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Domain Strength SEO Report Sample seotraffic.co.za

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This is a REAL sample report of our quick domain strength analysis which evaluates your site's strong and weak points and gathers all the key SEO stats on one SEO report.

Here are some important factors we check and report back in the Domain Strength Report:

Domain strength (from 1 to 10)
Domain authority - checking domain PR, Alexa Rank, traffic data
General Domain Info - IP, country, age, and average page load speed.
indexing in search engines - We check how many pages of your website are indexed in major search engines.
Listings in major directories - Checking to see if your website is listed in DMOZ and Yahoo! Directories.
Backlink profile statistics - Check out the most important backlink profile stats
Traffic to your website - quick evaluation of your site's traffic over the past month

Let us help you keep track of your domain's SEO performance with SEO Traffic.

NOTE: This is only one of the 5 SEO reports you get when you use our website SEO audit services found at http://www.seotraffic.co.za/seo-services/website-seo-audit-services/.

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Domain Strength SEO Report Sample seotraffic.co.za

  1. 1. seotraffic.co.za SEO Cape Town | Online Marketing Company | SEO Traffic 0.38domain strength Apr 1, 2015 External domain characteristics Google PR N/A Alexa Rank 350,496 Domain info Country South Africa IP Age N/A Avg. Load time N/A Indexing in search engines Google 41 pages Yahoo 12 pages Bing 11 pages Backlinks Backlinks 2,219 Backlink domains 7 IPs 7 C-Blocks 7 Dofollow - 0.0% 0 links Nofollow - 100.0% 2,219 links
  2. 2. Social media popularity Facebook 2 signals 50.0% 0 visits 0.0% Twitter 2 signals 50.0% 0 visits 0.0% Google+ 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% Linkedin 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% Pinterest 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% Delicious 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% StumbleUpon 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% Diigo 0 signals 0.0% 0 visits 0.0% Traffic to website All Visits 164 Unique visits 18 New visits 18 New visits - 11.0% 18 visits Returning visits - 89.0% 146 visits Visits by channel Referral 136 visits 82.9% Direct 28 visits 17.1%