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M learn 2014 slideshare

How can mobile learning be made massive and sustainable

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M learn 2014 slideshare

  1. 1. Mike Sharples Institute of Educational Technology The Open University, UK Keynote Talk mLearn 2014 conference, Istanbul, Turkey Massive and sustainable Two challenges for mobile learning
  2. 2. Some educational methods degrade with scale e.g. personal tutoring, sports coaching Some educational methods are impervious to scale e.g. lecturing Which educational methods improve with scale? SCALING LEARNING
  3. 3. For some networked systems the value of a product or service increases with the number of people using it Metcalfe, R.M.: It’s all in your head. Forbes, 20th April, 2007. http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2007/0507/052.html METCALFE’S LAW The telephone system becomes more valuable to users as more people are connected
  4. 4. People are not just nodes in networks Network information should be relevant Need to develop effective massive scale networks for learning PERSONAL NETWORKS Downes, S.: The Personal Network Effect. Blog posting, 4th November 2007. http://halfanhour.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/personal-network-effect.html.
  5. 5. • FutureLearn • Company formed by The Open University • Launched in October 2013 • 40 partners, 37 universities • Over 550,000 registered learners • Over 1 million course registrations • Mobile platform • Social learning INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY AT MASSIVE SCALE www.futurelearn.com
  6. 6. INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY AT MASSIVE SCALE (Exploring English example)
  7. 7. INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY AT MASSIVE SCALE Futurelearn course page (‘Exploring English’ by British Council)
  8. 8. • 110,000 learners on the course • Comments linked to content • Over 14,000 learner comments on a single video • Half the learners who start the course contribute to discussions • 25% on mobile devices INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGY AT MASSIVE SCALE (Exploring English example)
  9. 9. MOBILE LEARNING Scale and sustainability It’s massive It’s mobile It’s learning Is it sustainable?
  10. 10. WORLDWIDE WEB Scale and sustainability Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1991 Over two billion users worldwide in 2014 But … the story is more complicated and interesting than that
  11. 11. WORLDWIDE WEB 1751, First concept Diderot, Encyclopédie
  12. 12. WORLDWIDE WEB 1945, First modern technology concept Vannevar Bush, Memex
  13. 13. WORLDWIDE WEB 1974, First computer implementation Ted Nelson, Xanadu hypertext project “Now the idea is this: To give you a screen in your home from which you can see into the world’s hypertext libraries. (The fact that the world doesn’t have any hypertext libraries – yet – is a minor point) To give you a screen system that will offer high-performance computer graphics and text services at a price anyone can afford. … To make you part of a new electronic literature and art, where you can get all your questions answered and nobody will put you down.”
  14. 14. WORLDWIDE WEB in 1991 240 years from first concept 45 years from first modern technology concept 17 years from first computer implementation 1991, Massive and sustainable
  15. 15. MOBILE LEARNING in 2014 3000 years from first concept (handheld clay tablets) 42 years from first technology concept (Xerox Dynabook) 15 years from first computer implementation (HandLeR project) 2016, Massive and sustainable?
  16. 16. WORLDWIDE WEB “The Web arose as the answer to an open challenge, through the swirling together of influences, ideas, and realizations from many sides, until, by the wondrous offices of the human mind, a new concept jelled. It was a process of accretion, not the linear solving of one well-defined problem after another.” Berners-Lee,T.,Fischetti,M.and Dertouzos,M.L. Weaving the Web:The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor. HarperInformation, 2000.
  17. 17. “Beyond Prototypes: Enabling innovating in technology-enhanced learning”, p. 33 Ted Nelson, Xanadu, 1974 HyperCard, 1987 Personal computing, 1970s Constructionist Learning, 1972 Tim Berners Lee ‘Enquire’, 1980 Worldwide Web, 1991 Identify weak signals
  18. 18. “Beyond Prototypes: Enabling innovating in technology-enhanced learning”, p. 33 HandLeR, 1999 MOBIlearn, 2003 Smartphones and tablets 2000s Seamless learning, 2006 MOOCs, 2010???? Identify weak signals
  19. 19. Creative play with materials that are ready to hand BRICOLAGE Lévi-Strauss, 1962
  20. 20. Creative play with technology that is ready to hand BRICOLAGE with technology
  21. 21. Bricolage for learning at massive scale?
  22. 22. MINECRAFT https://minecraft.net Virtual dynamic worlds that children can create and share
  23. 23. Minecraft https://minecraft.net
  24. 24. Minecraft https://minecraft.net
  25. 25. Scratch http://scratch.mit.edu/
  26. 26. Scratch http://scratch.mit.edu/
  27. 27. BRICOLAGE with technology What is the Minecraft or Scratch for mobile learning?
  28. 28. Modern smartphones have over 15 sensors: tilt, acceleration, air pressure, ambient temperature, humidity, illumination, magnetic field Can we unlock them for bricolage? BRICOLAGE on mobile devices
  29. 29. How can you use a smartphone or tablet to: - Measure the height of a tree (without maths) - Find whether birds are scared by city noise? - Create a weather station (including wind speed)? - Find which is the fastest lift (elevator) in your country? - Learn about rocks / clouds / trees / birds / fashion in different countries? BRICOLAGE on mobile devices
  30. 30. BRICOLAGE on mobile devices 45 o
  31. 31. NQUIRE-IT - CITIZEN SCIENCE INQUIRY www.nquire-it.org
  32. 32. NQUIRE-IT -CITIZEN SCIENCE INQUIRY www.nquire-it.org
  33. 33. NQUIRE-IT - CITIZEN SCIENCE INQUIRY www.nquire-it.org
  34. 34. BRICOLAGE on mobile devices Share stories about places
  35. 35. SHARING STORIES ABOUT PLACESSHARING STORIES ABOUT PLACES Every location in a country can become a source of stories Zapp guide - point at a distant landscape feature and watch, or tell, a story Software based on a terrain map implemented on a mobile phone Meek, S., Priestnall, G., Sharples, M. & Goulding, J. (2013) Mobile capture of remote points of interest using line of sight modelling. Computers and Geosciences, 52, 334-344.
  36. 36. BRICOLAGE on mobile devices Minecraft and the real world What if you could create a Minecraft version of the real world in the past, present, and future and design fantasy games that combine virtual and real worlds
  37. 37. MINECRAFT in the real world
  38. 38. MINECRAFT in the real world - London in Minecraft
  39. 39. MINECRAFT Bricolage in the real world - a world you can sculpt
  40. 40. CONNECTING IT ALL TOGETHER bricolage and mobile learning “…the swirling together of influences, ideas, and realizations from many sides, until, by the wondrous offices of the human mind, a new concept jelled”
  41. 41. BRICOLAGE on mobile devices Who will connect together the pieces of mobile learning, as Berners-Lee did to form the worldwide web?
  42. 42. BRICOLAGE on mobile devices Social learning + bricolage => massive and scalable
  43. 43. Mike.Sharples@open.ac.uk