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The Wild Flam-Ingos OWBC. Year 1 Chapter 1

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The Wild Flam-Ingos OWBC. Year 1 Chapter 1

  1. 1. The Wild Flam-Ingos An OWBC by Shan Chapter 1 Part 1
  2. 2. Welcome Welcome welcome to the Wild Flam-Ingos! As the title said, this is an OWBC, or, Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge! Rules can be found at Boolprop.net. This is the first 40 pics of Year 1 for the Ingo Family, after this year, the rest of the updates will be probably in blog format. Excuse the picture quality, I forgot to adjust before taking them!
  3. 3. Flammy looked around her new home, swearing to herself that the next time a hairy stranger in a kimono asks if she wants some quick cash, she will tell them no. There was no way she'd be able to find people to woo all the way up on a mountain by herself.
  4. 4. Everybody, meet Flammy Ingo (named so by the wonderful Thai). She is our founder of The Wild Flam-Ingos. Flammy is a Romance Sim with the Aspiration to be a Hall of Famer. She has red hair, green eyes, and custom skin which has been geneticized, meaning the kids will not automatically get it. Personality: 6/3/6/4/6 Turn Ons: Formal/Vamprism Turn Off: Stink Secondary Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
  5. 5. This is her house, built using just enough funds to leave her with $500 left in the bank. As per the OWBC official rules (which can be found once again by heading over to boolprop.net), for every inhabitant of the lot, one must place 3 pink flamingos. I have chose to attempt the Base Game Challenge as well, which includes the challenge of having a Gnome General standing guard over the army of Pink Flamingos. And an army it shall be.
  6. 6. The inside of the house. Upstairs... ...And Downstairs. I know, aren't my building skills fabulous?? I think I need to get a certain Boolprop Mod to help me decorate....
  7. 7. Flammy heads over to the newspaper, looking desperately for a job in the Athletic career track. No such luck, so we took an opening in the Military. Hopefully something will open up soon. Spoiler alert: It never ever does!!
  8. 8. And she gets to work making friends/potential mates. “We should be friends! And then we can be friends.” “Uh...How about No?” And because I'm not too awesome at this, she doesn't get far. Ooops....
  9. 9. She has much better luck with this guy than Michelle back there. “You seem cool, can we be friends?” “Sure! Then we can be friends right?” “Uh...” ^Negative chemistry bolts^ “We'll see.”
  10. 10. And then some random cat decided that Flammy's bed looked better before she put it together. ^sigh^ that $500 didn't last very long did it? You don't see this Ath!
  11. 11. With the cat providing the perfect distraction, Michelle stole the opportunity to kick over all of our flamingos, getting this poor guy stuck in the deck. ^We're under attack! I've been hit General, Evacuate the survivors! ^ ^We do not run Private Pillowcase! We fight back. You there, big voice, command the shiny one to rescue Private Pillowcase. We must prepare.^
  12. 12. Another Challenge that I'm doing within the OWBC is the Beyond Cheesey Challenge, where your sims are only ever allowed to eat Grilled Cheese!! To make this easier, they all shall have the secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.
  13. 13. After a quick bite, Flammy heads to the base of the mountains, hoping to at least score a date with somebody.
  14. 14. Random Dancing!!! And random face glitching! With heart and shoddy Maxis camera in hand we headed down to Crypt O'Nightclub for some fun. It's just too bad we forgot the ceilings.
  15. 15. Even with a glitchy face, this gentleman soon joined Flammy on the dance floor, the strobe lights reflecting off the dingy, highlighter yellow pleather of the jacket his mother assured him made him look cool. Despite the fact that his hair was in danger of spontaneously combusting from the amount of gel applied to his red locks to keep them in perfect pompadour, both had a good time.
  16. 16. Flammy was also shocked to realize they even had a bolt of chemistry. He seemed to realize this as well and as an attempt to beef up his standings he revealed his occupation to be that of a provider of fine goods at a discount. “Oh, you're just like Amazon then!” “Sure...just like Amazon, only we provide a bit more shade to our friends.” “Sounds good to me!”
  17. 17. A quick look around provided Flammy with another possible target... ...The one and only Joe Carr, provider of roaches and knocked over legacy trashcans since 2004. “Woohoo! The glowing light means I'm in! I've waited for this for so loooong!” “He's hot.” Eh, 2 bolts, good but not good enough.
  18. 18. Even so, I let them dance. I'm so Nice!! ^hehe, this is it Joe, this is your chance. No longer will you be kicking over cans to substitute real sim companionship. No longer shall you bring roaches to those who have snuffed you. You have finally been accepted^ Somebody has a big head....
  19. 19. Awww! She's unglitched!
  20. 20. Orrrrrr I spoke too soon.
  21. 21. “Oh....my....” “Oh yeah baby, this carr will take you everywhere you want to go.” “I hope it has AAA then...” ^sigh^ And this is why he kicks over everybody's cans.
  22. 22. Joe's ^cough^ Carr ^cough^ discovered, Flammy sees bigger fish to fry. Look, it's the Lady Mr. Big!! Not exactly the type I'd expect to see at the shady nightclub on the edge of town.
  23. 23. Still glitched, Flammy heads over to the Deathball of Terror and lets gravity do it's thing.
  24. 24. And was promptly scolded by Crumplebutt for showing her knickers to everybody.
  25. 25. Flammy responded like any other 20 something. “Lady, you Cray-Cray.”
  26. 26. “Ehhhhhh! She won't leave me aloooone!”
  27. 27. Poor glitched Flammy decided that food could wait til she'd finger gunned everybody in the club. Which is fine when ones motives aren't dropping like flies. I'm not sure who's half finished food she decided to try and claim for her own, but she couldn't stop finger gunning long enough to take a bite, so we're still good.
  28. 28. Because I'm a horrid Big Voice, Flammy and her Grilled Cheese lover decided to make it official.
  29. 29. After getting home from work Flammy was still rolling wants for dates, so I obliged. “Oh matchmaker, please help me. I'm a pathetic romance sim who's most favorable relationship so far has been with my grilled cheese sandwhich.” “Let me guess...You're a legacy founder.” “Well, kinda” “Sorry kid, you're on your own. I'm running a business here, not a charity.” “Oh please, I'll pay you well!”
  30. 30. ^grumble grumble^ “Stupid legacy founders never having any money. What do they not understand about not running a charity?” “Oh boy! A date!”
  31. 31. “Well, don't say I didn't warn you. Enjoy your misery.” “Oh Thank You!” “Wait...what did you say?” “Uh...Have fun!”
  32. 32. And with that Remmy Notbucksaplenty crashed onto Flammy's little porch...
  33. 33. ...And thru her living room wall. ^sigh^ I fear for these children. Ooooops, did I say that outloud??
  34. 34. Did you know that in ten years of playing Sims2, I have never once married in a maid? With the revelation that they actually have 3 bolts, the challenge has been accepted. :)
  35. 35. “And the Great Lord Palmer said unto the Llama people “Let there be melty cheese unto all who ask to grille bread. And unto those who wish not, may they forever suffer the Fate of Don's Chili.” And the Llama people rejoiced for they were safe.” “Flammy, you are such a faithful student of the Ways of Palmer, could you teach me
  36. 36. Oh Flammy, you are just a glitch ball. “By Palmer's luck, she is truly blessed!”
  37. 37. Yeah yeah yeah, we all know what happened here. Remmy moved in bringing some pocket change and some stuff.
  38. 38. The two were quietly wed, legacy style (is that even legally binding?), in their undies in a corner of the bedroom. “By the power vested in me from the Almighty Palmer, I conclude us to be a wedded couple.” “Praise be Palmer, may he bless us with many children for all the years to come.” “Wait...What?!? I don't want that!”
  39. 39. Of course, by then it was too late.
  40. 40. And so I'm going to end this easy to bite chapter here with the cute couple cuddled up together for a good night's sleep. Next time: Will Flammy be cursed to quads like every other challenge sim I play? Will her possibly indecent relationship with Mr. Grilled Cheese work out? Will Palmer see that he is being treated with respect and love over here in the Ingo household and forgive us all for “Kill the Duck”? Join us next time for these answers and many more! Also, don't forget to stop over at Boolprop.net to find more exciting OWBC's and legacies and stories!