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Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

Discover 10 high-impact, evidence-based teaching strategies that you can use to teach any subject, to students of any age. The research behind the strategies is drawn from the work of John Hattie and Robert Marzano.

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Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies

  1. 1. Do you want to help all of your students to do well at school? Put aside personal philosophies of teaching, and adopt strategies that have been proven to work. Research shows that these 10, evidence-based teaching strategies have more impact than most.
  2. 2. For teaching strategies to be included on this list, they had to: Be supported by hard research, instead of anecdotal case studies or untested theories Have a substantially higher effect on student results than other teaching strategies Be able to be used on a wide range of subjects and in every year level
  3. 3. Being clear about what chn. need to know & do
  4. 4. Show and tell such as Direct Instruction and worked examples
  5. 5. Using questions to check for understanding
  6. 6. Creating concept maps
  7. 7. Give students opportunities for spaced practice
  8. 8. Give your students feedback
  9. 9. Mastery learning
  10. 10. Cooperative learning
  11. 11. Explicitly teach strategies
  12. 12. Explicitly teach meta- cognitive strategies