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23 Jul 2015

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ServiceDesk Plus Overview Presentation

  1. IT Management, Simplified Real-time IT management solutions for the new speed of business
  2. ServiceDesk Plus OVERVIEW
  3. Agenda  ManageEngine  Why ITSM?  ITSM Implementation Challenges  ServiceDesk Plus in Numbers  Key Features  Integrations  Pricing  Customer Deployments  ServiceDesk Plus FREE Edition
  4. Applications for Business, Collaboration, and Productivity Enterprise IT Management Solutions Network Management Framework (Est. 2005) (Est. 2002) (Est. 1996) ManageEngine Is the Enterprise IT Management Division of ZOHO Corporation Privately held and profitable since inception (Est. 1996)
  5. IT Service Management Solution Portfolio ServiceDesk Plus ITIL-Ready Help Desk Software with Asset and Project Management AssetExplorer IT Asset Life Cycle Management Software SupportCenter Plus Customer Support and Help Desk Management Software Social IT Plus Private Social Network for IT
  6. 7 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs ITSM • Reduce cost of your IT service delivery • Increase customer satisfaction • Reduce risks and downtime • Increase operational efficiency and ensure business continuity • Be legally compliant • Have better control over your IT operations • Help your organization deal with transitions smoothly
  7. ITSM Implementation Challenges NOT Optimalice Management tools are either inadequate or too complex slowing down any ITSM initiative ITSM initiatives may require external consultants who have limited knowledge of the existing business concepts, methods, tools, services, and the structure of service desk groups Lack of support from top management for ITSM projects results in shortage of resources. This in turn leads to inefficient processes and tools. Service Management tools are either inadequate or too complex and slow for any ITSM initiative NOT Tailoredice Management tools are either inadequate or too complex slowing down any ITSM initiative NO Resources
  8. Here is how ServiceDesk Plus helps ease the pain and ensures help desk success
  9. Easy learning curve for IT staff and end users. Low time to market. Enterprise features & SMB affordable. Free download. 30-day free trial. No questions asked. Highly customizable right from the user interface. No coding skills required.
  10. Scalable for organizations with different process maturities Industry Best Practices Out of the box Wide accessibility on a wide variety of platforms and with native apps Available as on-premise and SaaS models
  11. ServiceDesk Plus Statistics - 10 years in the ITSM industry - 125,000 deployments in over 100,000 organizations - Used by 750,000 IT technicians in 186 countries - Available in 29 languages
  12. On-Premise On-Demand Managed Service Provider • Single downloadable file • Host within your IT infrastructure • Quick installation and high degree of control over your help desk • Direct control over data and security • Instant signup - requires only a browser and an internet connection • Automatic bug fixes and patch upgrades • We host the application for you • Proven security and privacy • Handle multiple customer accounts using a single help desk • Flexible billing module • Computer telephony integration Versions
  13. • Native Android and iOS mobile apps • Customized for both end users and technicians • Raise, track, and resolve tickets on the fly • Get instant notification alerts on ticket updates anytime and anywhere • Monitor your help desk performance using mobile dashboards Go Mobile
  14. Available in 3 Editions
  15. Here is how Disney grew with us Technician count 20 395 2005 2015
  16. ServiceDesk Plus in 10 Years Customers since inception active until today 58 Active customers who renewed every year 23
  18. Incident Management Manage the complete life cycle of incidents with powerful SLAs, built-in automations, and customizable workflows.
  19. Pin Incidents to the Right Technicians to Ensure Accountability • Dynamically assign tickets based on predefined business logic like technician auto assign and business rules to ensure accountability • Provide greater visibility to end users through the self-service portal and enable them to track tickets or check the progress of the tickets Save Time and Effort with Smart Automations • Automate ticket workflows with automatic ticket dispatch, business rules, escalation, service level agreement, notification rules/alerts, and preventive maintenance for timely ticket resolution
  20. Gain Knowledge with a built-in Knowledge Base • A well-structured, easy, and efficient to use knowledge base helps technicians to quickly resolve incidents and acts as a self help system for end users • Approval workflows for article submission • Define ticket response and ticket resolution times to manage the tickets • Define rules for closing tickets • Escalate when SLAs are breached Ensure Timely Resolution of Incidents Link Incidents to Problems Then and There • Associate all related incidents to a problem and close all the incidents when the problem is closed
  21. Business Rules Setup Business Rules Notification
  22. SLA Configuration SLA Escalation
  23. Technician Auto Assign
  24. Requests List View
  25. Request Resolution
  26. Custom Views Linking Requests
  27. Knowledge Base Create a centralized repository of knowledge base solutions. Provide role-based access permissions, approval workflows, topic-wise browsing, and keyword search option in the self- service portal.
  28. • Build a comprehensive, searchable, and easily accessible knowledge base for technicians and end users that consists of workarounds and resolutions • Take advantage of the rich text editor, attach files, tag keywords, and organize under configurable topics after review and approval • Say goodbye to lengthy calls. Give faster response and resolution for tickets to improve first call rate and to reduce escalations. • Capture knowledge for future use and to reduce training time Solve Incidents Quicker and Better Organize Your Knowledge Base Reduce Calls to Your Help Desk • Enable end users to access knowledge base solutions in the self-service portal • Provide accurate search capability for quicker access • Help end users to solve their own issues so that the technicians can be free to handle other issues
  29. Knowledge Base
  30. Service Catalog Showcase the range of IT services offered, configure category-specific workflows, set up approval processes, and determine service level agreements to provide outstanding service to your end users.
  31. • Automatically assign SLAs, configure workflows, define approval process, set task dependencies, and facilitate complete request fulfillment • Showcase the right services to end users based on their roles and relevance Improve IT Visibility Boost Productivity with Automation Workflows Optimize Service Delivery • Enable the 5-stage approval process, and trigger approval notifications automatically when a service request is raised
  32. Configure IT and Business Services
  33. Service Catalog - Workflow
  34. Self-Service Portal Provide a simple and easy-to-use web interface for your end users to choose new services and track the services to closure. Publish announcements and enable access to knowledge articles to empower your end users.
  35. • Publish your service catalog to end users and enable access to custom templates during ticket creation • Keep end users updated on ticket progress and approvals through automated notifications • Keep end users informed of any outage or planned maintenance through company wide or user specific announcements Ensure Streamlined Communication Provide Visibility on Operations Deflect Tickets from the Service Desk • Help your end users to self-solve simple and repetitive incidents by accessing relevant solutions in the knowledge base • Remove search overheads with intelligent auto suggestion of solutions during ticket creation
  36. Self-Service Portal - Dashboard
  37. Self-Service Portal - Request list
  38. Self-Service Portal - Choose from Offered Services
  39. Problem Management Analyze the root cause of incidents and provide temporary workarounds or permanent fixes to reduce recurring incidents.
  40. Minimize the Severity of Incidents • Identify the root cause of incidents and prevent your IT team from tackling recurring incidents caused by a single problem • Reduce errors and prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors Proactively Nail Underlying Issues in Your IT
  41. Experience Integrated Problem Management Process Reduce Service Desk Burden • Work in tandem with other processes like incident management, change management, asset management, and CMDB • Reduce outages, improve service desk resolution times, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs • Enable end users to search for known-error records in the self-service portal eliminating the need to create incidents
  42. Problem Details View
  43. Problem Analysis
  44. Change Management Configure separate workflows for different types of changes and implement them with zero impact and risk. Customize your change management process by defining change parameters such as change types, roles, stages, and templates.
  45. Manage Changes with Precision Make Informed Decisions • Log and track changes at every step of the cycle and reduce the adverse impact of changes • Improve visibility and communication to IT and business stakeholders with automated workflows and notifications • Make informed decisions in the assessment, prioritization, and scheduling of changes with inputs from the Change Advisory Board (CAB) • Improve productivity and ensure that there are lesser disruptions to deliver high quality service
  46. Streamline Planning, Approval, and Implementation Reduce Unauthorized, Failed, and Emergency Changes • Plan your changes extensively using the impact, rollout, backout, and checklist options • Have a systematic workflow with approvals at every stage right from submission to reviewing and closing a change. That way, nothing is missed out. • Streamline your approval process at every stage • Carry out proper risk analysis before implementation while taking care of potential glitches
  47. Change Calendar
  48. Change Planning
  49. Add Change Advisory Board Members
  50. Make Announcements About Changes
  51. Project Management Manage IT projects better by breaking them down into milestones and tasks. Track resource utilization using color coded Gantt charts.
  52. • Manage requirements, plan releases, track progress, collaborate with team, and measure results, or in other words, manage all your IT projects efficiently • Manage projects by creating milestones and further divide each milestone into different tasks • Gauge the progress of your IT projects and manage your resources better to deliver on time Steer Your IT Projects to Success Break down Projects into Milestones & Tasks
  53. • Set roles and provide access permissions to the members involved in a particular project • Define what every technician can access in a specific project based on their roles Get a visual timeline from start to finish of each task, show the progress of the individual tasks, track the utilization of your resources and task relationships to monitor the overall progress of the project using color coded Gantt charts Specify Access Control Track Progress with Gantt Charts
  54. Project Details
  55. Gantt View Manage Resources
  56. Tasks Milestones
  57. Asset and CMDB Discover and maintain an accurate inventory of all IT assets in one place. Draw CI relationship maps using a simplified drag and drop interface to have a bird's eye view of your IT infrastructure.
  58. Map Relationships for Impact Analysis • Scan all your windows, non- windows, and network devices in your help desk with simple scanning techniques • Get all information like hardware specification, software installed, scan history, and asset states in a single pane of glass Discover, Track, and Manage IT Assets in One Place Manage Software and Ensure Compliance • Monitor all your software details, usage (unused, rarely used etc), license types, license agreements, compliance status, and agreement expiry with the software dashboards • Put your IT budgets to effective use by cutting down costs on the rarely used, and unused licenses • Build parent-child hierarchy based relationships between assets with the pre-defined CI types and relationship types • Define custom CI types and map the relationship between each CI in your network for an easy impact analysis
  59. Configure CI Types Configure Product Types Configure Asset StatesClassify Assets
  60. Hardware Dashboard
  61. Software Dashboard
  62. CMDB - Relationship Map
  63. Pin problematic assets to requests Pin problematic assets to problems Pin problematic assets to changes
  64. View History of Associated Incidents, Problems, and Changes
  65. Scanned Software
  66. Software License
  67. Purchase and Contracts Track and manage your IT purchases from creation of purchase orders to receipt of items. Maintain IT contracts in a single place and set up email notifications to renew them before expiry.
  68. • Automate your supplier interactions and IT purchasing functions with full traceability and visibility • Maintain master records for various vendors and track purchases from ordering to receipt to invoicing • Reduce delays and cut unnecessary spending • Track IT hardware and software contracts to improve compliance • Associate assets and get proactively notified of contract expiry Regulate IT Purchases Never Miss a Contract Renewal
  69. Purchase Order Life Cycle Management
  70. Purchase Order Details
  71. Contract Details
  72. Reporting Choose from over 150+ canned reports or create custom reports. Schedule and generate reports at desired time intervals in standard industry formats and share them to drive effective help desk decisions.
  73. • Generate over 150+ built-in reports, custom reports, query reports and flash reports pertaining to various service desk modules like requests, problems, changes, assets, surveys, contracts, and purchase • Mine data and derive actionable insight easily with one click 'out of the box' reports and custom reports from the GUI Derive Reports Across Modules Quick Access to Relevant Metrics Right from Dashboard • Use real time dashboards to accurately reflect the health of the service desk • Create relevant custom reports and add them to your dashboard
  74. • Place restrictions to add, delete, or modify data • Create private folders and share reports only to people that matter Easy Understanding of Trends for Strategic Planning • Access simple and easy interpretable time charts • Take strategic decisions based on the current trend of your help desk performance Ensure Access Control
  75. Dashboard
  76. Database Schema
  77. Build Custom Reports
  78. Reports - Open Requests by Technicians
  79. Integrations ServiceDesk Plus integrates seamlessly with other ManageEngine and Zoho products to deliver a full- fledged ITSM experience.
  80. • Allow end users to reset passwords, unlock accounts, and update personal details by themselves in Microsoft Windows Active Directory using the ADSelfServicePlus integration. This helps in reducing a major chunck of tickets to the service desk. • Trigger automatic software deployments and enable mobile Device Management capabilities like pushing profiles, configuring Wifi, VPN, and email settings on mobile devices using the ME Desktop Central integration Empower Your End Users with Self Service Password Resets Automated Software Deployments to Improve Help Desk Efficiency
  81. • Using the API level OpManager integration, define triggers or alarms for network-related issues to automatically create an incident in ServiceDesk Plus or close incidents when normalcy is restored • Automate the process of categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning the incidents to appropriate technicians • Gain business critical insights with the advanced analytics offered by the Zoho Reports integration • Generate advanced reports from the GUI for effective decision making Reduce Downtime with the Right Network Intelligence Advanced Service Desk Analytics to Support Decision Making
  82. Pricing Flexibility to downgrade or upgrade license Transparent pricing model Same pricing for installed and cloud versions Standard edition is completely free without any restrictions on the number of technicians or end users AMS for standard edition is 30$/tech/year Pricing based on no of technicians and nodes Annual/Monthly subscription & perpetual license Free AMS for Professional and Enterprise edition Sold directly & through partners
  84. • 6,000 travel agents and employees • 60 support groups • 1,000+ tickets every day Travel Leaders Group leverages ServiceDesk Plus to support traditional IT help desk functions as a mainstay. ServiceDesk Plus also supports many other support departments beyond IT. The ticketing department receives more than 1,000 tickets every day. ServiceDesk Plus captures all airline ticket requests and helps document and process the receipts. Travel Leaders Group
  85. The human resources department leverages ServiceDesk Plus to capture any type of request employees have related to the HR department. The procurement department captures and processes all requests for new purchases. The finance department manages invoicing, processing, and other miscellaneous accounting requests. Travel Leaders Group ServiceDesk Plus continues to be a proven enterprise solution for multiple support departments throughout Travel Leaders Group . The application has proven itself through its versatility and process-driven methodology to play a valuable role within our support structure. The application is able to support not only IT-related technologies but is ingrained within our travel support departments as well. Greg Bodin senior IT director Travel Leaders Group
  86. • 2,700 employees and partners • 11 global offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Latin America, France, China, Japan, Netherlands, The United States, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangalore • 120 IT staff across 3 different sites (Europe, US, and Asia) Manhattan Associates
  87. Manhattan Associates ServiceDesk Plus has been a great decision both functionally and financially. It was quick, easy to deploy, scalable, and provided global visibility with all the processes designed to be 'as global as possible' a good fit for a global organization such as ours James Arnold service desk manager Manhattan Associates The Lync global deployment project in 2014 Soon after the deployment, the service desk got slammed with an influx of calls as some of the company’s devices did not receive the Lync package due to defective machines, remote users, and other reasons. How did ServiceDesk Plus help? • Accurate categorization • Separate work buckets • Prevented recurring incidents • Prioritizes the Lync tickets • Automatically routed the tickets • Input the solutions into a knowledge base • Greatly improved the clarity and granularity of the report data
  88. ServiceDesk Plus Free Standard Edition • First in the industry to offer free help desk, launched in March 2014 • ServiceDesk Plus Standard edition with full fledged incident and knowledge management • No restriction on the number of technicians, end users, or tickets • Optional support fee at $30 per tech per year • 20,000 licenses worth $25 million distributed
  89. This software has really changed the way we perform customer service at our institution. Manage Engine is really easy to use so our goal for getting people to use the system has become more attainable. Chris Joyner, user support manager, University of North Carolina, Asheville We're really enjoying using ​ServiceDesk Plus. it's really helped us nail our ITIL processes down harder, enabled far more accurate reporting, and the technicians get a lot more out of it than our old help desk. They're also really loving the app - they spend a lot of time not at their desks due to the way our business works, so to be able to manage their tickets and get push notifications when roaming around is fantastic." Tom Peach-Geraghty Tom Peach-Geraghty IT manager, National Ice Centre & Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
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