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Recruitment arcticle and posts

  1. TASK 1 Recruitment article and posts By Shaorya Ekka
  2. DIFFERENT AND EFFECTIVE WAYS OF RECRUITING ◦ Employee Branding A research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Companies with a bad reputation not only struggle to attract candidates, but they also struggle to retain employees. The most effective and highly in trend method for employee branding is authentic videos and messages. As it is known videos are better source of communication than still pictures. A great example would be Deloitte. It was the first to encourage its employees to make short videos (over 300) that demonstrated why their firm was exciting. Mc Donald’s also followed the trend and posted its employee generated videos on Snapchat. Virtual reality is another trending method for employee branding. But it is costly and India is not yet ready for it.
  3. ◦ Social Media It is not so new way of recruitment as it is 2019, but is highly effective. Companies should target those sites, where the prospective candidates are likely to hang out. Posting recruiting messages on LinkedIn is very common now. Different is something like, Mc Donald’s using Snapchat or Goldman Sachs using Spotify. The possibilities of social media are endless and now Companies should go far beyond the ‘big four’ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). Recruiters are starting to think outside the box and should try sites like Tinder, Snapchat and Bumble to find new talent.
  4. ◦ Campus Recruitment College campus recruitment has also been there for a while as Freshers a touch to innovation and bring in creative spirit into the organization. if they are a part of internship or apprenticeship programs, their mentors can assist the candidates in finding them suitable jobs. But this method could be done in a different way, which would make it effective. Instead of the traditional on-site campus visits where firms can only afford to visit a handful of campuses, they could try remote college recruiting. And it should not be assumed that the top talents only attend top-ranked schools. Because many exceptional candidates probably do not attend the college campus that you visit. Also remote college recruiting is cheaper.
  5. ◦ Employee Referrals Using employees as brand ambassadors is another effective way of recruiting. Employee referrals as a source of hire in India has grown in size and importance, especially in the last few years. Reasons for this include need to reduce cost per hire and getting access to passive talent that be otherwise not available for recruiters. A big finding in the LinkedIn study was that India is leveraging employee referrals extremely well and that they actually lead usage in this across the world. Also, referred new hires are usually more engaged, more productive and less likely to leave. This program can drastically improve candidate quality, quality of hire and employee retention. Companies need to make sure to communicate to employees what they can expect from employee referral program and sure to incentivize them with rewards.
  6. ◦ Technological Innovation Like innovators and entrepreneurs say, technology make our everyday lives less complicated. Adaptation of technological innovation in recruitment process is the newest trend. Such as usage of recruitment automation tools and artificial intelligence (AI). Recruitment automation tools are software that use new technology to automate recruiting process. Automation of recruiting process has been around for a while, but now it will go beyond HRIS, Applicant Tracking (ATS) and Recruitment Marketing Software. The new trend is software that offers 2in 1 tools- integrate both ATS and Recruitment Marketing solutions under one platform. Many believe that the use of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting is years away. However, Unilever has already adopted an AI-driven college hire candidate sorting and assessment approach. The process begins by using a LinkedIn profile instead of a resume, and then it uses AI to select the best prospects. Next, it uses a series of online games to further narrow down the field. Then it uses recorded video interviews to further assess the best candidates using criteria that include the assessment of facial expressions. Only then are the final candidates offered an in-person interview.
  7. HOW TO GET REFERRALS FROM PEOPLE ON LINKEDIN STEPS TO GET REFERRALS ◦ Update your Linkedin profile accordingly- put up a profile picture, update the relevant information and experience. ◦ Grow your network- build connections by searching people from the industry, you want to work in. ◦ Find the right people- prefer people from the same domain and who have been active on Linkedin. ◦ Send the right message- keep it to the point, add proper context and sell yourself. ◦ Follow up- if you didn’t get a response after few days, send a follow up message
  8. STEPS AND PLAN FOR RECRUITMENT USING SOCIAL MEDIA ◦ Research about your competitors and candidates: Knowing what your competitors are doing should be the first step, so that you know beforehand what’s in the market. Also, researching about candidates may locate a new source of recruitment. ◦ Determine goals: Like in any other way of recruitment, in social media recruitment also you need determine what you are looking for in candidates according to the job roles. ◦ Choose the right platforms: These days there are various social media platforms. Hence, it is important to understand how each of the platform works and who is the primary audience on each platform. ◦ Update your approach and make application easy: Use catchy captions with visuals that clearly states whom you are looking for. Application process should be as simple as possible involving very few steps.
  9. ◦ Improve your social media profiles: In order to develop a more active and positive social media presence, social media profiles that you use for recruitment should be the representation of your company’s culture and core values. ◦ Involve employee advocates: Organizations that have employee advocates are much more successful in attracting and hiring better quality employees. Content sharing should be made easy for every employee, because the easier it is for employees to get involved in your social media recruiting campaigns, the more likely they are to naturally share content on behalf of your brand.