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044 mice mri

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044 mice mri

  1. 1. MICE MRIMICE MRI New Data
  2. 2. AIMSAIMS This study is for imaging aortic atherosclerotic plaques in Apo E deficient mice In addition to study of Apo E atherosclerotic mice this effort is meant to provide necessary technical experiences for rabbit study soon to be approved and transferred to Galveston
  3. 3. MRIMRI withwith Contrast (Magnevist)Contrast (Magnevist) In order to be sure that we are looking to the aorta,we decided to inject contrast media We had to inject Magnevist to mouse while inside the magnet, so we tried to cannulate femoral vein, jugular vein, intracardiac approach
  4. 4. In order to decrease the motion effect of respiration,we had to use respiratory gated MRI To have respiratory gating,we needed to Intubate the mouse and use ventilation
  5. 5. The MR Image characteristicsThe MR Image characteristics Coil:5 and 9cm Field of view:6 cm Matrix(nv):256 Spin Echo:Tr=2500,Te=12, Slice=17-24 Movi(while injecting the Gadelenium) : Tr=200, Te= 5
  6. 6. 3/103/10
  7. 7. MRI Parameters forMRI Parameters for Movi ImagesMovi Images After injection of Magnivest Tr=200, Te=5
  8. 8. Soft ware analysis to show theSoft ware analysis to show the flow and find the aortaflow and find the aorta
  9. 9. Spin Echo Images:Spin Echo Images: Tr=2500, Te=12Tr=2500, Te=12 nv=128nv=128
  10. 10. High resolution spin echoHigh resolution spin echo imagesimages Slice thickness :1.6 ,Gap:0.5Slice thickness :1.6 ,Gap:0.5 Tr=2500, Te=12, nv=256Tr=2500, Te=12, nv=256
  11. 11. 03/1303/13
  12. 12. 3/14mvcor3/14mvcor
  13. 13. Sems tranSems tran
  14. 14. SPIO InjectionSPIO Injection With injection of Feridex with maximum dose(3µmol/kg),we had some problems: because of small blood content of mouse, dilution wasn’t enough It caused too much decrease in T2 , so although we had approximately good resolution, we think that by decreasing the dose we can find better images
  15. 15. Future PlansFuture Plans Injection of 40µmol/kg of Feridex ECG gated MRI (we have the motion effect of heart in chest region) Starting rabbit study