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#SFAwards13 Best Emerging Airline/ Airport on Social Media - Finalist Presentations

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This is a compilation of finalist presentations for 4th Annual SimpliFlying Awards for the category of 'Best Emerging Airline/ Airport on Social Media'.
If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email contact@simpliflying.com

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#SFAwards13 Best Emerging Airline/ Airport on Social Media - Finalist Presentations

  1. 1. Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  3. 3. Emirates Social Media Hello Tomorrow Best emerging airline in Social
  4. 4. Our Story begun 17 months ago on 25.03.2012 SINCE Hello Tomorrow Best emerging airline in Social 7.5M Views120k Followers1.3M Followers2.1M Fans 12,500 Subscribers 200 videos published
  5. 5. Hello Tomorrow Best emerging airline in Social Global Ranking Airline Fans Engagement Rate Interactions People Talking About 1 Emirates 2,091,174 1,241 % 625,085 216,703 *Socialbakers, the social analytics company that provides social media network statistics and analysis from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, helping companies monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaigns “With its engagement, amongst pages over 1 000 000 fans, in Q3, Emirates were among the TOP 10 brands on Facebook, and the #1 airline in  the  world” Jan Rezab, CEO and Founder of *Socialbakers.
  6. 6. Hello Tomorrow Best emerging airline in Social Our Brand Platform Hello Tomorrow & Our Social Channels We create meaningful connections with our passengers, fans and advocates beyond their travel experience. We build greater brand loyalty and reinforce our brand pillars, through ‘always on’ engagement on their channel of choice.
  7. 7. Thank you Best emerging airline in Social
  8. 8. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA Best Emerging Airline in Social Media ! ! ! ! Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2013
  10. 10. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! ! The$Rise$of$Social$at$Qatar$Airways$ ! LAUNCH$ •  Officially!launched!social!media!in!April!2011! •  Began!with!6!properAes!&!a!team!of!one! •  Kicked!off!with!successful!100th!desAnaAon!campaign! BUILD$ •  Staff!strength!grew!to!three! •  Facebook!following!grew!over!500%!in!the!last!12!months! •  Launched!another!8!social!media!properAes!(14!in!total)! •  Total!fan!base!now!2.8!million! •  #1!airline!globally!on!Pinterest! •  #4!on!Facebook! •  #8!on!Instagram! •  #8!on!LinkedIn! •  #3!on!China’s!Sina!Weibo!
  11. 11. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! How$We$Got$Here$so$Fast$ ! CONTESTS$ $ •  Tweet[a[Meet! ! •  Created!a!global!race!among!Twi^er!users!to!spread!awareness!of! the!large!route!network!of!Qatar!Airways! •  Winners!paired!up!and!travelled!to!the!city!of!their!choice! •  Got!more!than!403,500+!Twi^er!hashtag!menAons,!with!387!tweets! per[minute!during!the!race! •  Grew!Qatar!Airways’!Twi^er!base!by!23%! •  Created!a!pool!of!content!about!each!city!served!by!Qatar!Airways! for!reference!&!use! *click!on! picture!to! play!video! in!browser!
  12. 12. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! ! How$We$Got$Here$so$Fast$ ! CONTESTS$ $ •  FC!Barcelona!Asia!Tour! ! •  Partnership!with!luxurious!Shangri[La!Hotels!in!Bangkok!&!Malaysia! •  Winners!received!an!all[inclusive!trip!to!FCB!match! •  Took!video!content!of!the!winners,!syndicated!on!Youtube! •  Grew!our!Indonesian!fan!base!to!#2!in!Indonesia!(behind!AirAsia)! note:!Indonesia!is!by!far!the!leading!country!for!FCB’s!&!our!fan!base! •  Grew!Qatar!Airways’!Facebook!base!by!37%!&!on!Twi^er!by!10%! !
  13. 13. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! ! How$We$Got$Here$so$Fast$ ! CONTESTS$ $ •  Where’s!The!Panda! ! •  Create!a!take[off!of!the!popular!children’s!book!series:!Where’s!Waldo! and!Where’s!Wally! •  Partnership!with!luxurious!Shangri[La!Hotels!&!Resorts! •  Winners!received!an!all[inclusive!trip!to!Chengdu!to!meet!the!Pandas! •  Ran!a!similar!China!ediAon,!with!winners!selecAng!from!Paris,! Istanbul,!Dubai,!and!Abu!Dhabi! •  Drove!significant!sales!to!Chengdu!and!new!fans/subs!from!the!effort!
  14. 14. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! ! How$We$Got$Here$so$Fast$ ! VISUAL$MARKETING$ $ •  Established!a!mega[presence!on!Instagram,!moving!us!into!#8!posiAon! globally!among!airlines! •  Were!one!of!the!first!airlines!on!Pinterest,!catapulAng!us!above!#2! Southwest!Airlines! •  Engaged!in!local!markeAng!acAon!in!Serbia!creaAng!a!bond!with! customers!(bo^om[right)!Youtube!Clip! •  Broadly!expanded!video!content,!in!the!form!of!video!news!releases,! extended!TV!spots,!and!high[end!product!videos! •  We!engaged!fans!in!a!global!casAng[call!for!extras!in!our!popular!FC! Barcelona!TV!Commercial!
  15. 15. World’s!Best!Emerging!Airline!in!Social!Media! ! QATAR!AIRWAYS! ! $ $ $ $$$$THANK$YOU! !
  16. 16. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  17. 17. Awards for Excellence in Social Media 2013 Best Emerging Airline / Airport on Social Media
  18. 18. ! Key!metric! ! Launch!date! ! 32,293!page!likes! ! December!2012! ! 19,588!followers! ! May!2013! ! 1,400!followers! ! November!2012! ! 4,045!followers! ! 2010! ! 128!pins! ! November!2012! ! 1.1m!views! ! 2010!
  19. 19. 0! 20! 40! 60! 80! 100! 120! 140! 18/07/13! 20/07/13! 22/07/13! 24/07/13! 26/07/13! 28/07/13! 30/07/13! 01/08/13! 03/08/13! 05/08/13! 07/08/13! 09/08/13! 11/08/13! 13/08/13! 15/08/13! 17/08/13! 19/08/13! 21/08/13! 23/08/13! 25/08/13! 27/08/13! TwiEer!menFons!of!#socialjet! Potential Twitter reach (YTD) of #socialjet 2,350,000 accounts ! Innovation
  20. 20. YouTube!April!Fools!video:!48,360!organic!views!and!featured!on!BuzzFeed.com!(No.33)! Innovation
  21. 21. ! !30.08.13!to!26.09.13! ! !70%!of!tweets!responded!to!! !!in!under!90!minutes! ! ! ! ! ! ! Tweets!posted! ReUTweets!posted! Replies!made! MenFons!per!day! 32! 5! 1,113! 109! Engagement - Twitter
  22. 22. 32! 5! 1,113! 109! Engagement - Twitter
  23. 23. ! !30.08.13!to!26.09.13! ! !69%!response!rate!for!user! quesFons! ! 55%!!of!user!quesFons! responded!to!within!12!hrs! ! Engagement - Facebook
  24. 24. Engagement - Facebook Engagement!Rate:!5.2934%! Engagement!Rate:!9.7769%!
  25. 25. Results – Facebook, YTD ! Industry!Average! ! Variance! ! Growth!Rate! ! ! 143%! ! 44%! ! +325%! ! Moving!Average! Engagement!Rate! ! 1.4305%! ! 0.2287%! ! +625%! ! Page!Score*! ! 66%! ! 39%! ! +60%! *!As!measured!by!Socialbakers!
  26. 26. Results – Twitter, YTD • !Growth!to!19,634!followers!! !!!within!140!days!of!acFvaFon! • !44%!local!followers!–!highly!! !!!targeted!follower!base! • !Highly!acFve!account!U!Avg!29!!! !!!tweets!per!day!
  27. 27. Summary • !Aer!Lingus’!social!media!team!consists!of!three! people!with!responsibility!for!social!customer!care,! social!media!markeFng,!and!social!insights! ! • !The!Social!Media!team!liaises!daily!with!MarkeFng,! PR,!Customer!Service!and!OperaFons!to!ensure! consistency!and!relevancy!of!message! • !As!an!emerging!airline!on!social!media!our!current! prioriFes!are!to!conFnue!to!work!on!the!basics!of! maximising!response!rates,!minimising!response!Fmes! and!growing!our!audience!
  28. 28. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  29. 29. 1 Sydney Airport Simpliflying Finalist Presentation. ‘Best Emerging Airport on social media’ 27/09/2013 Colin Ford Social Media and Digital Co-ordinator
  30. 30. Sydney Airport on social media On top, Down Under. 2 Facebook November(2011( Zero%fans% August(2013( 58,000+%fans% Twitter November(2012( Zero% followers% August(2013( 1,468% followers%
  31. 31. Sydney Airport on social media On top, Down Under 3 1.5 million Facebook check-ins. Most checked-in place in Australia, ahead of the Sydney Opera House, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Darling Harbour … Highly engaged community. Public keen to communicate! Constant interaction on Facebook and Twitter. Driving business goals. -  Reputation management and customer service/engagement -  Dovetails with existing offline business strategies -  Promoting retail products, car parking -  Promotion of new airline routes
  32. 32. Blu Emu launch campaign Relaunching a carpark on social media 4 Blu Emu launch – rebranded Sydney Airport parking product. Participants uploaded a picture with the Blu Emu on Twitter or custom Facebook tab, and shared with friends for a chance to win a prize. Campaign ran from 10 September 2012 – 31 October 2012. Objectives: -  Drive brand awareness of Blu Emu Car Park -  Drive brand engagement
  33. 33. 5 Blu Emu explodes. 6,000+ comp views. 500+ photo entries on Facebook and Twitter. 150+ tweets. 10,000+ new fans and followers.
  34. 34. #SYDspotting competition Building buzz about an exciting new route 6 Inviting planespotters to share high quality photos with the broader community. Participants share a photo with the #SYDspotting tag for a chance to win an exclusive photo session with an aircraft. Public could vote on their favourites. Campaign ran from 27 July 2013 – 8 August 2013. Objectives: -  Activate the dedicated planespotting community -  Drive buzz around our first commercial Dreamliner route, and first direct connection to India in decades -  Crowdsource a quality image library of aircraft activity at Sydney Airport
  35. 35. #sydspotting #win 160 high quality submissions. 8,000 views of entries by general public. 1,440 votes and shares. 10,000+ clicks on Twitter and Facebook posts.
  36. 36. Coming soon LinkedIn, Youtube, plus more… 8 LinkedIn Company profile appeared organically – now has 1,500 followers, soon to be officially activated. YouTube Multiple inactive accounts – reclaimed and ready to be reactivated. Instagram -  Reputation management and customer service/engagement. -  Dovetails with existing offline business strategies. -  Promoting retail products, car parking. -  Promotion of new airline routes.
  37. 37. Thank you facebook.com/SydneyAirportOfficial youtube.com/SydneyAirport @SydneyAirport @BluEmuParking
  38. 38. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  39. 39. Eindhoven Airport MARKETINGPLAN 2013 Eindhoven Airport SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES
  40. 40. Increase of awareness Get Eindhoven Airport top-of-mind, on a nationwide level Increase the awareness of our destination portfolio ! Brand development Focus on humanity, transparency and accessibility Prove these themes through operation and communication Interaction & partnerships Focus on connected traveler through online, e-mail and social In close cooperation with airline partners and partners outside the terminal Strategic Focus
  42. 42. Create fun and inspiring content We believe that our different platforms give us a chance to share fun, relevant and interesting content that informs and entertains our passengers and business partners through various stages of the ‘customer journey’. On Facebook we share information about the building process of the new terminal, we inspire fans to go and visit new destinations, we tell more about our 80 year old history, we inform passengers on retail and restaurants in the terminal, give travel tips and promote good deals. Also, we try and have fun to plug into news items or events with funny visual posts (slow starting summer, extreme holiday car traffic etc.) On LinkedIn for example, we share information about real estate possibilities, we produce infographics about our airlines and their development at the airport and we share presentations about things that matter to our business.
  43. 43. LinkedIn Every platform is used to communicate different content, relevant for a variety of target audiences.Throughout the year, we started experimenting with LinkedIn and developing a content strategy. Our content strategy is based on -  Products -  Careers -  Airline in the Spotlight: Infographics on our airline partners -  Presentations -  Corporate news -  Route development -  Building process and opening of the new hotel and terminal View our LinkedIn page here: h@p://linkd.in/1bFNOMH
  44. 44. Facebook Christmas campaign PAID% Why The holiday season = busy times for airports. In our first campaign effort on Facebook we wanted to claim the holiday spirit online as much as in the terminal How We created the Christmas Shopping Quiz on Facebook.The mechanism was simple: answer Christmas related questions about London and Budapest (our most popular December destinations) as quickly as possible and share your quickest time on your Facebook timeline Results 2.810 new fans joined our Facebook page through the this quiz, that was pushed through Facebook ads, Facebook shares and a radiocampaign on the number three radio station of the country (barter deal) OWNED% EARNED%
  45. 45. Girls Flight Out PAID% Why To promote the Eindhoven - Barcelona route from transavia.com, we set up a competition on Facebook in partnership with Net5 (Dutch female oriented TV channel) and transavia.com: the ‘Girls Flight Out’ How transavia.com set up an exclusive flight to Barcelona for 150 BFF’s, lady celebrities and members of the press. In Barcelona, all passengers where treated as VIP’s, filling their days with drinking Champaign, shopping and watching Net5 sneak peeks. On our Facebook page, ladies where able to sign up for the trip (1), invite their BFF (2) and share it on their wall (3). Results The competition was promoted through Facebooks ads.This generated 2.169 new Facebook fans in just one week time. OWNED% EARNED%
  46. 46. Base opening Ryanair PAID% Why Ryanair started their base activities on Eindhoven Airport in 2013, resulting in a cross media campaign through which we gave away free tickets to Ryanair destinations. How & Results A simple retweet competition resulted into almost 1.700 retweets, gaining us 600 new followers. Also we started a Facebook campaign through which our fans could invite someone to join them on Ryanair flights. In a few days time already 1.200 fans signed up for this, inviting friends to Like our Facebook page. OWNED% EARNED%
  47. 47. Facebook VIP PAID% Why Our Facebook page gives our fans enough entertainment and information when they are not traveling or during their orientation phase. But how do we make Facebook relevant for travelers that are actually at the airport? And how do we show the world that we are a small but social savvy airport? How We created a VIP program that our fans can join. Every month we select VIP’s to enjoy the onsite program which contains free Facebook parking right at the entrance, personal assistance, exclusive baggage drop/ check-in desk, free meal and fast track at security Results Using Facebook ads, we generated over 1.000 VIP members. Since Eindhoven Airport is a first mover on this we attracted global publicity, including influential aviation and trends media…. OWNED% EARNED%
  48. 48. No Twitter?! Well, we do have Twitter, but it has no major focus.This is because we believe we don’t have sufficient resources to manage our Twitter account actively. We do tweet about external or internal situations that influence the operation.We do share press releases through our Twitter channel. And we answer all questions asked, within 24 hours if possible. Our account is managed by marketing, communications AND operations. That’s why, without even trying, we have around 2.400 followers
  49. 49. General Input & Results General Small regional airport with 2.9 million passengers 25.000 flights Over 60 destinations Digital 1,1 million unique visitors per year From 0 to over 17.000 Facebook fans in one year Over 45.000 Facebook check-ins (#4 location in NL) Weekly Facebook reach of +300.000 people Highest engagement rates compared to Dutch competition Over 2.000 Twitter followers Over 30.000 app downloads Budget €20.000 all year (including technical development, design and mediabuying) FTE 1
  50. 50. Key take outs In 2013 we were able to create a strong foundation for our digital & social strategy The consumer is reached through multiple platforms Although a limitation in available resources we were able to maximize engagement and reach We create awareness during the Orientation Episode within the customer journey, through relevant posts and targeted advertising Integrated social media in the customer journey (traveling towards and being at the terminal) through the Facebook VIP program We actively monitor and manage numbers as much as possible: engagement and reach Keep learning, keep innovating
  51. 51. Eindhoven Airport MARKETINGPLAN 2013 Eindhoven Airport SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES
  52. 52. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  53. 53. Miami International Airport SOCIAL MEDIA INITIATIVES
  54. 54. Innovation • Best Emerging? MIA! • Why? • Astonishing results in only 100 days (Facebook and Twitter launched June 19, 2013) • Creative, Clever, Engaging Content • Quick, Personalized Responses with Exquisite Customer Care • High Engagement with Customers, Business Partners and Community • Impressive Metrics and Results
  55. 55. Innovative Engaging Content • Created a first-ever airport naturalization ceremony for 85 candidates who became U.S. citizens at MIA in honor of our 85th anniversary. For most of the new citizens, landing at MIA was their first taste of freedom. • Invited multi-Grammy winner Jon Secada to sing the U.S. National Anthem at event and Platinum-selling recording artist, Lee Greenwood who performed his iconic, “God Bless the USA”. • Event widely covered by traditional media and garnered exceptional SoMe metrics.
  56. 56. Innovative Engaging Content Virality: 5.37% Reach: 9,476 Engaged: 656 People Talking: 509 MIA 85th Anniversary Celebration – Preview Post
  57. 57. Reach: 23,880 New Followers: 182 Direct Mentions: 111 ReTweets: 98 Impressions: 109,231 MIA 85th Anniversary Celebration Innovative Engaging Content
  58. 58. Photo Of The Week • Weekly features with magazine-quality photos • Interspersed Aviation Department staff photos to develop staff as SoMe brand ambassadors • Engaged business partners, such as Lan Cargo, Boeing, etc. • Generated impressive metrics/engagement Innovative Engaging Content Virality: 3.8% Reach: 24,016 Engaged: 1,512 People Talking: 913
  59. 59. Innovative Engaging Content Virality: 9.23% Reach: 1,863 Engaged: 301 People Talking: 172 Virality: 1.41% Reach: 15,176 Engaged: 662 People Talking: 214
  60. 60. Innovative Content Virality: 5.32% Reach: 1,465 Engaged: 170 People Talking: 78 Virality: 3.61% Reach: 637 Engaged: 97 People Talking: 23 MIA – 2nd Season TV Show Post Card Promoting New Routes
  61. 61. Exquisite Customer Care • Creative, personalized responses • Quick service recovery with innovative solutions that build relationships with thought leaders who have become MIA brand ambassadors • Popular Jamaican DJ “Walshy Fire”, complained about lack of “healthy green” food options & lack of “homegrown” businesses o Engaged with him and next day, MIA named a dish in his honor, “Erie Green Plate”, at one of our “Homegrown” restaurants. o Becomes on-going MIA brand ambassador • Well-known Florida SoMe director complains regarding no mommy nursing station o Personally met & expedited her family’s travel o Engaged her regarding our new SoMe efforts & nursing station initiatives o Becomes on-going MIA brand ambassador • High - influencing travel writer & television personality loses iPad & and can’t get airline to return it o Within 24 hours request for help, we intercede with airline & package iPad for next day shipment o Becomes on-going MIA brand ambassador
  62. 62. Exquisite Customer Care
  63. 63. Exquisite Customer Care Lost iPad Nursing Stations Metrics - Priceless!
  64. 64. Next Week Initiatives To Be Launched Twitter Contest MIA History Quiz Facebook Contest with American Airlines & Lee Greenwood
  65. 65. MIA Best Emerging! Not Bad for 100 Days! 61
  66. 66. THANK YOU DICKIE DAVIS Director – Terminal Operations & Customer Service RICHARD ETIENNE Chief Creative Services – Marketing EVELIO ZURIARRAIN Terminal Operations Agent
  67. 67. bbbb Best Emerging Airline/ Airport in Social Media Finalist
  69. 69. 2"2 BUSINESS IMPACT Over a relatively short period of time, BNE has expanded its social media presence significantly, reaching new customers, sharing BNE information and fostering peer-to-peer and peer-to- business engagement across the social space. In less than three years BNE has grown a social community of over 25,000. BNE has run three hugely successful Facebook contests in 2013. These contests have profiled partnerships with airlines and arts partners and also given BNE an opportunity to gather meaningful data. BNE has responded to over 600 tweets on Twitter in 2013. BNE has engaged in over 400 conversations on Facebook in 2013. Our social community spans more than 20 countries Connected communities of aviation enthusiasts with each other.
  70. 70. Social media now plays a critical role in how Brisbane Airport (BNE) communicates with a very diverse audience of passengers, meeters and greeters and the wider community. Social media platforms offer BNE a new way of interacting, proving information and receiving feedback. BNE has made significant progress in the social media arena since launching its Facebook page in 2011 and in only two years is leading Australia’s airports in strategic engagement with travellers via an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. As part of a broader Digital Strategy, BNE’s Social Media Strategy aims to keep our passengers and community engaged with BNE and educate them on airport initiatives and changes. 3 BRISBANE AIRPORT AUSTRALIA’S SECOND BUSIEST AIRPORT BY AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS.
  71. 71. We have formed a unique Australian first partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), with the appointment of a Chair of Innovation, Professor Alexander Dreiling, to assist BAC in developing a broad based digital strategy. As part of this strategy, Professor Dreiling is assisting BNE to harness the breadth, intimacy and immediacy of online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to improve communication and enhance the experience of passengers. As a result of this appointment, BNE is leading Australia’s airports in engagement with travellers via social media avenues including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked-in. Engagement on these social media platforms grew by 80 per cent in FY12 and 36 per cent in the first six months of FY13. 4"4 SOCIAL MEDIA PARTNERSHIPS
  72. 72. 5"5 FACEBOOK AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR STRATEGY Facebook offers our customers a large, informal and social environment in which they can engage in peer-to-peer discussions, share their experiences with Brisbane Airport and source information. 19,000 20 Likes Countries 6%Growth rate •  Access to BNE intellectual capital: We use Facebook to provide our customers with an opportunity to have direct dialog with BNE Community Officers who source information from all areas of the business and build relationships with our customers. •  Customer listening: We mine Facebook community conversations and utilise Facebook to listen to customer sentiments and concerns. •  Community building: We host contests on Facebook to help users connect with one another; personalise the community and increase user affinity and loyalty.
  73. 73. •  Access to up to the minute information in the event of minor or major crisis on airport. •  Immediate answers to questions for passengers both departing and arriving. •  Customer listening: We use twitter conversations to guide changes around the airport to better improve the airport experience for our passengers 6 TWITTER AN INFORMATION TOOL
  74. 74. BNE was Australia’s first airport to launch a dedicated Pinterest page sharing information about everything from Brisbane and Brisbane Airport history to travel tips, famous faces at the airport, fashion, airlines, destinations and general aviation. Brisbane Airport’s Pinterest ‘boards’ are currently followed by a number of organisations including ‘Australia (Tourism)’, ‘San Diego Airport’, ‘Atlantic City International Airport’ and ‘Brisbane Girls Grammar’ among others. Pinterest offers our social community: •  The history of Brisbane Airport. •  Travel tips. •  Destinations you can fly to from Brisbane Airport. •  General aviation images. 7 PINTEREST AUSTRALIA’S FIRST AIRPORT WITH A DEDICATED PINTEREST PAGE
  75. 75. Our Instagram account is used to promote the beauty of Brisbane Airport, the romance of travel and the destination of Brisbane and Australia. With nearly 2500 posts tagged with #BrisbaneAirport and over 160 followers, the Brisbane Airport Instagram account is quickly becoming a big part of our social offering. Instagram also lists airports as one of the top 15 places photos are taken making this a very important part of our social strategy. A current promotion leverages our partnership with Brisbane Festival to promote the event and Brisbane as a destination. Instagram offers our social community: •  A behind the scenes look into Brisbane Airport. •  Shares travel stories from our passengers and their experiences at Brisbane Airport. •  Provides a creative way to share Airport offers. 8 INSTAGRAM #BrisbaneAirport with nearly 2,500 posts
  76. 76. Brisbane Airport is the first airport in Australia to allow passengers to publicly share personalised SMS messages on two large LED digital screens located in the international departures area, but highly visible from several levels of the terminal. Since the installation of the 3m x 5m screens, hundreds of visitors to the terminal have taken the opportunity to post a message, be it ‘farewell’, ‘welcome’, ‘we’ll miss you’, ‘come back soon’ or ‘congratulations’. 9 INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SCREENS THE FIRST AIRPORT IN AUSTRALIA
  77. 77. The primary goal of our social community is to improve the travel experience for our passengers and encourage engagement between our passengers and Brisbane Airport. Traditionally the passenger relationship has been ‘owned’ by the airline, however by building a solid social community BNE has been able to achieve a number of initiatives to improve Brisbane Airport. " 10"10 KEY RESULTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Key achievements » In less than three years we have grown a social community of over 25,000. » Our social community spans more than 20 countries. » Engaged in over 400 conversations on Facebook in 2013. » Responded to over 600 tweets on Twitter in 2013. » Run three hugely successful Facebook contests in 2013. These contest have profiled partnerships with airlines and arts partners and also given BNE an opportunity to gather meaningful data. » Improved BNE Airport based on customer concerns and feedback gathered through social platforms. » Connected communities of aviation enthusiasts with each other. » Improved community engagement.
  78. 78. - END - Stay tuned to http://simpliflying.com for the awards results