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Mark Gerner is a former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer. He is ...
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Mark Gerner - 2014 Never Quit Challenge Staff

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2014 Never Quit Challenge – Clear The Way
A Personal Water Craft ride. Select Veteran charities will benefit from fundraisers at 2 locations, one in Morro Bay at the Veteran's Hall of Sept 7th 6:00pm and the second at the Stone Bistro Gardens at Liberty Station at 6:00pm on the Anniversary of 9/11. The Never Quit Challenge is an Invitational Personal Water Craft ride vetted by Special Operations Military Veteran teams onboard Kawasaki Ultra LX JET SKI®. This is a Sea and Land adventure ride.
The Never Quit Challenge is not open for participation to the general public, it is a private charity ride for military personnel only. We do appreciate your support in donating to the cause. You will discover there are many ways for your to contribute financially, and we hope you will partner with us in taking care of our Nation's Veterans and their families. Thank you for your interest in the Never Quit Challenge.
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Mark Gerner - 2014 Never Quit Challenge Staff

  1. 1. 2014 NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE – K38 DEALER 54 MARK GERNER Mark Gerner is a former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer. He is part of our Never Quit Challenge logistical team and has volunteered for many years on multiple projects benefiting Veteran charitable organizations. Mark is also a world class Personal Watercraft Professional racer focusing on offshore and endurance events. He has an international race team he manages called PWC Offshore Racing. Many of us with the Never Quit Challenge have at some point been a part of this team or support system at some level. His leadership skills set him apart in project goals and results and we are honored to have him on board another year supporting this amazing event. Mark comes from a distinct lineage of traditional values and heritage of a family that dedicates each generation in service to this great nation. Producing rides such as the Never Quit Challenge require a lot of pre-preparations and due diligence, something that Mark is a master with. We are fortunate to have him Supporting the NQC and Appreciate the sacrifices he Makes for our Veterans and we Would also like to thank his Lovely bride for her support as Well. “Tis our duty to protect this fine Flag so let’s keep on doing this duty.” Billy Waugh - Sending