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Ideas for props & analysis

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Ideas for props & analysis

  1. 1. Ideas For Props & Analysis
  2. 2. Props used in Slasher films • In Slasher films the main character usually has a prop which he/she kills the victims with. These are usually a dangerous weapon such as a hammer, axe, knife, chainsaw or a baseball bat. Someone times their prop could come in the shape of a mask to hide the antagonists face. This could scare the audience more as they don’t know what’s under the mask. This could also make it less realistic to the audience.
  3. 3. Props in Possession Films • In possession films the props used are more subtle. They use things the audience might seem as normal or innocent. Like a antique box or a white night dress. Especially as the fact its white, implies innocents to the audience. Many of these props they will have in their own house, this could give out a sense of fear and bring them back to reality.
  4. 4. Props for our film trailer • A heart shaped locket will be used in our film trailer to show what triggered the possession in the film. The locket will belong to Genner and it will have a picture inside of Jamal, to show her love for him. • A photographic image of both Jamal and Taylor ripped in half by Genner to show her jealousy. This image plays a big part in the narrative and helps the audience to understand why she decides to commit suicide. • A mobile phone is another vital prop which is apparent after Genner decides to commit suicide. This also helps the audience understand the narrative and is a vital piece of evidence to prove that her actions was caused by the bulling of most of the girls in the elite group.