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Titling and analysis

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Titling and analysis

  1. 1. Titling and analysis <br />Film title Order of titlesOverall title lengthAverage time between titlesBackground and fontSe7en-Production company-Secondary production company-Director-Big actors-Film name-Smaller actors-Casting, music and costume by-Editor-Producers-Written by-Editor2:04 is the overall length of the film as a whole from first to last credit.There is an average of around 3-4 seconds between one credit starting and another starting.Weird hand written kind of fonts that look weird and showing the background of images relevant to the film.Rear window-Production company-Actor-Director-Film name-Actors-Writer-Casting, colour, camera-Editor-Music-Director1:07 is the title length of the beginning of the film.3 seconds are the average gap between each title. Apart from for the ending ones.The background is a picture of slowly opening windows and the lettering is large bold red edged letters.Psycho-Production company-Director-Film title-Actors-Writer-Photography, art and set design-Editor and others.-Asst director and music-Director The titles are 1:50 in overall length.They will stay on the screen for 2 seconds after being fully formed and then from being dissolved at the end.There big white bold letters on a black background. But they dissolve in and dissolve out in grey.The Shining-Production company-Director-Actors-Film name-Actors-Executive producer-Based on novel by-Producer-Writer-Director2:41 these credits are a lot longer than most other ones that I have seen.The credits take just over 4 seconds to scroll from one side of the screen to the other.The letters don’t fit with a lot of thriller conventions but do fit in with the film theme. They are capital blue letters with the filming background.The Sixth Sense-Film title-Actors-Producer-More actors-Asst producer-Creative, photography and asst directors-Editors and sound-Production company1:13 length of the full titles until the end of the names.The names and details will stay on for around 2-3 seconds depending on how long the title is.They change between a moving film background and a general red coloured background. With big bold yellow letters.<br />Evaluation of titles:<br />In all of the titles there is a very general order for the individual titles i.e. director and actors. For instance the average order goes Production Company, director, actors, smaller jobs like makeup/set manager/titles and then it will do producers, editors and directors after that and this is a pattern that I have seen as a constant general design and pattern and order. This is probably because at the beginning you need what is basically a pull for the audience and having big name directors and actors will attract their attention to a certain film.<br />There isn’t really a usual running length of titles but they tend to be between 1 and 3 minutes in total and the average for the ones that I looked at was just under 1 minute 50 seconds. But the running length will normally depend on the amount of people that worked on the film and however long they take to switch a credit. This will be around 2-4 seconds as this can also help to add an effect for instance if it was a lot shorter and towards the 2 second mark this could give off the effect of being excited and rushed which makes the audience anticipate action and a fast paced film and if its slower and more towards 4-5 then this means that it is a lot slower and a more relaxed movie.<br />There is very unclear colour scheme through the films that I evaluated and a lot of them don’t conform to the conventions when they use some bright colours as this is unusual for main colour schemes. Because other people aren’t using the usual conventions this means that we are allowed creative control over what we can do.<br />From this for our own titles we are aware we need to use titles lasting around 2 minutes or ideally less also we know that we need to allow around 2 seconds for each titles and are allowed a lot of creative freedoms for the design and colour schemes so that we can relate that back to our own film<br />