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Cross selling 3

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Cross selling 3

  1. 1. Where the only call that matters is yours….
  2. 2. Nurturing Relationships QCSS embraces communication and innovation to transform human interactions into powerful & passionate customer experiences.
  3. 3. Q-OUTBOUND CALL CENTER SERVICES Lead Generation / Qualification  Appointment Setting Sales (Up-Selling & Cross-Selling) Database / List Updating & Maintenance Event & Seminar Registrations Data Entry Q- INBOUND CALL CENTER SERVICES Lead Generation / Qualification  Customer Service  Sales (Up-Selling & Cross-Selling) Database Management  Event & Seminar Registrations Market Research/Surveys  Membership Application Fulfillment Direct Response / Support-TV & Radio Commercials & Infomercials, Website, Print Ads Help Desk-Troubleshoot-Products, Services  QCSS offers extended business hours as well as 24/7 upon request.
  4. 4. We are QCSS, Quality Customer Service and Sales and have been answering these questions while nurturing our client’s customers for retention for many industries for over 17 years. We do so with a dedicated team of telephone sales representatives, a quality assurance staff and the best calling technology on the market. Our strategic partnering with our clients has resulted in greater customer and employee retention for our clients and solid sales growth while freeing up our clients resources, allowing them to focus on their core business. We take the guesswork and fear of loss out of any sales or business development program. Before we begin each project, we take the time to fully understand what our client’s pain points may be and how we can heal them. We then determine the objective of the campaign, target a very specific audience, (your perfect looking client replicated) and then the message is created for scripting. We train our staff on your project and we commence calling with our experienced team.
  5. 5. QCSS will work with you to customize a script that will provide a seamless extension of your company’s sales team & drive productivity. Our professionally trained agents will then use this script as a guideline for their phone conversations. All scripts include a detailed FAQ page to give our agents the confidence and knowledge they need to represent your company.
  6. 6. Each campaign will have dispositions which will tell you how each call ended. We will design these dispositions specifically for your campaign needs.
  7. 7. QCSS has state of the art predictive dialing technology which allows us to dial approximately 40-50 dials per hour on a B2B campaign. We have benchmarked that out of those 40-50 dials they will be able to pitch 5-7 contacts per hour. Our technology quadruples what one person in your office can dial & pitch in an hour on a regular phone creating more opportunities to build your pipeline and close the sales. Our technology also allows us to use your office number as caller ID so that your number & Company names shows up when we make the calls. By:
  8. 8. This is a typical call flow: The call is sent to the agent’s desktop The agent will begin the call by getting through to the correct contact Once the correct contact is obtained they being the conversation The agent is trained to gather marketing intelligence based on the qualifiers that you set forth & information fields that you want to capture From there the call is put into a sales stage. Some will go right into an appointment / sale. Others will be emailed information to review before making a commitment. Any of the prospects who are not closed on the call will be recycled for follow up.
  9. 9. Some prospects will not make a commitment without reviewing information on your company. Our dialing technology allows us to email your company information to prospects with instant delivery in 1 click. We will develop a personalized introduction letter that we will send to the prospects with any attachment on information that you provide. All emails are sent on behalf of your company- providing a seamless extension. All Email Responses are managed by QCSS to free up your time.
  10. 10. The prospect’s email address will automatically populate as well as their first name so you have a professional & personalized email going out. Next to the arrow is the slot for the attachment on your companies information. All of this is in read only format so mistakes cannot happen & your information is getting out accurately.
  11. 11. When our agents produce a Lead they will wrap the call up as soon as possible noting all of the pertinent notes & data needed. After this step two emails will be sent out. 1.) Will be a confirmation to the prospect thanking them for the time & confirming the time & date set up / sale & cost. 2.) Will be an emailing notifying you immediately of the appointment / sale.
  12. 12. Email to our Client Email to Prospect From an agent’s perspective
  13. 13. Hello Deana, Here is your confirmation in regards to the discovery appointment you just made with QCSS (Quality Customer Service and Sales). I look forward to meeting you to learn more about your company on Monday, MAY 5 at 10:00 AM. Have a great day! Best regards, Karin Hall COO QCSS, Inc. 275 W. Dundee Rd Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089 Email: [email_address] Phone: 847-229-7046 Appointment Day: Monday Appointment Month: MAY Appointment Date: 5 Appointment Time: 10:00 AM Contact Phone Number: 8472297047 Contact Phone Extension: Company Name: First Name: Deana Last Name: Skyles Title: Director of Marketing Address: 275 W Dundee City: Buffalo Grove State: IL Zip: 60089 Email Address: [email_address]
  14. 14. From: QCSS Client Services Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 12:56 PM To: Karin Hall Subject: QCSS Appointment Made   Appointment Day: Monday Appointment Month: MAY Appointment Date: 5 Appointment Time: 10:00 AM Contact Phone Number: 8472297047 Contact Phone Extension: 235 Company Name: QCSS Inc. First Name: Deana Last Name: Skyles Title: Director of Marketing Address: 275 W Dundee City: Buffalo Grove State: IL Zip: 60089 Email Address: Dskyles@qcssinc.com Industry: Outsource Employees: 120 Revenues: 25 million Is any of this happening to you currently within your sales team or customer service? Yes If there were several things you could change currently about your processes or current results, what would that be (sales or inbound)? Making the staff more efficient   How many people are currently a part of your sales team? 45 How do you attain new customers? Referrals  Have you ever used an outside company to generate leads, appointments, sales or take your inbound calls? No Comments: 4/10 Very interested in meeting to discuss the possibility of working together.
  15. 15. Each day you will receive a recap all of the leads that were generated for the day with all information included. This will arrive to your inbox by 10pm CST every evening. It will be in xls / csv format. Your leads will look similar to below (only with more information)
  16. 16. Reports are emailed weekly
  17. 17. You will be getting an introduction call from our Operations Manager on the day your program launches. They will be going through any questions you may have on your campaign as well as running through the findings from the launch. As part of our commitment to you for Quality Assurance & Project Management you will receive a call every Monday to go through the prior week’s calling report and productivity. In these sessions we will be looking to you to share how your leads /appointments / sales are going and any feedback you may have. This feedback is what really drives a successful program- as it allows us to mold and make improvements in areas where we may need work on and continue to strengthen the areas that we are excelling in. We also invite all of our clients to remote monitor the representatives on their program as the program rolls out. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build confidence and trust in our agents and in the program.
  18. 18. After you sign your contract we will need the following to create a seamless campaign for you:   Email Distribution List for Leads / Reports   Target Titles for Program   Call Qualifications that Absolutely Must be Met   Your Company Logo   List Procurement- We can collaborate with you to obtain leads in your target market Email Now Piece: This will go to the contacts that we reach that would like to review more information before they commit. It should be 1-2 pages highlighting your product or service and should be clean. Calendar Access to set appointments Script: QCSS will assist in the marketing & strategic development of the script. We would need the following: FAQ Page with back ground information on your company. All qualifiers Straight text (no bullet points / margins / ect) Any Rebuttals we may encounter
  19. 19. We look forward to launching a successful campaign with you! If you have any further questions please feel free to email [email_address]

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