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  1. GET READY. . . . We will be starting soon! Dial in to 805-399-1000 and use access code 835786# for audio
  2. QUICK HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS Thank you for joining us! For audio, dial in to: 805-399-1000 Access Code: 835786# If you are in a loud place, please press *6 to mute yourself We will have time for questions at the end! (press *6 to unmute yourself, or use the chat feature on the conference webpage)
  3. WHAT’S COMING? Quick explanation of our company and our products Unveiling of the latest and greatest in anti-aging skincare! Freebies and goodies for YOU!
  5. THE EARLY DAYS Developed as a means to bridge the gap between common skin concerns and having to visit a dermatologist Began in 2002 by marketing in high-end department stores Top sellers! Nordstrom’s #1 clinical brand two years running But, who shops in department stores? Bold decision – buy back rights from Estee Lauder and enter the independent business arena Pay off has been HUGE!
  6. NICE TO MEET YOU. . .
  7. GET TO KNOW OUR PRODUCTS Clinical skincare Equivalent to products you would get in a medical or medispa setting Deliver real results; 60-day EMPTY BOTTLE guarantee Centered around the main skin concerns that people visit dermatologist for Consumable
  8. BIGGEST PRODUCT LAUNCH EVER! MEET THE MACRO-E Launched 2/8/13 Initial 3 month supply sold out in 19 days!! With exclusive DocSmart programming, this hand-held personal use exfoliation tool sweeps away a weeks worth of dulling dead skin cells (about 5 million), leaving behind smoother, healthier-looking, more luminous skin.
  9. CLINICAL RESULTS Skin Texture 95% reported improvement after 1 use 100% reported improvement after 4 weeks Average Improvement 42% after 1 use 67% after 4 weeks
  10. WE GET TONS OF PRESS! The Today show (4 separate times!!!) In Style, Allure, Marie Claire, Vogue, Oprah, Shape, Health, New Beauty… It’s only the beginning. . .
  11. Awards & Recognition
  12. Ground Floor Opportunity
  13. YOU’VE GOT 3 CHOICES. . . #1: Try Our Business One of the first in your area and network Work around your schedule Substantial income potential; create a Plan B No parties, no delivery, no inventory Help as we begin our global expansion #2: Try our Products Low risk (60 day, empty bottle guarantee) Result driven skincare means guaranteed results Clinical dermatologist developed skincare Get a recommendation from your consultant or ask for the Solution
  14. START YOUR BUSINESS NOW! $695 Big Business Launch Kit $995 RFx Express Business Kit
  15. YOU ARE PROBABLY WONDERING… How do I get my hands on these AMAZING products??? Connect with the consultant that invited you tonight and ask about our Preferred Customer Program so you can receive your products at 10% and FREE shipping!!
  16. #3: CONNECT US!! We are looking for motivated and outgoing people. Who do you know that is a: Health Care Professional? Aesthetician? Realtor? Teacher? Stay-at-Home Mom? Mom who wants to stay at home? Military Spouse? Office Professional? Anyone who wants a Plan B (that could become a Plan A) Pharmaceutical Sales Industry Someone looking for something extra…this can be for ANYONE!
  17. REMEMBER, I SAID FREEBIES! All “attendees,” receive a free product sample of our Enhancements MicroDermabrasion Paste (sugar and salt scrub to buff dead skin cells and leave skin silky smooth) Text or message the consultant who invited you with the code word: GREAT SKIN

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  1. So what do you have to lose? We are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to be the first in your network. You are positioned to dominate your market and expand globally in 3-5 years. Being first only happens ONCE…and timing is everything.