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The SimpliFlying Live Show - daily video show on aviation

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Aviation is full of stories. The SimpliFlying Live Show brings out the stories from the airline industry every single weekday. We do it for our love of aviation. See how you can be a part of the show.

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The SimpliFlying Live Show - daily video show on aviation

  1. 1. For the love of aviation THE ONLY LIVE DAILY SHOW
  2. 2. Straight-shooting, honest perspectives on aviation, marketing, entrepreneurship and work culture. Every Weekday.
  3. 3. 100+ episodes 40+ guests views 150 questions
  4. 4. Featured Guests Tony Fernandes, CEO, AirAsia Group Carsten Spohr, CEO, Lufthansa Ilker Ayci, Chairman, Turkish Airlines Robert Deluce, CEO, Porter Airlines Steve Udvar Hazy, CEO, AirLease Corp David Cush, CEO, Virgin America Saleh bin Nasser-al-Jasser, Director-General, Saudia Mark Lapidus, CEO, Amedeo Nico Bezeuidenhout, CEO, fastjet Martin Gauss, CEO, airBaltic Benyamin Ismail, CEO, AirAsia X Marc Parent, CEO, CAE Randy Tinseth, VP Marketing, Boeing Campbell Wilson, SVP Marketing & Sales, Singapore Airlines Mary-Ellen Jones, VP Sales, APAC, Pratt & Whitney David Meerman Scott, Best-selling author Katri Harra-Salonen, Chief Digital Officer, Finnair Lars Sande, SVP of Sales and Distribution, Norwegian Rob Dewar, VP and GM C Series, Bombardier Anwar Atalla, Head of Marketing, Royal Jordanian Joe Leader, CEO, APEX
  5. 5. Paris Air Show 17’ Sponsored by
  6. 6. Farnborough 16’ Sponsored by
  7. 7. New-age Live audience Gain exposure on multiple digital channels Free to re-use interview video on company assets Share a professional and personal perspective Expect questions like: How does (the initiative) help you differentiate from competitors? What are the metrics being tracked to determine success? What’s your favorite failure? Something that sowed the seeds for success. Who do you look up to? Rapid-fire round of quick back and forth questions/answers. Join as a guest Share your story and your brand’s. Write to SimpliLive@simpliflying.com
  8. 8. Be a part of the only Live daily aviation show Sponsor an episode or a series - topical or at an event At least one dedicated episode with your top executive Brand association with top industry executives Logo on show website Link to website in show notes Guaranteed minimum views for sponsored episodes Free to re-use interview video on company assets Detailed analytics shared after the show Join as a partner Be part of the cutting edge. Write to SimpliLive@simpliflying.com