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Enhancing Web Pages with VueJS: When You Don’t Need a full SPA

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In this presentation, I talk about how Vue can be used for simple cases and scale up to large-scale SPAs if that's what you really need.

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Enhancing Web Pages with VueJS: When You Don’t Need a full SPA

  1. 1. Shawn Wildermuth Microsoft MVP, Author, and Speaker https://wildermuth.com @shawnwildermuth Getting Started with Vue Music City Code
  2. 2. Who Am I? Author, Instructor, Coach Pluralsight Author > 20 Courses to my name http://shawnw.me/psauthor Wilder Minds Training Courses on Vue, Bootstrap 4 & Font Awesome http://shawnw.me/my-courses
  3. 3. What is a SPA? Single Page Application Typically monolithic enterprise app Can be consumer facing Wants to replace web navigation Wants to centralize services
  4. 4. Should Everything be a SPA? Typically Overused SPA is great for forms over data SPA is great for dashboards Crowbarring a SPA into web *sites* is silly
  5. 5. What is Vue? Simple and Minimal Incremental so can scale up Just JavaScript Great for when a full SPA is too much But can scale up to a big SPA
  6. 6. Am I Here to Bash Angular or React?
  7. 7. Anatomy of an App Your Code JSX Compiler Babel Webpack Your Code AOT Compiler Webpack Browser Ready Code Browser Ready Code Your Code Browser Ready Code TypeScript/ES6 Compiler Webpack Optional React Angular Vue
  8. 8. Vue’s Philosophy Vue scales up Goal is to only do what it’s good at Doesn’t do: Networking Validation Routing But has recommended Extensions Networking: axios Validation: vee-validate Routing: vue-router
  9. 9. Vue Supports Declarative Rendering Component-based Composition One and Two-way Binding Single-File Components Plugins, Mixins, and Filters Big Ecosystem
  10. 10. Demo Your First Vue
  11. 11. Takeaways Get It: http://vuejs.org My Blog (for this demo): http://wildermuth.com Special Music City Coupon (20% off): MCM-TWENTY-OFF http://courses.wilderminds.com