. 17. SNIP A STRIP 1- Before you perfom the trick, write “cut here” and an arrow on the two ends of a strip of paper. 2- Give the scissors to a friend and tell him to cut the strip wherever he/she likes 3- Examine the two parts Tell your friend that he has cut exactly on the line without knowing it!!
  18. 18. THE ARROW CHANGES 1. Draw an arrow on a cardboard. 2. Put a glass on a table. 3. Put the cardboard behind the glass. 4. Fill the glass with some water. 5. Surprise! The arrows change their direction!!
  19. 19. BILLS ROLL OVER 1. You need 2 different bills 2. Place one on the table in front of you. 3. Next, place the other bill perpendicular to the first bill. 4. Then starting from the bottom, roll the two bills up. 5. Unroll the bills. 6. Magically the two bills had switched positions!!!
  20. 20. STRAW MOVING