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Wdding invitation

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  1. 1. Bhavish Sharma Weds Deepthi Sharma Wedding Invitation
  2. 2. ~ Sangeet ~ “Aao es haseen shaam mein jhoome, nache, dhoom machaaaye, Bhavish aur Deepthi ke sang mehfil-e- sangeet sajaye” Please join us for Geet & Sangeet a celebration of music, dance and dinner to express our joy and good wishes for soon to be married Bhavish and Deepthi
  3. 3. From this day God has given Us Another shoulder to support Us. May Our mutual love take us to The heights of successes! Nothing in this world could ever be As wonderful as the luv you have given me your luv makes my days so very bright,just knowing you are my Life
  4. 4. Dikh & HAST MELAP Aap dono ki jodi kabhi na tute Bhagwan kare aap ek dusre se kabhi na ruthe Yuhin ek hokar aap ye zindagi bitayein, Ki Aap dono se khushyion ke ek ek pal bhi na chhute At 12 : 00 PM
  5. 5. Please join us As we celebrate new beginnings, new dreams, and most importantly, new love at the marriage of Bhavish Sharma and Deepthi Sharma Monday, April 06, 2015 At City Pride Garden , Pushkar Road Ajmer