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4 Business Lessons from the Gutter Guy

Business lessons are everywhere you look. Here's what an interaction with the guy who installed our gutters taught me about good client relations.

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4 Business Lessons from the Gutter Guy

  1. 1. 4 Business Lessons from the Gutter Guy
  2. 2. A gutter guy walked up to my house one day. Here's what he did and what I learned about business.
  3. 3. He was working next door and saw that we had no gutters. 1. Identify the Need
  4. 4. Keep your eyes peeled for business opportunities. Lesson:
  5. 5. He came over and asked if he could talk to us. We agreed. 2. Make a Friendly Approach
  6. 6. Approach potential clients in a friendly way. Avoid the hard sell. Lesson:
  7. 7. He offered a no-strings-attached, instant quote. He could tell us exactly what the job would entail. 3. Offer Help
  8. 8. Be prepared to discuss features and benefits with clients. But mostly be prepared. Lesson:
  9. 9. He turned up the next day with his crew and delivered as promised and on schedule. 4. Be Ready to Act
  10. 10. Follow up and deliver. You'll get a grateful client who will refer you to others so you win more business. Lesson:
  11. 11. For more business lessons check out Sharon Hurley Hall on LinkedIn. www.sharonhh.com