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SUmmer Training PPT FINAL.pptx

  1. 1. Birla Institute Of Technology Mesra , Jaipur Campus SUMMER TRAINING [1st June – 28th July 2022] Name- Shashank Bhadouria EEE-VII -SEM
  2. 2. Contents….. ⮚ Objective ⮚ Company Profile ⮚ Basic Theories ⮚ Working Principle of Transformer ⮚ Distribution Transformer ⮚ Oil immersed distribution Transformer ⮚ Manufacturing of 3-Phase Distribution Transformer ⮚ Recommendations
  3. 3. objeCtives….. ⮚To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field ⮚ To observe the manufacturing process of distribution transformer, testing ⮚Collecting knowledge regarding distribution transformer ⮚Developing skills and techniques relevant to our careers
  4. 4. Company profile…. ⮚ Name: Crompton ⮚ Factory location: DLF Phase III, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana ⮚ Ownership: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited
  5. 5. Working Principle of transformer….
  6. 6. Distribution transformer….. ⮚ Used for distribution of electrical energy ⮚ Generally, operates at low voltage as less than 33KV in industrial purpose and 440v-220v in domestic purpose ⮚ Three phase distribution transformers ,widely used in 11kv distribution line to step down the voltage level.
  7. 7. Basic Theories.. 7 1. Transformer is an electrical device that transfer electric power from one circuit to another 2. It does so without a change of frequency 3. It accomplishes this by electromagnetic induction 4. Where the two electric circuits are in mutual inductive influence of each other
  8. 8. oil immersed distribution transformer….
  9. 9. Manufacturing of 3-Phase Distribution Transformer
  10. 10. ⮚ Active Part : The ferromagnetic core and windings
  11. 11. Transformer manufacturing proCedures….
  12. 12. Core material…. ⮚ The mostly used core material is CRGO-Cold Rolled Grain Oriented steel sheets of 3% of Silicon ⮚ Thickness of the CRGO sheets usually 0.27 mm ⮚ Oxide coating is provided for CRGO laminations to reduce eddy current losses
  13. 13. Core Cutting…. Straight type core cutting
  14. 14. Core jointing on Channel…. ⮚ This is the simplest form of joints ⮚ The flux leaves and enters at the joint in perpendicular
  15. 15. ⮚ Placing laminated sheets by hand or hammer manually ⮚ No air gap between the joints of two consecutive sheets ⮚ The entire assembly is done on a frame commonly known as core channel ⮚ These frames being used as a clamping support of the core assembly
  16. 16. Covering Copper wire with insulating tape….. ⮚ The mostly used material for winding wires or strips is copper . ⮚ The copper wires or strips are wrapped by insulating tape or DPC paper.
  17. 17. low voltage windings….. Vertical machine is used to prepare the LV winding The helical and double layers Number of turns varies on KVA rating
  18. 18. low voltage windings….. Starting End Finishing End Gape between two layers ⮚ Greater simplicity in fitting cooling ducts ⮚ More even heat distribution through the windings
  19. 19. high voltage windings…. ⮚ Horizontal machine is used to prepare the HV winding ⮚ HV windings are of layered construction ⮚ The conductors are made of more round wires, either with an insulating paper ⮚ The insulation between the layers consists of DPC paper
  20. 20. high voltage windings…..
  21. 21. Contd. Insulation between two layers : Insulation between two layers of DPC paper
  22. 22. Core-Coil assembly….. Opening the upper yoke
  23. 23. Insulating between core and LV winding Cotton tape Press board Contd.
  24. 24. Placement of LV Winding: ⮚ The LV windings in the core limb . ⮚ They are fitted tightly in all three limb using pressed board. Contd.
  25. 25. Contd. Press Board Cutting DPC Paper Isolating HV from LV winding:
  26. 26. Contd. Before inserting the HV winding
  27. 27. Placement of HV Winding: Contd. ⮚This coil is placed on LV winding as second layer of core ⮚ First LV coil then HV coil ⮚The gap between the LV and HV coil is filled with runner of pressed board
  28. 28. ConneCtions….. HV Side ( Delta Connection) LV Side (Star Connection)
  29. 29. Contd.
  30. 30. Vector grouping..... The vector grouping in NEL is Dyn 11: ⮚ Delta connected HV winding ⮚ Star connected LV winding ⮚ Neutral brought out ⮚ LV is leading HV with 30° (11 o’clock)
  31. 31. taap Changer….. ⮚ Tapping is terminated just bellow oil level ⮚ External handle ⮚ Taping is done on HV winding ⮚ Used to regulate the output voltage to required levels Tap Changer Exterrnal Handle
  32. 32. Taping Wires Connected to HV coils Changer How Tapping done: p e
  33. 33. moisture Control….. ⮚ The whole active part of the transformer in the heat chamber ⮚ Keeping it there for 72 to 96 hours with a continuous heating temperature of 100° - 141° C to clean the moistures in it ⮚ Bringing it out after getting proper insulation
  34. 34. the tank…..
  35. 35. Functions of Transformer Tank... ⮚ A container for the cooling liquid ⮚ Providing shielding against electromagnetic field leakage
  36. 36. radiator…. ⮚ Made steel like tank ⮚Attached with the tank ⮚Radiate the heat from insulating oil and makes the oil cool
  37. 37. inserting the aCtive part into the tank….. ⮚ Whole active part is covered by press board ⮚ Crane is used to lift the active part ⮚ By handling a chain the active part is put slowly in the tank
  38. 38. bushings…. ⮚ Counteracting the electrical field strength ⮚ Insulating the incoming or outgoing conductor into or out of the transformer tank Conductor Insulator
  39. 39. Conservator…. ⮚ Providing adequate space for expansion of oil inside the tank ⮚ It also acts as a reservoir for the insulating oil. ⮚ The oil level indicator indicates the oil level ⮚ Oil level should not fall below minimum limit
  40. 40. filling oil…..
  41. 41. funCtion of transformer oil…. ⮚ Providing dielectric strength to the insulation system ⮚ Providing efficient cooling ⮚ Protecting of the transformer core and coil from chemical attack
  42. 42. QC tests…. Testing of Distribution Transformer: ⮚ Insulation test ⮚ Ratio test ⮚ Open circuit test ⮚ Short circuit test
  43. 43. Ready To Deliver..