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Google Business View

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Google Business View now available in Singapore. Visit: http://googlebusinessview.sg

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Google Business View

  1. 1. S WE ARE SPACES 33 973 l/ laps I Business View ‘J Engage customers with Business View
  2. 2. A 360° virtual tour on Google for your business Bring in the Google Street View experience into your business. Introducing Google Business View — a 360° virtual tour on Google Search, Maps and other online platforms. Let potential customers visit your business — while on their Example of Google Business View for 3 restaurant computers or mobile, 24/7 around the clock.
  3. 3. Why Google Business View? 0 Enhanced Google presence Your customers are already searching for your business on Google Search and Google Maps. Let them further experience your brand and on—site space via the Google Business View. Google Search Google Maps Customers can directly access your tour from Virtual Tours are also linked from your Google+ Business profile on search. Google Maps search results. --_. .._ am. .. now. o I-Q--nu: an-a Llnflvunnirvqflflfillcuo . -~—~. —.-on--~ an. .. . -an . ._ -~. .. In u. .-_. -u-n-. c.c—. —.. .». -—u--. —.— *a———————nb-u—-——| -—uca- 1:--n-— can-— In-nu v-on-you : .. - . u--. ac-no-—-. --—r. ——-. - a-. .—— ». u:-. —.—. . .. .« r. -». .._.
  4. 4. Why Google Business View? I gt Business View on your website Using the Google Maps API or simple HTML, the Google Business View can be easily embedded to anywhere online. You will be able to provide a fully interactive tour experience directly from your website and even Facebook page. Say goodbye to paying another vendor for a customised virtual tour. 2 All Bonus commercial photos On top of taking the Business View, we will also shoot up to T 5 still POI (points of interest) photos. These include: wide angle interior shoots, menu, front reception and more. Mobile friendly Leveraging on the same technology behind Google Street View, your Google Business View is mobile friendly across iOS, _ __ Android and Windows. A ' 7’ i -5*» Full rights and ownership Upon full payment, all photos and the Business View is owned by the business owner. You can use both the Business View and photos for any future purposes.
  5. 5. Get it done in 5 simple steps 0 One-time fee from S$350 Pay a one—time fee and be listed forever. No recurring charges or hidden costs involved. 9 Contract signed, 50% deposit Prices on a per square feet basis depending on the size of your space. 6 Photoshoot, Publish to Google Arrange a date and time for a shoot and leave the rest of the work to our professional photography team. @ Approval by Google This process will take roughly 1-2 weeks Remaining 50% payment You will own the rights for future purposes Contact us now for your virtual tour Book an appointment for your Google Business View photoshoot Q +65 68714239 9 contact@wearespaces. com About We Are Spaces Google Business View is made available to businesses in Singapore through your Google Trusted Photography, We Are Spaces (Spaces Pte Ltd). S WE ARE SPACES I00-sic We Are Spaces (Spaces Pte Ltd — 201213680G) 1-RU51-ED 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #0610 Singapore 139951
  6. 6. Pricing Size of Property <500 sqft 501 -1000 sqft 1,001 — 1,500 sqft 1,501 — 2,000 sqft 2,001 — 2,500 sqft 2,501 — 3,000 sqft >3,000 sqft Rates $350 per location 3650 per location $850 per location $1,050 per location $1,250 per location $1,500 per location To be discussed