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Go viral - Event Marketing

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This is slide about my presentation During Google Developers Summit and Google Business Groups in Silicon Valley. held on 16 May 2017 at DoubleTree Hotel By Hilton San Jose. The presentation is about how to create a buzz and viral effect to your Community Events. and how to create a valuable brand for your group or organization. the presentation was given my Walid SERIR from Sidi Bel Abbes. Algeria

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Go viral - Event Marketing

  1. 1. Go Viral? Or StayEvent Marketing: go Viral! Best practice from GDG SBA
  2. 2. Walid SERIR #Marketing Nerd! #Blogger #Adwords_Certified #GES16Delegate www.serirwalid.com
  3. 3. At Stanford with Steve Case - Co-Founder of AOL With brian chesky CEO of Airbnb
  4. 4. #ALGERIA
  5. 5. Event = Product
  7. 7. Product What is your Product? Event! What kind of events? Meetup, Conference, Codelab...etc? Product Elements: Theme, Speakers Targeting: Profile, interesting, Gender, Age, education level, skills… Product#
  8. 8. Place Where? Define the event Venue! Accessible and attractive ( Believe Me Hotel is better!) ProductPlace#
  9. 9. Price Free! Free! Free! Freemium ( Free access, but you can buy options) Paid! PlaceProductPrice#
  10. 10. Promotion Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing! PricePlaceProductPromotion#
  11. 11. 1.Traditional Marketing PlaceProductPartnership with local Organizations! (Clubs)1 PlaceProductPress Release!2 PlaceProductPre-Event3 PlaceProductDo some boring things4
  12. 12. Let's Move to Digital Strategy: Before, During, After
  13. 13. Before Set up an Event (Facebook, Google+) Facebook Rule 20% (Follow the guideline….) Pick a catchy #hashtag & Tell everyone what the hashtag is Create a Schedule for your Social Media Page.
  14. 14. Speakers: 10 , Partners & Sponsors: 10 Timing Post Day 1 Speaker Announcement Day 2 Event Information Day 3 Partner or Sponsor Announcement Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Repeat ( this program for 30 days before the event)
  15. 15. What about Registration The Secret Words: Limited Places, Limited Time
  16. 16. Use Social Media profile Badge for E-WOM
  17. 17. Push Participants to share your event after registration! 1 2
  18. 18. Create a Buzz! With a few Giveaway
  19. 19. Create a Buzz! With a few Giveaway
  20. 20. Get Your Speakers to Promote Your Event
  21. 21. During the event Provide real-time updates… is the key!
  22. 22. Provide real-time updates Social Media Management Platform
  23. 23. Tweet stream! Free tool: http://activitywalls.com
  24. 24. Provide a place to take pictures. “Let’s take a photo here to show we were at the event.”
  25. 25. It's over...after the event Every END is a NEW Beginning
  26. 26. Thanks Email! Is Important!
  27. 27. Post the Highlight, Share! Awesome Photos, Videos! And TAG
  28. 28. Push Your Partners to Promote Your Event
  29. 29. Here we are! ● Social Media Badge https://github.com/ashwin47/Fb-badge / https://goo.gl/EUVNmr ● After Registration Sharing Link https://goo.gl/b4Fwtv ● Social Media Posts Creator https://www.canva.com ● Social Media Management Tool https://hootsuite.com ● Tweet Stream Wall http://activitywalls.com ● E-mailing Tool https://mailchimp.com ● Free Frame DIY PSD https://goo.gl/u6MJZc