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Introduction to Stéphane Haelterman

Learn why Stéphane Haelterman can help you drive your SAP Solutions by OpenText and Enterprise Information Management programs to success.

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Introduction to Stéphane Haelterman

  1. 1. STEPHANE  HAELTERMAN  -­‐  INTRODUCTION   http://www.linkedin.com/in/shaelter shae@ebaia.com +32474800124
  2. 2. After successfully implementing SAP Vendor Invoice Management by OpenText to optimize the purchase-to-pay platform at the Belgian Railways, he was asked to build a vision and strategy to bridge the gap between business processes and the most tangible asset left behind: the business documents. Since 2010, he leads the four-year implementation program of SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText at the Belgian Railways. As from 2013, he elaborates the vision and strategy for the Enterprise Information Management journey to come. SUMMARY   Stéphane Haelterman has been working with SAP since 1997, leading process improvements, process automation, and invoice management projects in Europe.
  3. 3. IT   Specialist   1997  CSC    SAP  technical  exper>se   2009  SNCB  /  NMBS  *   SAP  Invoice  Management   Budget  1.400.000  EUR   SAP  Extended  ECM   Budget  23.000.000  EUR   (+  SAP  Invoice  Management   @  RET,  EPT  and  SWIFT)   *  OpenText  Globalstar  ECM  Champion  2011        OpenText  Globalstar  ECM  Champion  2012        OpenText  Enterprise  Champion  2013        OpenText  Best  EIM  Project  2013  -­‐  Most  InnovaNve  Award        OpenText  Heroes  Award  2013  –  Best  EIM  Ecosystem  Success        OpenText  Webreports  Award  2013  –  Best  Business  Dashboard   TVZ,  IBM,  Bri>sh  Petroleum,  Codemer   European  Commission  DGXII   Excalibur  Technologies   Alcatel  Cabling  Systems   Senior   Consultant   Consul>ng  skills   Business  System  Analysis  &  Redesign   Leadership  &  Communica>on   High  Impact  Presenta>on   1990   Manager   Director   Entrepreneur   EoZen  2001   Competence  Area  Manager   Return  On  Invoice   Invoice  management   Purchasing  efficiency   Customer  Credit  Management   Travel  Management   Workforce  Management   Helpdesk  Automa>on   Sales  Automa>on   ISU  Move-­‐In/Move-­‐Out   Turnover  2008  (8  months)   2.700.000  EUR   SAP  Educa>on  Manager   Providing  SAP  Educa>on   with  100  trainings  a  year   HISTORY   22  years  overall  IT  experience  -­‐  working  with  SAP  since  1997  
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE   56  SAP  projects  among  49  customers   8  industry  sectors  in  BE,  DE,  FR,  LU,  NL  and  USA  
  5. 5. LinkedIn  groups  owner     •  SAP  Business  Workflow:  1,851  members  /  from  April  2009   •  SAP  xECM  by  OpenText:  1,478  members  /  from  April  2011     Speaker   •  Conferences   –  –  –  –  –  SAP  Insider:  SAP  Product  Lifecycle  Management  /  SAP  Supply  Chain  Management   The  EvenVul  Group:  Mastering  Project  &  Porfolio  Management  with  SAP   SAP:  Sapphire  /  SAP  Run  Beger  /  SAP  Execu>ve  Value  Network  for  Rail  Asset  Management  /   SAP  Forum   T.A.  Cook:  SAP  Enterprise  Asset  Management  /  Interna>onal  SAP  Conference  for  Transporta>on   and  Logis>cs  /  Interna>onal  SAP  Conference  for  Financial  Shared  Service  Centers   OpenText:  Content  Days  /  Content  World  /  Enterprise  World  /  EIM  Days   •  Webcasts  for  SAP,  OpenText,  SAP  Insider  and  ASUG     Writer   •  Enterprise  Informa>on  Management  with  SAP  /  April  2012   •  Business  Performance  with  SAP  xECM  /  coming  soon   Video  interviews   •  hgp://www.opentext.com/Videos/Belgian-­‐Railway-­‐Customer-­‐Success-­‐Story   •  hgp://events.sap.com/teched/en/session/2876   •  hgp://global.sap.com/asset/index.epx?id=f4d51ab6-­‐2913-­‐47b0-­‐9605-­‐be1ff8738d11   MENTORING   Worldwide  Reference  
  6. 6. ADVANTAGE   Passion  for  Business  Transforma>on   Strategy   DRIVE   SAP  W orkflo w   g   Archivin SAP   YOU VALUE   FOCUS   t    Mgm m rogra P Consul> ng  
  7. 7. Richard Campbell Senior Manager at Sony WHAT  OTHER  SAY   Stephane brings excellent knowledge and understanding of business processes as well as extensive functional knowledge of the SAP platform. He is therefore exceptionally equipped to provide ideal solutions to business issues.
  8. 8. Kenneth Stevens Head of Database & Technology - EMEA Presales at SAP WHAT  OTHER  SAY   It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with Stephane on SAP-oriented projects. Stephane's professionalism highly contributes to our joint Customers' success in improving business processes by implementing SAP software. I look forward to further collaborating with Stephane in the future !
  9. 9. Lee Gale SAP Solutions Director - APJ at Open Text Corporation WHAT  OTHER  SAY   Stephane is the consummate professional on the stage or in a discussion, sharing his experiences in such a way that the audience feels as if they were physically with Stephane at the time. His ability to bring people together and share his vision for what is to be accomplished and, more importantly, why, is second only to his ability to technically understand how to accomplish it. What a great mentor & teacher!
  10. 10. Michael Penninckx Senior Manager at Delaware Consulting WHAT  OTHER  SAY   Stephane can be summarized in three words: efficiency, creativity and drive. Even if the drive is to be managed in order to focus on main business and issues, Stephane is certainly a team player that will boost your demand and delivery activities. His enthousiasm and will to perform well are very communicative and are implicitely reflected onto the company spirit.