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My 2nd Grader's App Idea - Who wants in ? The road puzzle game

My son is trying to pitch this idea to my friends. I think he has a good idea. send me an email if youa re interested and I will make the connection with this in-house entrepreneur shashib@gmail.com

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My 2nd Grader's App Idea - Who wants in ? The road puzzle game

  1. 1. The road puzzle game By Anshul Bellamkonda
  2. 2. The instructions of the road puzzle game  Put the pieces together  Then choose your players (computer or family member)  Then you choose your color car  Then you start playing
  3. 3. Do a lot of stuff You do a lot on the road puzzle game and it’ll be sweet when you play it.
  4. 4. How to describe it You describe it many ways and all of the time but it’ll be sweet.
  5. 5. Compare to zynga games Perhaps zynga needs some change with It’s games but it might take some time to change it okay a little but it might take a little bit of time Sometime to do it but we will do it correctly.
  6. 6. How you compare to zynga games Scrabble with friends is a great game except compare it except look at all the other games so that’s how to compare.
  7. 7. You always… o Do a lot of stuff on the app when you feel great about your mind. o You feel good on everything you have on the app. o And that’s all to know.
  8. 8. Thank you enjoy the game!