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Best in Customer Service Using Social Media - SimpliFlying Awards 2014

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Who should win Best in Customer Service Using Social Media at SimpliFlying Awards 2014? Vote at: http://poll.fm/4vliq

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Best in Customer Service Using Social Media - SimpliFlying Awards 2014

  1. 1. Best Customer Service using Social Media FinalistEntries Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014
  2. 2. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Customer Service using Social Media Finalist
  4. 4. LET’S TALK – NO TWEET LEFT BEHIND We respond to all guest tweets directed towards @VirginAmerica. Our responses are genuine and make our guests feel welcome and valued. We received over 127k messages in 2013 and 93k so far this year - 80% of which were replied to within 30 minutes during the hours we monitor (6a-10p PST).
  5. 5. SHARING THE LOVE And at the end of the day, we don’t want to just spam people with a marketing offer – we listen, respond, and build a relationship with each and every one of our guests. Some call us “chatty,” but that’s OK with us – especially when our guests share the love.
  6. 6. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Customer Service using Social Media Finalist
  7. 7. Best in Customer Service using Social Media
  8. 8. We fly over 90 destinations across Asia & Australia with over 250 million Guests flown! Our Story Enhance the brand experience for our Guests through our social media channels Transparency Friendly Reliable Core principles in our two- way communications on social media with our fans where we reach out to them on existing channels instead of them coming to our channels for assistance. Through our presence in social media, we engage and listen to our fans’ needs across 13 countries where we have localized channels and dedicated team communicate locally VIETNAM(
  9. 9. Say ‘Hi’ to Lil’ Ms Red! We put a face to our customer care channel by introducing Lil’ Ms Red in 2010 on both Twitter & Weibo. It is managed by a dedicated customer care team. The objective is to go beyond social media and engage our fans on a more personal level with our fans who needed more assistance. Social Customer Care Customer Service During Crisis Customer Service During Crisis We provide continuous updates on situation and immediate response has helped to manage fans’ anxiety. Assurance with constant information!
  10. 10. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Customer Service using Social Media Finalist
  11. 11. Best%Customer%Service% using%Social%Media% 2014%Simpliflying%Award%Entry% %
  12. 12. Southwest%Airlines%Social%Customer%Care%% The%airline%known%for%providing%Legendary%Customer%Service,%conCnues%to%evolve%the%way%they%provide%service%to%their% Customers.%%A%Team%of%eight%fullECme%Employees%make%up%the%Social%Care%Team,%which%is%online%providing%Customer%Service% seven%days%a%week.%%By%the%end%of%the%year,%the%airline%will%more%than%triple%their%staff%in%order%to%provide%enhanced%service%to% their%Customers.%%% % The%Southwest%Airlines%Social%Care%Team%is%well%versed%in%Company%polices,%procedures,%and%has%the%tools%to%assist%our% Customers%with%everything%ranging%from%reservaCons%and%%baggage%to%a%Customer’s%frequent%flier%account.%%AddiConally,%the% Team%can%handle%any%inquiry%without%needing%to%escalate%or%direct%the%Customer%to%another%channel/department%for%resoluCon.%%% % Southwest%Airlines%recently%launched%a%new%Listening%Center%facility%at%it’s%headquarters%office%in%Dallas,%TX%that%operates%as%the% airline’s%version%of%a%social%media%command%center.%%%The%Listening%Center%is%staffed%with%Social%Care%RepresentaCves%along%with% representaCon%from%the%Social%Business,%CommunicaCon,%and%MarkeCng%Teams.%%The%Social%Care%RepresentaCves%use% visualizaCons%powered%by%realECme%data%to%monitor%online%conversaCons%and%idenCfy%situaCons%where%a%Customer%needs% assistance.%%Working%in%the%Listening%Center%alongside%Employees%from%other%Departments%allows%our%Employees%to%work% collaboraCvely.%%This%helps%us%achieve%the%Listening%Center’s%objecCve%of%moving%from%insight%to%acCon.% %
  13. 13. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 Best Customer Service using Social Media Finalist
  14. 14. Simpliflying Awards KLM social media service.
  15. 15. Customer service in numbers. questions per week (+250% yearly growth)35.000 130 24/7 10customer service in global languages fulltime social customer service agents. 23 minute average response time. 3 networks: Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte.
  16. 16. iPad on board 5000 crew members in direct contact with our social media center. Seamless, transparent integration in klm.com Social Payment Pay directly via social media. Live service response meter And integrating social media service deeper and deeper. KLM Core App Integrated in our core iPhone/iPad app.. Integrated in purser talk. Integrated in all emails to customers.Inflight video Response time promise.
  17. 17. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2014 So, which do you like best? VOTE NOW!