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Top 10 mistakes in web

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Top 10 mistakes in web

  1. 1. Top 10 Mistakes in WebDesignRosario AlmaguerUX Architect
  2. 2. Bad SearchSearch is the users lifeline formastering complex websites.The best designs offer a simplesearch box on the home pageand play down advancedsearch and scoping.
  3. 3. InconsistentNavigationNavigation exists to help users,not to be a puzzle in its ownright.
  4. 4. Users must know where theyhave been.Not Changingthe Color ofVisited Links
  5. 5. Non-ScannableTextA wall of text is deadly for aninteractive experience.Intimidating. Boring. Painful toread.Write for online, not print.
  6. 6. Why users scan?Reading fromcomputerscreens is tiringfor the eyes andabout 25percent slowerthan readingfrom paper.The web is auser-drivenmedium whereusers feel thatthey have tomove aroundand click onthings.Each page has tocompete withhundreds ofmillions of otherpages for theusers attention,so they don’tinvest a lot ofeffort reading thewhole page in thehopes that it willhave theinformation thatPeople simplydon’t have timeto work toohard for theirinformation.
  7. 7. How to make scanneabletext?Createmeaningful title.Insertmeaningfulheadlines andsubheads.Highlightkeywords andphrases--andlinks.Turn any listinto a bulletedor numberedlist.
  8. 8. Fixed FontSizeEM sizing rather than pixel-based sizes.
  9. 9. Page Titleswith LowSearch EngineVisibilityThe humble page title is yourmain tool to attract new visitorsfrom search listings and to helpyour existing users to locate thespecific pages that they need.
  10. 10. Anything thatLooks Like anAdvertisement…Is ignored by users.
  11. 11. ViolatingDesignConventionsConsistency is one of the mostpowerful usability principles.
  12. 12. Opening NewBrowserWindows“Dont pollute my screen withany more windows, thanks.”
  13. 13. Not AnsweringUsers’Questions10
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank - UXRosario AlmaguerUX Architect@MissSharyhttp://myuxdiary.wordpress.com/
  16. 16. ResourcesN/N Group“Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design”http://www.nngroup.com/articles/top-10-mistakes-web-design/“Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity”Jacob NielsenNew Riders