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Top 10 Mobile Apps by Airlines

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This case-pack explores the best mobile apps produced by airlines (with a focus on the iOS) mobile system for iPods, iPhones and iPads. With travellers increasingly dependent on their phones (and sales of phones tilting heavily in favour of smartphones, especially those of Apple) mobile apps have become an increasingly important tool for engaging customers while driving revenue and customer service.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps by Airlines

  1. Great examples of airlines using mobile apps to engage customers, while driving revenue and customer service. FeaturingHelping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably http://www.SimpliFlying.com http://www.SimpliFlying.com
  2. Case-study 1KLM: “Tripshake” http://www.SimpliFlying.com
  3. Shake your phone to find travel inspirationThere’s a reason why KLMwon the award for the BestAirline at the SimpliFlyingAwards for Social MediaExcellence this year: They’reconstantly innovating andlooking for newer ways toengage their customers.Their new app helps usersselect a place or date theywant to travel and in turn canselect one of about 100options. www.SimpliFlying.com
  4. Ensuring a social experience even on the phone! Users can see a ticket price and can subsequently either choose to book or shake the phone for another option till they find the perfect match. Destinations and prices can also be shared via social media. This is in addition to their existing app that already has numerous features. (see next slide) www.SimpliFlying.com
  5. Augmenting the existing appThe free KLM iPhone app offersa range of options includingregulars such as booking flights,managing bookings, changingbookings, flight status.In addition, it offers in-appfeatures such as e-boardingpass and discounts on additionalcheck-in baggage.Goals DrivenRevenueEngagementCustomer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  6. Case-study 2Lufthansa: “Wholesome travel experience”
  7. Looking for travel inspiration?The Lufthansa foriPad app isavailable in Englishor German and itcaters to peoplelooking for a littletravel inspirationand also to thepractically mindedtraveler.Note: The iPhoneapp offers a toned-down experienceobviously. www.SimpliFlying.com
  8. An interactive booking guide!The crux of this app is aninteractive world map,enabling you to traceyour way from origin todestination airports andhelping book flights.It also allows check-insand uses an interactivefeature to select seats.You can also access abooking summary andview your Miles & Moreaccount balance. www.SimpliFlying.com
  9. Discover more and experience Lufthansa!Not only are theredetailed guides to cities,the ExperienceLufthansa section offersa 3-D rendition of theairline’s new Europeancabin, and there are360-degree views of theA380 cockpit, along witha selection of videos. www.SimpliFlying.com
  10. There’s an app for that too!A 2nd app called LufthansaNavigator acts as a GPS,providing travellers with aninteractive map and GoogleStreet View-like functionality.It stores flight informationand can tell you exactly howto get to your gate, check-incounter, baggage carouselor favourite airport lounge.For now the Navigator isonly being tested in FrankfurtAirport, but is certainly a signof things to come! www.SimpliFlying.com
  11. An app for frequent flyersThe third app encouragesLufthansa’s Miles & Morefrequent flyers to engage withone another. MemberScoutallows passengers to sharetheir geo-location, arrangemeet-ups, give and receivetravel advice, and even sharetaxis.Goals drivenRevenueCustomer ServiceEngagement www.SimpliFlying.com
  12. Case-study 3Cathay Pacific: “City Guides”
  13. Forget those bulky travel guides!While the experience ontheir iPhone app wasalready very good withexcellent functionality andcomprehensive features, theiPad app goes one stepfurther.Not only is it stunning to lookat, it offers in-depth cityguides (sights, dining,attractions etc) whichcustomers are certain tospend hours with. Anexcellent travel companionoverall! www.SimpliFlying.com
  14. A look behind the scenes!Moreover, it also allowspassengers to “Meet theTeam” by browsing photosof Cathay Staff, makingthe journey experiencethat much more personal.Goals DrivenRevenueCustomer ServiceEngagement www.SimpliFlying.com
  15. Case-study 4Southwest Airlines: “DING!”
  16. A multitude of great features!It’s not for nothing thatSouthwest’s iPhone app hasbeen called the “gold standardairline apps”.You can check your flightstatus, check-in to your flight,make reservations, make airand car-reservations and muchmore! It also has a uniqueDING! feature that alertsfrequent flyers to special deals.Goals DrivenRevenueCustomer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  17. Case-study 5Virgin Atlantic: “Flight Tracker”
  18. Now your iPhone (or iPod) can show you the position of your plane on a map!While Virgin Atlantic’sFlight Tracker was initiallyprecisely what it’s nameindicated, it is now muchmore including managing,bookings, checking-in etc.Some of the fun things theapp can do:~Tell you the position ofyour plane on a map.~Alert you on your devicewhen the plane lands.~View short videos of mostdestinations. www.SimpliFlying.com
  19. Welcome to the Virgin “family of apps”Virgin has some other apps tohelp you with flying as well. JetLag Fighter helps you reduce jetlag by helping you establish aproper sleep schedule while theFlying Without Fear app ismeant to help you minimize thefear of flying. A third app calledTripJournal does what its namesuggests. Very thoughtful, wehave to say.Goals drivenEngagementCustomer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  20. Click here to download. www.SimpliFlying.com
  21. Case-study 6 Air Canada
  22. The early innovators!Air Canada’s app makes itto this list not only becausethey have a great app butalso because last summerthey broke the mould of“ordinary apps” andbecame the first carrier tooffer complimentary travelinformation and one of thefirst to offer in-app bookingincluding weather updatesand the ability to rent a car.Goals DrivenRevenueCustomer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  23. Case-study 7British Airways: “Mobile boarding passes”
  24. All you needed to know in your pocket!BA customers can directlytrack their flight status,arrivals, departures andeven download theirboarding pass from theiPhone app.Executive Club memberscan also check their mileagestatus directly from their appas well as even buyupgrades from within theapp. www.SimpliFlying.com
  25. Board by flashing your iPhone!Mobile boarding passes arehere and you can directlycheck-in by using the QRcode in the ticket info onyour phone (only forExecutive Club members).This app is reportedly usedby more than 20,000people a day.Goals drivenEngagementRevenue www.SimpliFlying.com
  26. Case-study 8United Airlines: “Seamless booking & airport maps”
  27. Perfect blend of standard and social featuresApart from the standardfunctions United’s app hasseamless in-app booking.Moreover, airport maps is avery handy feature included.Apart from this, there aresome great extras: flightstatus push notifications,currency converter, gamesand links to their socialmedia feeds.Goals drivenRevenueEngagementCustomer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  28. Case-study 9Qantas: “Loyalty+Augmented Reality”
  29. A clever loyalty app!The Qantas Frequent Flyer app aimsto show members the wide range ofearn and burn options of the loyaltyprogram. Users can flip through awardflights (including an estimate of thesurcharges, fees and taxes payable)and through a large catalogue of non-flight awards, to find out how manypoints they need.Members can set themselves pointsgoals, track progress, and get notifiedonce their goal has been achieved.They can also share with their friendson social media when they reach theirgoals. www.SimpliFlying.com
  30. Brilliantly combining augmented reality with loyaltyCombining the camera, GPSand compass to recognize anobject or place that a user ispointing to, the app lets aniPhone 4 or 3GS search forpartners while on the road.Pointing the device in acertain direction brings up thenearest loyalty programpartners in that direction.This feature can be used in anumber of ways and is Goals drivenobviously great fun to use. Engagement Loyalty Customer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  31. Case-study 10Turkish Airlines: “Speed Booking”
  32. If only booking was always this easy!Users can complete their ticketpurchases in just one minute,compared to seven minutes viatraditional methods. The app alsosaves time by rememberingusers’ personal details.Users can also use the app tocheck in and select their seats,receive real-time updates onarrival and departure times, lookup time tables for every flight, andcargo customers can even viewthe logistics records of their Goals drivenshipments Revenue Customer Service www.SimpliFlying.com
  34. Honourable Mentions Click the logos to download.Thanks are due to: Airlinetrends, Tnooz, Landlopers, Appolicious and Sparksheet for theirexcellent articles that helped us research these apps. www.SimpliFlying.com
  35. For more case-studies:www.SimpliFlying.com Helping airlines & airports engage travelers profitably http://www.SimpliFlying.com www.SimpliFlying.com